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    Nice speeds but we all know it’s the upload that’s killing them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2nd Half 2019 RootMetrics reports are starting to come out. Here are a few highlights from what's available (both good and bad) Baton Rouge, LA - Median download speed decreased from 17.6Mbps to 11.5Mbps Boise, ID - Median download speed increased from 10.7Mbps to 18.9Mbps Cincinnati, OH - Median download speed increased from 21.6Mbps to 31.1Mbps Concord, CA - Median download speed increased from 18.5Mbps to 32.1Mbps Dayton, OH - Median download speed increased from 19.6Mbps to 28.2Mbps El Paso, TX - Sprint had the fastest median download speed at 27.2Mbps, down from from 28.5Mbps on the last report Las Vegas, NV - Sprint had the fastest median download speed at 46.5Mbps, up from 45.7Mbps on the last report. Madison, WI - Median download speed decreased from 12.2Mbps to 9Mbps McAllen, TX - Median download speed increased from 10.5Mbps to 20.7Mbps. Minneapolis, MN - Median download speed increased from 24.1Mbps to 33.7Mbps. Portland, OR - Median download speed increased from 23.4Mbps to 43Mbps (wow!) Provo, UT - Sprint had the fastest median download speed at 33.9Mbps, down from 37.8Mbps. Sarasota, FL - Median download speed decreased from 22.6Mbps to 14.1Mbps. Spokane, WA - Median download speed increased from 29.6Mbps to 39.8Mbps. Temecula, CA - Median download speed decreased from 24.2Mbps to 15.1Mbps. No awards.
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    Yeah until the upload issues are resolved, no matter how great the download speeds, Sprint is unlikely to win any RootScore awards.
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    Yea just checked the map. Not showing yet. I'm excited though. Pulled 293 down with the speed test
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    My iPhone is scheduled to arrive between 2 to 4pm tomorrow. (wondering who should I pray to to keep the UPS "mice" from stealing my iPhone and putting it on ebay to be sold to a sucker, as it happened last year.)hmmm
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    I guess that we can now call them Apple modems as Apple bought the division after Intel exited the business.
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    The September update for the unlocked version is available today if you manually check for it. I have it installed. No option to turn on VOLTE. No new carrier aggregation options. This is getting old. Reporting this same news month after month. I have had about 8 or 9 monthly updates to this UNLOCKED S9 since it was new and I am not seeing any improvements to it. Why would a S9 be getting ignored? My CDMA 1x service works fine and I really am not suffering because I lack VOLTE. But it just is the bungling and fumbling on getting VOLTE active and it is for no apparent reason. Then they allow band 41 to take over about everything and keep me on it almost everywhere when upload does not work well on band 41. This upload issue was known before they even launched B-41. Being connected to B-41 on LTE+ at levels of -110 to -130 is a disaster. And it just continues and continues. No upload at all and the phone stays on the unusable B-41.
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    64gb Pro Max in Green. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Who pre-ordered and which version? Green Pro-Max Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    I'm not pulling data in a traditional way, as Apple has locked all that info down. Rather I'm playing with some image processing that can interpret and log data that appears on the field test screen. Thought it would be something interesting to fiddle around with.
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    They don't have to necessarily be strong but letting data speeds plummet like that is not acceptable.
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    Low priority markets/lack of spectrum/low density. Sprint needs to pick and choose their battles. They will never be strong in every market (same for all carriers)
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    I am terrible at following HSPA bugs because I don't see them myself.. I'll have to go back and look into this one again. There were some back-end Android changes regarding the PSC value; it technically does not exist on GSM connections, even though Android always reported a value and had specific functions to do so -- it was deprecated a couple of years ago, which caused me to backtrack. Some phones report HSPA information as CellInfoGsm, so no PSC is directly available; others report it as CellInfoWcdma, so I can get the PSC. I can work around it, but it's not as simple as it appears from your armchair.. 😜 I did see your messages and I am working on it. There's a lot of nuances I need to adjust in order to to discard the 1450 offset so it's a bit tricky. There are known issues with Android 10 that I have been working on.. didn't realize it was going to be publicly released yesterday so I was caught off guard. There will be an app update in the next day or so that should resolve most major issues. -Mike
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    I personally would wait for the Galaxy S11 but if there's something wrong with your S9, then a S10 would be a good choice as well. I've had mine since launch day and it's been great.
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    A friend of mine ordered through Best Buy with in store pickup. He got it today.
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    VOLTE? Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Another one Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
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    This page is fairly accurate: https://5g-tools.com/5g-nr-throughput-calculator/ Here are the NR TDD configs: https://imgur.com/a/RswhH8p
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    Is it safe to buy an S10 now or are the network problems still present?
