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  1. Logic would seem to dictate that once Sprint committed to LTE that they'd go balls out to completion. I know this is a big country but if Sprint wants to run with the Big Dogs, they're a "Big" company, you do what it takes to get it done like a big company. It must get old always playing catch up. Somehow, being one of the top "Green" companies, isn't quite the same as a demographic of Happy subscribers. As they say, "If you're not the lead dog, the View never changes.


    Sprint is not just going around and smacking up LTE on towers. It is completely replacing every piece of equipment at every site and their entire network from top to bottom. The Network Vision program replaces the entire Sprint network and adds LTE functionality. It will take over two years to complete it all. But it will create a state of the art network for us to enjoy for years to come.


    In comparison, Verizon is neither converting everyone of their sites, nor putting LTE on every tower. They are also using 700MHz spectrum. This allows for a much faster deployment. Verizon's deployment also is taking over two years to complete. They just had a head start on LTE.


    Given that Sprint's network upgrade is going to take as much time to deploy as Verizon's, but has much more scope of work being completed, it is quite an impressive feat. We here at S4GRU are watching and tracking the entire deployment.



  2. Interesting no one ever seems to have any dialogue regarding So. Calif. The largest population density in the country. We have the worst 4G coverage and most likely no 4G LTE for another 2 yrs.


    4G LTE Deployment is already under way in LA County. It will be later in the year for Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego County to begin. Ventura County will not begin until 2013.



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  4. This map shows market coverages after Network Vision, not before. So if the county is white, it will not have coverage after Network Vision either.


    It's possible that Sprint may expand coverage in the future. But they are not planning any meaningful expansion before the end of 2013.



  5. I don't mind this. We know what we saw. We just can't share it. We have to just be content with telling people what was viewed with our eyes. We will be proven right, and then we will have the credibility. We'z just gots to pay our dues!



  6. Keep up the great work! I registered yesterday and have found the site a great source of info.


    Thanks for joining us. :welcome:


    Hope to see you around. We are THE preeminent site for Sprint Network Vision and LTE info. We have the best sources.



  7. Jeff...it is my understanding that no market will be demobilized in the middle of deployment. Supposedly, once a market starts, NV OEM's will not leave until it's complete.


    However, yesterday I learned there will be two phases to each market. I will write more about these details soon.



  8. Josh, there is only one site in all of Elko County. It's in Wendover, only a few hundred feet west of the Utah state line. I'm surprised it wasn't a part of the Utah market myself. But it is indeed allocated to the Upper Central Valley market. Quite strange.


    - Robert