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    • Angeletia Jones

      I have a Samsung Galaxy A20 phone witStraight Talk Wireless. I've replaced the sim card, factory reset, updated zip code & still I can't send or receive calls or messages. They switched me from AT&T to Verizon for better service and better accessible towers based on my location. I have talked to Technical support 12 times with No Resolution. Can somebody please help me fix the problem. I get message saying "Network Not Registered". A couple of times they got my phone service working however, the next morning same issue again.. 
      Can anybody please help me resolve this??
      Girl Down... 
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    • jonathanm1978

      So...yeah...Hi and stuff. I still come around from time to time....just chekin in.
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    • jonathanm1978

      Long time since I've been active, but I'm still kicking. Got some fiber interwebs now and I spend lots of time in front of my PC so I'll likely see everyone around sooner or later.
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    • radem

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    • dro1984  »  Jeff68005

      Does Jeff68005 actually post anything other than on Keep a Word, Drop a word?       
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