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  1. mmark27 or other Madisonians, have you noticed the new tower going up by Culvers at Fish Hatch and the Beltline? I believe it is Sprint equipment (I'll take pictures later to confirm), but I'm not sure what the purpose of putting up a whole new tower would be, considering it is within a couple hundred yards of an existing tower with a Sprint presence. Any ideas?
  2. If you still have a G2, there's a setting in the G2 thread that has helped people regain LTE more quickly after it drops that some people think was inadvertently changed in the last patch. I applied it, and I think it has helped me, but it might just be tinfoil hat-ery.
  3. There's a village in southern WI called just Eagle. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Eagle,+WI+53119/@42.8826269,-88.4685425,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x8805bf8e44d338b1:0x950a7ee20defc769
  4. I have Signalcheck Pro, it definitely was 3g and not 1x/1x800
  5. Anyone around Madison (specifically the Fish Hatch/beltline and mckee rd towers) noticing absolute terrible 3g data performance lately? I'm frequently on LTE from those towers, which is very fast, but if it drops down to 3g, data is extremely slow, or completely non-existent for me. I don't remember the exact signal measurements at the time, but it was very good. I was hoping the increased backhaul to support LTE would also carry over to better 3g performance, but at least in this case, that doesn't seem to be happening.
  6. I have connected B26 in the area of the Fish Hatch tower. Wasn't a strong signal, so not sure if it was from that tower or another.
  7. Anyone noticed Madison speeds being significantly worse over the last week or two? Latency more than bandwidth, but both have been worse for me. Specifically the Beltline/Fish Hatch tower, but all over.
  8. I had to send my phone in for repairs, but I'll be getting it back tomorrow. I'll double confirm the West Wash tower, and check the South Madison towers then.
  9. I just got 5/6 with 2 bars sitting at home (West Wash tower), and speeds seem good at work, but I done a speed test lately. I'm fine with that. If it gets slower (like your picture), I'd start to have problems, but so far it's still snappy enough.
  10. With pretty poor signal (~120), I was getting 5 up 5 down from the West Wash tower.
  11. I'll check tonight. I was pretty busy yesterday and didn't notice it light up. EDIT: I can verify that it's broadcasting 4g. I'll do a speed test in a few hours.
  12. I'm connected at 1x800 for the West Wash tower too (not LTE though), so there's probably some/all of them on 800 as well.
  13. I don't have a N5, but according to the map, LTE should work just fine. We don't have any 4G only towers, so you shouldn't get the tri-band phone issue. Milwaukee still has quite a few purple pins last I checked though (although sounds like they will be turning green shortly).
  14. Sounds like your big day is coming soon Milwaukee! smalltimehack: Is that the default G2 font, or did you switch it to that?
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