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  1. Water Hole Famed "Glory Hole" of Lake Berryessa, California. I lived near here for 10 years of my life. Coolest Reservoir Overflow on earth!
  2. You guys are just falling for the propaganda. They all want us to think the Sprint's failure is imminent, if not even immediate, if the merger is not approved. You guys all mocked Sprint when they first were using hyperbole about their network and prospects when they played that card initially. And now going all ga-ga over the data again as if it was new info and now means even something more or different. This is all OLD NEWS. They want it rehashed and all of you to freak out and over talk about it, so general opinion is that Sprint is going to no longer exist with or without Tmo. But the reality is, as Brad mentioned above, Sprint is in better shape than it was last year, two years ago and five years ago. And also, I don't get the comment that "Softbank is looking for a bailout by any means necessary." Softbank is not looking for a bailout. No request of government giving money to save Sprint financially. That's a bailout. Softbank is looking for a BUYER. It's totally legit to look to sell the company. Why would this be surprising? Masa was discussing selling Sprint within weeks of buying it. That's always been on the table. And frankly, I wouldn't mind for someone to take over than Masa. A tie up with a cable company may be a very good thing for Sprint if the Tmo deal doesn't happen. But I fully expect a legal challenge if not approved. Robert
  3. Federal District Distrito Federal
  4. I can only recall seeing only one 4-sector Sprint site ever in my travels. It was in Los Lunas, NM. I have seen a few Clearwire 4 sector sites though. The put a few on building rooftops where extra capacity was needed. Robert
  5. Bowl Cut Funny video, you should watch if you have a spare 3 minutes
  6. They will just keep their current live sites to serve as license protection sites and continue with T-Mobile and AT&T roaming in the area. Sad for the wasted opportunity. Robert
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