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  1. National Airport The other National Airport.
  2. It would be dangerous to get that close to a normal macro antenna. These things must have much reduced transmitting power levels. And if that's the case, having it so low would be pretty limiting. Robert
  3. Seriously? I'm sure coverage is better in general on the East Coast and Midwest, but there is a lot of places with no signal at all in the West. I can drive from my house right now and be out of Verizon coverage in 7 minutes. Robert
  4. I would be concerned as that might seem anti-competitive or collusion. States would go wild in their cases against them. Robert
  5. My gut says higher prices. But it all will come down to DISH. If DISH sweeps in and buys a lot of Sprint network assets and well funds this and executes well, we could end up with a more solid 4th competitor than Sprint in 5-6 years. But that's a TALL order. Robert
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