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  1. You beat me to it. It’s great to see that but it also shows the untapped potential Sprint has always had. Next step is them maintaining that second place spot and slowly increasing

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  2. How are everyone's iPhone 11 series devices working?

    Coming from a X, I’m using the Max Pro and it’s great! The battery literally lasts me all day (7:45am - 10/11pm). It appears that my data connection is better when it comes to speed, upload and even at my desk where my phone(iPhone X) would fall to 1x or 3G, it now holds onto b25/b26.

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  3. I think the entire review process is now a bunch of cr*p.   "Bonkers" as she put it?!  How dumb!    Not sure who is telling the truth or if anyone in DC even knows what that is anymore?  This whole process has been a circus!   Was / is there a "process" to review and approve?   If so, why wasn't it followed?   Why is it being revisited 5 times?!  No company has ever had to go through this... in this manner.   If you keep re-reviewing something, then no doubt, you WILL find something.   You've (certain FCC commissioners and certain DOJ officials) have been looking for something over and over to pick on with this merger and won't stop until it is found.    The official vote/doctrine should have been voted on way before and signed off and this whole thing should have been put to bed by now.  They have had 1 1/2 years to review this!  Now she says they didn't see the documents and or are having a different order circulated through??   What the heck was going on there for 1 1/2 years?     


    It has no doubt been beyond crazy. At this point, just throw the entire merger away. Get rid of the people at the top of the pole at Sprint, bring in folk willing to take chances and a CEO with a vibrant, risk taker yet has a track record for revival. Sprint has some life left (ex:current 5G status vs their competitors) it just needs the right team to further enhance it and bring it to the front.  


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  4. Improved? Worse? About the same?

    Well I have been off Sprint for about a year now. I decided to come back to save a little money. Before I left, I had issues with the service. Coming back as of the start of this month on a trial basis, I did notice a difference in coverage more so in my apartment that was only covered in b26 and having to use a magic box to get decent speeds. Now I have b25 that gives me about 10-20mbps along with major speed increases around Columbus. Finally having VoLTE was a nice treat as well. After these experiences, I decided to port in my line to replace the number Sprint generated for me and signed up for a IB. Now is it perfect everywhere? No but my Verizon service wasn’t either but for me it’s worth the switch. Also the added perk of Hulu, Tidal and Amazon Prime saves me even more since I was paying for these already.

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  5. Yes, interband CA has gone live in Portland as well as several other major markets. You're seeing 15 MHz L1900 UL in that speedtest. 

    Nice! I hope it’s enabled in Columbus OH. It’ll be a nice treat extra treat when my iPhone Max arrives on Monday.

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  6. I was able to get in through Best Buy this afternoon and still have a delivery date of 9/20. The cool thing was they still offer installment billing and it was only $39 per month.



    Has there been a article posted on here yet concerning the RF performance for the new devices?


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  7. 2nd Half 2019 RootMetrics reports are starting to come out. Here are a few highlights from what's available (both good and bad)
    Baton Rouge, LA - Median download speed decreased from 17.6Mbps to 11.5Mbps
    Boise, ID - Median download speed increased from 10.7Mbps to 18.9Mbps
    Cincinnati, OH - Median download speed increased from 21.6Mbps to 31.1Mbps
    Concord, CA -  Median download speed increased from 18.5Mbps to 32.1Mbps
    Dayton, OH - Median download speed increased from 19.6Mbps to 28.2Mbps
    El Paso, TX - Sprint had the fastest median download speed at 27.2Mbps, down from from 28.5Mbps on the last report
    Las Vegas, NV - Sprint had the fastest median download speed at 46.5Mbps, up from 45.7Mbps on the last report. 
    Madison, WI - Median download speed decreased from 12.2Mbps to 9Mbps
    McAllen, TX - Median download speed increased from 10.5Mbps to 20.7Mbps. 
    Minneapolis, MN - Median download speed increased from 24.1Mbps to 33.7Mbps. 
    Portland, OR - Median download speed increased from 23.4Mbps to 43Mbps (wow!)
    Provo, UT - Sprint had the fastest median download speed at 33.9Mbps, down from 37.8Mbps. 
    Sarasota, FL - Median download speed decreased from 22.6Mbps to 14.1Mbps. 
    Spokane, WA - Median download speed increased from 29.6Mbps to 39.8Mbps. 
    Temecula, CA - Median download speed decreased from 24.2Mbps to 15.1Mbps. 
    No awards. 

    Nice speeds but we all know it’s the upload that’s killing them.

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  8. I think we all just want someone who is going to be serious about growing Sprint unlike SB. In the slim chance the merger is denied, it would be nice for SB to sell off Sprint to someone who is serious about taking Sprint to the level we all know it can go. If Sprint was in better hands, this merger would not be needed.

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  9. TMobile was banking on the merger for 5G. They don't have enough spectrum for 5G plus Sprints capex was also part of the plan. If they are on their own, they will have to find a way to buy more which isn't available unless the can some how get their hands on B48 which VZW is buying. So their only option would be to force people onto 5G devices and use B71 and 66 or 2 for it.

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    I guess T-Mobile didn’t expect this much pushback. But I do agree, Sprints CapEx and spectrum is what they were banking on having access to around this time. I have to wonder, if they’re doing 5G on B66 what the speeds would look like since most of it is 10x10 I want to say. The coverage will be good atleast.

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  10. I think if Sprint’s 5G deployment continues to go well, they’ll be able to buy themselves some time to figure out how to make a comeback. 

    I agree, they’ve gotten some good press over it, not the fastest but like many of the reviews are saying, it’s about the coverage. I would like to think Sprints deployment of 5G is the cheapest in cost compared to the other 3. Once they build it out enough, they should do some test drive like trials for people to try the network.

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  11. Looks like Illinois jumping on the train to block the merger. I’m sure what comes with this is people saying “if the merger is blocked, Sprint will be out of business and their assets sold to other companies.” Everyone is just completely looking past T-Mobile stopping their 5G deployment all together. To me, that looks like a money issue if you ask me especially if it’s suppose to be BAU until the merger closes. 



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  12. I’m really interested to see what T-Mobile does with this 2.5 and the rate of tower integration. I would like to guess that cities are going to be very dense and the service not working in buildings should die as well. Crowded events like concerts and stuff shouldn’t be as bad either.

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  13. I was planning on switching back to Sprint (Verizon customer currently) around September. Would I still be able to get a current sprint plan since the deal hasn’t closed and probably won’t until October? Also has there been any detail as to if T-Mobile will honor the Hulu, Tidal add-ones for the 3 year promise?

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  14. Once the DOJ hurdle is crossed then we still have the FCC (which is where the real details will come from).  Then the state suits, half of which are likely just trying to get a better deal for their states.
    so:  :popcorn:

    So we are far from done with the merger closing and being official?

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