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    The point of the Magic Box isn't to bring 30Mbps into homes (where 99% of people have Wi-Fi anyways), it's to fill the inside of a home or business with full LTE for the ability to message and call once VoLTE hits. My home gets 1-5Mbps on Magic Box as well, but my basement has full signal and is a completely usable location for anything my iPhone can do. Youtube, Facebook, iMessage...etc. Phones would drop to 3G or 1x prior to installing the MB.
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    I recently went on an 8 day cruise from NYC to the Caribbean that stopped in Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. My first stop was Grand Turk and there I opted for the free roaming. My S9+ automatically connected to Flow's (Cable & Wireless) LTE network where I received speeds of around 120kbps on average with boosts of up to 150kbps. Something worth noting is that on speed tests, the server prefers to default to Sprint's Miami server as opposed to local servers. Speeds were more than adequate for any amount of web browsing and honestly felt much faster than in reality. It helps that using Chrome will save you data by not loading pictures on certain sites unless you click them. In Puerto Rico, I connected to Band 13 on the way into the port in San Juan but once I was in the city, my phone never left Band 41. While the phone was usable, speeds remained significantly lower than what I've come to expect from 3xCA in the mainland U.S. Data speeds peaked at around 25-30Mbos but on average were in the 5-10 Mbps range even on LTE+. Signal remained strong everywhere though. Finally in the Dominican Republic, I entered in Amber Cover which is in Puerto Plata. My phone latched onto a weak Band 2 LTE signal in the port from Altice (called Orange Dominicana in SignalCheck). I had trouble loading pages though. Once off of the ship and out in the open, I had a much stronger signal which allowed me to browse the internet without a hitch. Because it was the last day of my trip, while at the beach I decided to purchase the 24 hour high speed pass for $5. My speeds went from 120kbps to 65Mbps in less than 5 seconds. In some areas speeds were slower, particularly at the port where it struggled to break 2Mbps. Now, back on the boat my phone is flipping between weak Band 4 LTE and overloaded Band 5 HSPA+ from Claro (called Verizon Dominicana in SignalCheck Pro). Here is the difference in speed from before and after purchasing the high speed pass.
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    Redspark... perfectly stated! Very true and well thought out observations of the facts. By the way, if the merger doesn't go through... it will be status as usual. I do not see Softbank putting anything more into Sprint. They will put up on the sale rack all over again and try to get rid of it as fast as possible. Sprint meanwhile will be in limbo as other carriers will be well underway with deep 5G deployment.
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    Lets be clear the guidance is $5 to $6 billion per year over the next 3 years. That would breakdown to $1.25 billion to $1.5 billion per quarter, but I wouldn't be looking at it at that micro of a level. The fact that $1.1 is close enough to $1.2 though right now tells us guidance is holding fairly well right now. We'll revaluate that next quarter when we're half way through the year. No this is Sprint following its CapEx plans and assuming it may have to continue operating on its own if a merger fails to go through. The merger documents and terms are public. This was not part of it. Given new T-Mobile would be decommissioning 35,000 sites with most of them predominately being Sprint sites, it would actually be the exact opposite. If you were T-Mobile management in an ideal world you could tell Sprint where to dictate their $5 to $6 billion in spending i.e. keep sites. If not you'd probably prefer them not to be spending a bunch of money on equipment that you at the very least are going to end up having to pay to move and at the most that your going to throw away. You'd rather have Sprint target that $5 to $6 billion on debt reduction or ideally have it sitting there in cash for when you take over and can spend it right away as you see fit. Or we could all just realize the context of the comments and the FCC document they were made in. Sprint had no problem borrowing the $5 to $6 billion for this year. As long as lenders are willing to continue to lend them money at decent terms, as a company they're fine. Near term they're in ok shape. Longer term that becomes a bit more problematic.
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    Yeah, he’s definitely of the mindset that the merger will be approved. This is not a given, no matter how much lobbying or influence Sprint/T-Mobile throw out there. Just ask AT&T about the “sure thing” merger with T-Mobile. AT&T threw everything it had at that and it still didn’t go through. If Sprint does have to go at it alone and deploy a competitive 5G network, it will likely need financial support from SoftBank to do it in an appreciable amount of time. Of course if the merger fails to go through, hopefully Marcelo/Masa are not content to watch their Sprint asset (of which they have an ownership stake of just under 85%) become further devalued and behind due to a lack of sufficient capital to enable it to be competitive in 5G. Maybe this is something they’ll actually/finally appreciate and take action on to rectify by infusing necessary capital to Sprint. SoftBank won’t have T-Mobile to lean on or hide behind as the anchor network as would be case through a merger.
