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    It's funny how much goalposts get moved as time has gone on. For years people complained that Sprints greatest downfall was how slow their network is. Now that they're faster than both Verizon and T-Mobile speed doesn't matter? Within their current footprint, Sprint is the most competitive carrier there is. They're a lot like T-Mobile at the start of "Uncarrier". They offer a great combo of speed and price. Sprint is stuck because their brand is ruined. No one wants to join Sprint no matter how many good things people say about them and because of that Sprint can't get the revenue to do meaningful coverage expansion (which is what I'm assuming most of you who are complaining want). That's why they're so focused on beefing up their current network and deploying 5G. They're hoping that more people within their current footprint will join and stay and when they have a solid foundation of users and a strong urban/suburban network they can finally focus on building out their network everywhere else. It's literally the T-Mobile formula.
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    That's my take. Other than uploads, Sprint may not be number one but is quite competitive. I don't drive the number one car, I don't fly the number one airline, I don't drink the number one coffee and so on...I use the best for me. And Sprint is now becoming more and more useful to more and more people. Regardless of an absolute number one position. The difference between 82 of this and 85 of that is pretty immaterial in the user experience. Robert
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    5G is live in Miami: https://newsroom.sprint.com/sprint-heats-up-miami-network-for-footballs-biggest-game.htm
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    Was in Fremont today with wicked fast 4g speeds.
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    Now I know you're all thinking "Brad this is terrible!". It is both terrible and not terrible. Let's compare Sprint's data against the July 2019 report to see what's improved. 4G Availability has improved quite a bit (OpenSignal is very urban-heavy on it's data though, 4G availability should be considered availability in urban environments only). On the July 2019 report it was 89.5. On the January 2020 report it's 92.5. That's a 3% increase! Sprint's scores on the video experience metric have also improved. On the July 2019 report, Sprint scored a 47.5. On the January 2020 report, they scored 55.5. OpenSignal had this to say: We're going to break down the Download Speed Experience metric into 4G and 3G performance. Average 4G download speed on the July 2019 report was 21.1Mbps. Average 4G download speed on the January 2020 report is 25.9Mbps. That's a 4.8Mbps increase in average 4G download speed. Average 3G download speed on the July 2019 report was 1.3Mbps. Average 3G download speed on the January 2020 report was 1.4Mbps. The 3G speeds are what is dragging the overall download speed metric score down. Upload speed experience is going to focus on 4G speeds only. Sprint's average 4G upload speed on the July 2019 report was 2.6Mbps. Average 4G upload speed on the January 2020 was 3Mbps. A very small increase which shows that uploads still need a lot of work. Latency experience will only focus on 4G. Sprint's average 4G latency on the July 2019 report was 55.1ms. Average 4G latency on the January 2020 report is 51.2ms.
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    It's that time again. OpenSignal January 2020 report is out. No awards for Sprint yet again. Sprint takes second place in the Video Experience metric at 55.5 (good). Number one is Verizon at 58.8 (good). Sprint comes in last in the Voice App Experience metric at 75.6 (acceptable). T-Mobile and AT&T tied for the number one spot at 79.4 and 79.3 respectively. Sprint comes last in the Download Speed Experience metric at 23.9. AT&T takes the award with a 27.5. Sprint comes last in the Upload Speed Experience metric (no surprise there). They scored a 2.7. T-Mobile took the award with an 8.6. Sprint is in third for the Latency Experience metric with a score of 55. AT&T took the award with a score of 49.7. Sprint is in last for the 4G Availability metric with users spending 92.5% of their time on 4G. Verizon took the award with their users spending 95.9% of their time on 4G. Sprint is in last place on the 4G Coverage Experience metric with a score of 8.2/10. Verizon took the award with a score of 9.7/10. There is definitely more yellow on the regional analysis summary than there was last time.
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    Ah. I see. Yes it's definitely not optimal. Luckily there are very few Sprint customers here so band 25 performs fine. It's not amazing or anything but it works.
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    https://newsroom.sprint.com/sprint-corporation-schedules-fiscal-2019-third-quarter-results-announcement.htm OVERLAND PARK, Kan., Jan. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Sprint Corporation (NYSE: S) will release its fiscal 2019 third quarter financial results on Monday, Jan. 27, 2020. The results, including a message from management, will be posted at www.sprint.com/investors at approximately 8 a.m. ET. Sprint management will not host a conference call.
