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    Yes, some of you disagree with me. That's to be expected. Sprint sucks in some places. But Sprint is not only great in my area, but they're actually the best. And in most metro areas, they are perfectly usable. But guess what? T-mobile sucks in many places. And I can tell you here in their home market, they're the worst carrier. Verizon also stinks in places too. I suppose if I lived in a crappy Sprint market, I'd go. But I can tell you I see more and more people who leave Sprint and either come back or even if they don't, admit that the network wasn't as bad as they thought and there was a complete over dramatization in the disparity in networks. Everybody's gotta do what's best for themselves. And if leaving Sprint is best for you, I certainly wouldn't hold it against anyone. I've seen many go over the years. And I still sit here plugging away behind the keyboard. But the one thing that won't continue is the overly negative drumbeat that's happening in this thread. You all are starting to build off each other's negativity, causing the conversation to become one sided and pointless. Don't want to hear ad infinitum the same droll negative grumblings. Especially the same 'ol criticisms and Sprint can't be trusted. Frankly, the drama is not true. Sprint took longer, yes, but it did upgrade its network, and the performance is better. And on the whole, it's better than its ever been. So it cannot be said Sprint didn't do it. They did. So let's stick to the thread discussion, which is the merger. Not on the network performance on Lower Botswana Avenue and your thoughts on changing networks because of your block. Robert
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    Just got the first Android 10 beta update for my S9, and it had the VOLTE toggle on it. Hurray
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    More interband goodness. I might move to Denver. The experience was amazing and so was the Sprint network. Sent from my SM-G977P using Tapatalk
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    Forget 5G. I have witnessed interband CA between b25/b26 and b25/b41 and it was game changing for the reliability and indoor experience. Everyone who said b26 should not use CA don't know what they are talking about and have not experienced the awesome indoor abilities that come with it. Have you ever seen b26 like that? Don't worry I will wait. This makes Ericsson markets severely behind in network reliability. I just realized how much better Sprint would be if this was nationwide. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Akron, OH - Median download speed increased from 22.7Mbps to 30.8Mbps. Baltimore, MD - Median download speed increased from 24.4Mbps to 32.8Mbps. Charlotte, NC - Median download speed increased from 14.7Mbps to 22Mbps. Des Moines, IA - Median download speed increased from 16.8Mbps to 23.8Mbps. Fort Meyers, FL - Median download speed decreased from 15.5Mbps to 8.6Mbps. Mobile, AL - Median download speed increased from 18Mbps to 29.9Mbps.
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    If anyone manages a spreadsheet for their market and is still looking for/exploring options to display it on a map, PM me. If you can export your database/spreadsheet into a TSV, I've built a tool that produces a map.
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    If there is no merger, it is not all gloom and doom. Sprint is a healthier company now than it has been in the past. It will really come down to how it would play the future competitive landscape and whether having too compete too low on price while building out an expensive new upgrade again ends up being too much in the long run. There is no imminence of doom. And there is no guarantee that the other will fare as well, either. If Sprint keeps improving its network and keeps prices low, it steadily drains money from their competitors too. Sprint does not have to be perfect to be a disruptor. And soon there would be no Legere at Tmo. Who knows how a post Legere Tmo works out in the long run? No need for dire predictions at this point! And as a Verizon and Tmo customer also, I can tell you it ain't all unicorns and fairy dust over on the other networks. People are expecting a huge difference, and for the most part, they find a slight difference. We have seen a lot of people come back to Sprint in these forums the past 12-18 months, all saying the same thing. They expected their digital life to come alive leaving Sprint, and then they just find they get poorer month over month. Then come back and find the network is even better since they left. Robert
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    If the merger fails, Sprint will fail. Masa has no intention (nor, in hindsight, has he ever had any intention) of actually investing in Sprint. If the merger fails, he will either sell Sprint off in pieces, or will sell it wholesale to someone like Dish who will run it into the ground (even further than it already has been run into the ground). Sprint has no future as a stand-alone company. The question will be: Will Sprint be sold from Chapter 11? I have hung on this long as a Sprint customer only because I hope that the merger will provide a low-cost path to new phones and decent price plans. If the merger fails, my only questions will be which carrier I can afford and what phones I can afford. Sprint will die sooner or later (probably sooner).
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    Rejoice!! Did you see, Android 10 beta finally has Volte built in for even GS9 and it operates as expected!
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    Currently 13. Since I control the code though, I can add more if/when needed.
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    I agree but sadly they had no intention on fully owning Sprint but grabbed the low hanging fruit, prep it up and sell it off. The Apple of their eye was T-Mobile from the start. Sprint is easily forgotten they’re either the #4 carrier or just not mentioned at all and it’s sad that Sprint has gotten to this point. What is needed is a CEO/Owner who is serious about righting the wrongs and making Sprint a serious competitor besides on price. I don’t want the merger to go through in some aspects but truth of it is that Sprint will struggle with the people who are running the show. We are at the point now where we are seeing Sprints true with asset wise but will never see it fully blossom under the Sprint brand due to bad choices, CEOs and past mergers(nextel, not executed well) and full network upgrades (good old network vision——what a time) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Oh I believe it. Sprint digs their own holes. It gets hard to stand behind them then they do ish like this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If the merger doesn't happen I am going to T-Mobile maybe even Verizon, Sprint is a sinking ship.
