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  1. The $1.4b loss included approx $680M in accelerated depreciation attributed to shutting down the Nextel portion of the operation. This charge reflects favorably on results from continuing operations. Sprint also revised its full year operating income before depreciation and amortization (OIBDA) guidance upward by $600 million to $900 million.
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    Wouldn't you think one of the "Big Boy" sites with access to their preview units would do some checking to see if it appears that the "647" patent was infringed?
  3. When I was at the Sprint Advocates Group Event last September it was stated that the environmental movement within the Sprint/Nextel organization is driven by Dan Hesse personally. The eco-friendly devices are a small part of Sprint's efforts that include: alternative energy sources, environmentally friendly marketing materials, device buyback or possibly trade-in programs (goal is to recover 9 devices for every 10 devices sold by 2017), and other internal programs designed to reduce, reuse, recycle e-waste generated by Network and IT departments.
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  5. Thanks for the write up Dave, its a good read. Can't wait to get one in my hands. Don't know if it will be my choice for a next device, Denny
  6. AJ, Is this the "break through" technology Ericsson was talking up last year? DD
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