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    A lot of people are going to jump ship if the merger fails to go through myself included.
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    Completely agree. I have been back and forth on this merger from the start, but came around when concessions were made and deals started happening with the individual states. The potentials of a completely merged network and company are huge. Sprint obviously can not go at it alone financially. And t-mobile can not go at it alone based on their own spectrum. The two companies are a near perfect match, and I honestly believe we would all benefit from a merger in both the short term and the long term. They both need each other to succeed at the level that Verizon and ATT has.
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    I'm so ready for this to be over with, bring on the merger.
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    I'd give him until the beginning of February. Remember that he had the opposing sides briefs in his possession for 3-4+ months. He and his clerk(s) identified the main issues from the briefs and asked questions about it during trial. The closing arguments are really a show by the lawyers and really unnecessary when in front of a judge that actually paid attention. The reason why I think it will be delayed until the first week of February is that he needs to keep up appearances that he did not rush through it and he was deliberative and thoughtful. The last thing a judge wants to do is to give the states ammunition for an appeal.
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    100% agreed. The real takeaway that no one is mentioning is that the big 4 have done an ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL JOB of blanketing this massive, massive nation in 4G so ubiquitous that we're absolutely shocked when we're not on it. Job well done, guys. Very well done indeed.
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    Yeah, and that's the thing. People should do what's best for them. I certainly don't fault you for that! Robert
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    Yes Yes, I live in Gretna. Upload varies but average is around 4Mbps
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    I was wondering because it actually shows the CA info in SCP. I haven't seen that in either of my S9+ yet. I was hoping that would come with Android 10.
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    Great speeds but not enough proof. I have pulled 170 on 2XCA Sent from my SM-G977P using Tapatalk
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    Wasn't able to but pulled a 145Mbps speed test
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    Check *#0011# if it's there then its legit. Sent from my SM-G977P using Tapatalk
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    Just got this on my s9+ [ https://www.dropbox.com/s/755qhoe3geweso1/Screenshot_20200125-100217_Speedtest.jpg[/img]
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    Thank you @mdob07, I will get those additions in the next update!
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    Sometimes I feel like there are about 6 people with V50s.. the V50 forums everywhere are SO dead. Now, how about they push that December update finally, or even January? LOL
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    I also found some new iDAS sectors at Rupp Arena. DAS typically has 3 sectors, but I only hit one each for the B30 and secordary B4/B66. Looking at various stadiums and arenas around CellMapper I've found B30 DAS using A3-A8. If I go back to Rupp Arena any time soon I'll lock my phone to B30 and see what I find.
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    Yeah, 31 corresponds with 23 sector, 4D corresponds with the 3F sector, and 73 corresponds with the 63 sector. For the B2 second carrier part, I've only seen that while looking through New York. Around here and everywhere I've seen it is a Macro ID. I've noticed with AT&T that 2nd carriers and any of the newer spectrum seems to use different GCI patterns in each market.
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    New SignalCheck beta is rolling out now.. bugfix city! Slowly making progress with Dual-SIM support, but nothing to share yet. The new update should appear on Google Play within the hour. Thank you for all your support!
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    Brad! NO... There is no time table. The judge said he will try to make a decision as soon as possible. You picked up Phone Arena's headline ... that's their opinion. Here is what the judge said: (Feburary was not what was said.) It may be, but it's not concrete. What's next Judge Marrero opened Wednesday's hearing reminding attendees that, "there is life beyond the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint." He declined to say when he will return with a final ruling on whether to approve the merger, but said he would "endeavor to decide as quickly as possible." Sprint and T-Mobile make a final argument for why their massive merger should be allowed to go through
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    If the merger fails, they need to rebrand and get their hands on Dishes spectrum. Sprint does need 600 MHz, some people have complained about them not getting that. Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
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    Would like to know this also. Florida has been a declining Sprint market according to RootMetrics.
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    I'll agree with you that coverage hasn't improved much. But "Sprint has just stalled" is definitely not true. They've been working hard on upgrading and improving what they've got and it shows in the speed test data.