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    I think we are starting to see Sprint shutdown 3G in favor of a 1x/LTE only network. Today, I drove south in I-57 from Chicago to St. Louis and a large majority of the towers along my drive were only broadcasting 1x and LTE. I noticed this a few weeks ago in rural Indiana as well. Wider channels for VoLTE, I guess, and exciting times for Sprint .
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    The s9 is good at receiving Band 41, but not transmitting to the cell site. My question is --- why don't they fix this? Kick the s9 off band 41 when it struggles to upload to band 41 and can't do it. Or better yet, get band 25 upload going with band 41 download. Do something. Just fix it and yesterday.
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    This is why interband CA is so important. How the Sprint executive network doesn’t know that is beyond me. It’s software and doesn’t cost them much to get this rolling. I just don’t understand. Also the S9 radio is just really good at b41 it’s not the network. As soon as I switched to the S10 5G I thought it was a worse network performer but in reality it was just switching bands better even if the bands it switched to was congested and slow but that’s really Sprints fault for not using interband CA. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Update: it has been a couple of weeks now and things are still working fine. The only issue that I ran into is that if the external dual-antenna is attached, and the MiFi 8000 has trouble locking onto a signal, then it keeps rebooting over and over every 30 seconds. I tried re-positioning the antenna but for the time being I've switched back to just using the built-in (internal) antenna. I've lost some signal levels (a bar or two) but will spend more time on the weekend to get better positioning of the antennas for less unit-to-unit interference. I just wish it would allow the removal of the battery. The USB cables are providing power to the units, so I don't need the batteries. But when I take the battery out, it shuts down. It really seems to be designed for the battery in-place whether we want it or not. I haven't looked into what jumpers/loads would be required to fool the battery connector. Scott
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    About time haha. Assuming this means FDD-TDD CA. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
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    Are you able to provide any more details? Perhaps via private message?
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    Yep. The normal coverage map lets you do that now. You can select non-LTE which matches 3G. 1x was never on the data map.
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    Ham slice Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Looks like there might be a 5G variant after all and with 8gb no less.. https://www.gizchina.com/2019/09/15/pixel-4-xl-5g-variant-surfaces-at-geekbench-with-8gb-of-ram/ This is shaping up to be the best Pixel ever..
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    I'm not ordering one. I'm going to sit this one out.
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    Just got prompted for a new update, September security patch.
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    Well only 2 towers that are active but a good number of M-MIMO towers are on it.
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    I have some up to date information for St. Louis. Is there a way to submit to someone?
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    New full build site on SR 37 at James road in Granville, OH. B25/B26 alive so far. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    That just gets you to the front of the queue, in case there is a shortage for certain models. As a lot people will be ordering them.
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    I think we all just want someone who is going to be serious about growing Sprint unlike SB. In the slim chance the merger is denied, it would be nice for SB to sell off Sprint to someone who is serious about taking Sprint to the level we all know it can go. If Sprint was in better hands, this merger would not be needed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    White papers? Umm ok cool. "Used more"? Nobody is saying that UL is "used more" than DL. However, having a download speed of 200Mb and upload speed of 1Mb available will make the user experience pretty shitty overall for the majority of people compared to say 40/20. Having a fast and wide open UL speed will give the user a much faster overall experience. Go read some more white papers and get back to us...
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    The verdict is that you are not the father. Oh wait, wrong topic. All joking aside. I love it. To be perfectly honest, I was happy with the Note 9, but with my travels and my dangerous need for having the latest stuff, I wanted the Note 10 just for the ability of a simplified DeX connection. But once I got the Note 10, I have been really amazed that even from the Note 9, it's a big improvement. Not only for what it offers but the signal is way better in areas I frequent. The camera is really neat. I can keep the s-pen in its slot and still use any other wacom pen I have laying around with it. VOLTE, fingerprint scanner actually works even through a screen protector. The included USB-C Headphones sound nice. The device has way too many things to point out.
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    Just installed the update on my S9. No VOLTE unless they hid it somewhere. Also, no improved Carrier aggregation either.The last two updates done NOTHING that is visible to me. This is really starting to tweak me. WHY is the s9 being treated so badly? Is there some type of fatal design flaw with these phones that can not be overcome? VOLTE is available almost everywhere, but why not on the S9 which is still fairly new? No new aggregation options. It really needs the 25 &41 aggregation that is talked about but never appears. Due to improvements probably at the cell sites, I am getting locked onto band 41 much more frequently. But it is not usable because of the poor upload from the phone. I actually have LTE+ in my home at levels of -111 to -128. But at those levels, I get absolutely NO upload. No wonder people say Sprint Sucks and leave for another carrier. I do use Wi-Fi at home and that solves the issue at home, but waling into another building somewhere causes the DATA to freeze at these levels.
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    My CA. I checked under the LTE band priority and they haven't added T-mobile B71 yet.. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
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    Pennsylvania has joined the fight against the T-Mobile Sprint merger. Sigh, the party continues.
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