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    About $68B-$70B which is a lot lower than the $100B that Verizon has.
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    I do not believe this, Tmobile will decommission a ton of sites. This is more Sprint covering their own ass just in case this merger does not go through.
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    Wanted to give a quick summary on what sprint has done since the merger was announced and see what you guys think : Q1 Sprint spent 1.1 billion capex on network improvements. In Q2 ( Sprint is rumored to spend 1.5 billion) much needed.. Sprint is aggressively pushing towards network competition.. Sprint has been very close to at&t on national average speeds..this was when band 41 was around 50% complete Now Sprint should be able to pass at&t as they get close to 70% and beyond As Terrell pointed out higher uplink is active in his market Ericsson I've been seeing people post that Sprint in adding new tower in Reno Nevada which they havent done so in 10 years.. and now also confused as to why Sprint is merging with TMO Marcelo was recently interviewed on Bloomberg https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2018-08-09/softbank-coo-claure-talks-turnaround-efforts-t-mobile-deal-video And he was asked what if the merger is not approved.. and he said we have Analyze That.. and I think part of the analyzing was what they are doing now on the network in case the merger doesn't go thru... But Sprint is making strides now they should of made in 2015/2016
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    Well, looks like the Note 8 hasn't been forgotten yet. July 1 patch incoming.
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    Looks like the new I phones will support 2xca upload and 64QAM.. wonder if it makes a different if it's TDD or FDD. It does say TDD hyprid.. so it looks that it will support it on Sprint Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Funny thing is that Marcelo is in an influential position as SoftBank COO to determine if Sprint will receive any infusions of capital should the merger fail to be approved. He sure didn’t sound too happy at the idea of Sprint going it alone and having to spend billions of dollars on network improvements for 5G.... Sprint’s not in a financial position to spend that kind of money, right? Perhaps that money would have to come from SoftBank?
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    Wow thats a major jump! With what is live, hows the experience?
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    Ya, that makes sense.. I mean here in my market El paso.. we went from 9% band 41 mini macros. To between 55-70% band 41/26 complete with 8t8r equipment band 26 not live yet tho ... This all happened in like 4 months Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    It was probably part of the merger discussions. As in you better get your network in decent shape or the merger is off. Decent shape as in put band 41/26 on all your sites.
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    Has anyone else seen any traces of upload CA? As of today every b41 tower in my city has it except the only Nokia tower. Some type of low power mode but it's real.
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    With 260000+ magic boxs you can't be too suprised to run into a few. With a pace of 65k last quarter your only going to see more. These are a great way to slide small cells into nimby places.
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    Agreed! The more stores Sprint makes deals for Magic Boxes with the better! I would love to see Sprint give us the ability to suggest/submit Magic Box locations/business names for them to reach out to. (Whether through the My Sprint app or the Sprint Website.) I’ve suggested this to Sprint in the past and have heard it’s supposedly in the works.
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    Yeah I'm a little bummed because I'm in the exact same boat. The extra storage I can take it or leave it, but I would rather have the additional 2GB of RAM. Not carrying the upgraded version when every other carrier will be is just such a Sprint thing to do.
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    Unfortunately, Sprint does not appear to be offering the 512GB version for some reason. While I don't care about the storage, the extra 2GB of RAM would be nice.
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    Ya, Marcelo didn't seem to really want to comment on that. What he said most of us here could of taken a guess and got that one right ( that they analyze the situation). I think 5G is just about marketing and and letting people know that Sprint won't fall behind this time around. If they keep spending the way they are and maybe a just a little more,I think they will be fine. SoftBank won't invest because it is very risky as nextgencpu said before.. SoftBank has no way of knowing how much market share will result from that investment in the next 3-5 years.. if sprint starts posting 400-800k quaters then softbank will certainly revalue the situation. As of late even the most recent quarter most of sprints post paid adds came from pre paid conversions.. don't know if that is a healthy buisness model for the future .. although it's not bad, but sprint needs new port in from the other carriers. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk