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  1. None of my Tmo devices have allowed Engineering screens, and I am postpaid. Using Nexuses, Pixels, Moto Z2 and my LG G7. So I assumed it was all. But perhaps some devices other than mine work on Tmo? Robert
  2. It's the biggest reason why Network Enthusiasts use Sprint. T-Mobile blocks them too. On my Google Fi device, using the same SIM card, I can use Engineering screens when connected to Sprint and US Cellular, but not T-Mobile. Only seconds apart. The second it connects to T-Mobile after one of the other networks, game over. Robert
  3. Yes. But we didn't live in a bubble. There were two other vendors. Ericsson was clearly the worst of the three in Network Vision deployment (in some ways they had to do it twice). Also, when it comes to network management, a third party will almost NEVER do as good of a job yourself, because they don't take ownership of the issues the way you would yourself. And so there is not the sense of urgency when an issue or roadblock comes up. And you're much more likely to accept no as an answer. I see it all day long in my line of work. Robert
  4. I also would not be shocked if the States were thrown out of Federal court for now. They technically do not have a case until the Feds APPROVE the merger. They have not been harmed until that point. Suing because the Feds might approve a merger may not be sufficient. Actually harm most likely is required, not potential. Robert
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