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    Clearwire Towers still exist but they are rare (mainly random B2 or B4 sightings). Almost all = Clearwire locations have been converted over to Nokia MM/SC clusters, though some have been upgraded to Tri-band towers. I assume the Clearwire sightings are from full-towers which also have legacy Clearwire equipment. Recently, some of the Nokia MM/SC clusters are starting to be upgraded to Tri-Band.
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    I see the value in a combined network, for the past few years Sprint has just stalled and hasn't improved much. So if the merger fails and Sprint just becomes a small carrier in specific areas it has no value to me.
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    I do think that the merger will be approved but just in case, here's my thoughts on what should happen if it gets rejected in order of preferred outcome: 1. T-Mobile & Sprint merge their network operations into an independent company and they both become MVNOs. Dish is left out in the cold with their spectrum unused. FCC has egg in their face. Only way Dish gets their network deployed is if Amazon and/or cable cos invest in them. it could happen...the other possibility is that Dish sells their spectrum to Verizon/AT&T/T-mobile. Sprint does pretty good but they are no longer a price leader. Their pricing is rationalized and pretty close to what the other major carriers charge. 2. Sprint gets properly funded by Softbank. They buy Dish's 600Mhz/ AWS-3. They fill out their present network but do not expand beyond their current footprint. They charge for rural roaming and they price themselves rationally. They grow slowly. 3. Sprint gets acquired by a consortium of Amazon and cable cos. They use Sprint to promote their video offerings to millennials. The resulting company expands their network to provide a really solid network in the boondocks but fall short of Verizon/AT&T which is OK. They only expand where they can make money. 4. Sprint goes on without the financial support of Softbank and limps along. They shrink their network and become an urban based network. Some smaller markets and places where it does not make financial sense to have their network are dropped. They rationalize their prices and charge for roaming. Where they do offer service their network is really solid.
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    I'm starting to see 4X CA in my area. And it's using B25 and B41. So the engineering screen will show the first channel as B25 (10mhz). Then the other 3 channels will be B41 (20mhz). Download speeds are...ok. Not as high as I would expect with 4X CA (peak around 80Mbps). But upload speeds are terrible. Max around 1Mbps. But at least it's good to see them adding B25/B41 CA.
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    Song of the South (Never to see the light of day again...)
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    I was tinkering with Cell Mapper a week or two ago, and discovered that if I had special characters in my password, like an exclamation point, it wouldn't let me log into the app. When I used the website to change my password and remove the special characters (sticking with letters and numbers), I logged in without issue. - Trip
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    Great question @Terrell352. Would definitely be helpful if it launches before The Big Game.
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    Ookla data shows Sprint's improvements over the last two years. Started off Q1 2018 in last at 23.6Mbps average download speed. They finished Q4 2019 in second at 39.5Mbps average download speed. T-Mobile finds themselves in last and Verizon in 3rd as congestion catches up with them. https://imgur.com/a/uvn9sBC
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    An update to SignalCheck Pro is rolling out on Google Play right now, should become available shortly for everyone! Version 4.56 is mostly bugfixes, and includes the following changes: Added system shortcut for app system settings. Extensive code optimizations and enhancements. Internal code enhancements to Location Service. Removed persistent prompts/warnings that appeared when a user denied background location permission but had the background service disabled. Resolved force closes on some devices using decimal separators other than ‘dot’. Resolved force closes related to permission requests. Resolved internal exception when installing/updating the app. Resolved issue with incorrect signal strength notification icon when connected to LTE & Wi-Fi Calling. Resolved issue with negative LTE SNR values missing the “-” character. Resolved issue with persistent warnings appearing when a user denies background location permission and requests not to be prompted again. Resolved issue with screen padding not working with GSM-based connections. I anticipate dual SIM compatibility being the major change for the next update, and 5G support will be added after that. Thanks for all of your support! -Mike
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    Like others have said (thanks guys!), Lite is outdated.. very outdated. I just don't have enough time to maintain two separate apps, which is why I'm working on combining them into one app, and paying will "unlock" the Pro features instead of having it be a separate download. It is a complicated task but in the end it will be far easier than the way I have it now. Other things take priority because those who do kick in some beer money get my time first!
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    Enjoyed hearing about 5G. Couldn't care less about the car.
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