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    Ok, just wanted to post and make you aware of the situation, if you didn't already. Thanks love the app Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    I checked your report, at the time you submitted it your device definitely had a valid T-Mobile connection. What SCP is displaying is accurate. As I mentioned, my P4 (and others in the Pixel thread on here) have seen similar behavior. -Mike
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    From within the app, About > Send Diagnostics. Make sure to include your name and a brief note about the issue so I can find it. -Mike
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    As an update to the 5G discussion -- I have received several diagnostic reports from users who noted they were connected to 5G at the time (thanks!), however I have not seen an example where the API is reporting any 5G data. Everything has appeared as regular LTE for now. Please keep sending me reports, I am sure eventually we will have a device that reports it properly! At a minimum it will need to be on Android 10, because the 5G reporting routines did not exist in earlier versions. -Mike
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    The MB maxes out at about 85-90 Mbps, regardless of backhaul. It seems to be some kind of hardware limit, either on the LTE eNB or on the ipsec tunnel. The Airave 4 is exactly the same. Both my Airave and MB are connected via Ethernet on a gigabit connection and max out at that. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    FCC wanted Dish to deploy its spectrum, Dish was hesitant to enter a 4 player market, making it a 5 player market. This merger solves couple of problems. It solves Sprint's capex problems, T-Mobile's spectrum problem and Dish's (and FCC's) spectrum deployment problem. Win, win, win!
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    Sprint network. Pixel 4xl constantly showing connected to TMobile Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    I was just in Boulder yesterday. It works and also more than that works. You have 4xca interband active there too. 25/b41+b41+b41 is active. Sent from my SM-G977P using Tapatalk
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    Another SCP beta release is rolling out on Google Play.. lots and lots (LOTS) of behind-the-scenes changes and bugfixes -- there shouldn't be any obvious impacts, but please keep an eye out for crashes/problems. Groundwork for dual-SIM support is getting there but not ready to be unveiled quite yet.. soon.. -Mike
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    I received an update this morning.
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    Hi, Robert While I see your points, I respectfully disagree with some of them. Properly managed, Sprint does have the resources to compete successfully. But the key phrase is "properly managed", and that's where Sprint has shown critical weakness time and time again. Since Dan Hesse was screwed over in the Metro PCS debacle, and then dumped after Softbank took over, Sprint hasn't shown any signs of intelligent strategic management. Tactically, they have tried hard to succeed, and have kept up with technology, and have tried to keep up with deployments. But Softbank's refusal to provide capital (either directly or through 3rd parties), Claure's ham-handed cost cutting, and Masa's tunnel-vision focus on merger have all combined to put Sprint in a desperate situation. So I agree with you that Sprint could compete in the future, but I think it is unrealistic to expect Masayoshi and Softbank to actually try to compete. If the merger fails, I think that it is far more likely that Masa will basically dump Sprint just like he dumped Hesse, and loyal Sprint employees and the few remaining independent stockholders will be left swinging in the wind. Sprint customers (I've been with Sprint for 20+ years) will also be hung out to dry. I hope that I am wrong. Actually, I hope the merger goes through, but if it doesn't, then I hope that I am wrong. But I'm not counting on it.
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    If Sprint increased backhaul the network would greatly improve.
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    Bankruptcy is a business tool. Sprint's biggest problem is its debt load. Bankruptcy was a real possibility when Masa first got involved. Another option would be to sell Boost. This dragged on merger has cost Sprint in terms of reputation. A big time advertising campaign would be required to explain what they have been doing to the network. The key issue to tackle would be backhaul which would come out of operating thus P&L. Sprint needs a Cricket type solution -- pay for the maximum speed you want.
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    I agree. It seems common sense disappears in all of this, especially the states attorney generals. They know this.... but I'm afraid this is political driven. Lets hope the judge see through this attempted control of free business. They are in business to make money after all... the entire premise to keep prices low for 5-7 years is crap! (Price controls- Hello dictator Government) You should not control free market business like this or we fail as a free market. It's a nice guarantee but not one the government should buy into or put value on.
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    Yeah, eventually the prices will rise. They have already risen from the bottom reached couple of years ago. Those lower prices are what have driven Sprint to the edge of bankruptcy. If you can't have enough of a cash flow, you can't invest in capex, if you don't have enough of a capex, you are going to fall further behind on the network side, if you fall further behind, customers will leave. Sprint can show them what low prices have led to. How many jobs were lost in order for them to be marginally afloat. How much capex was foregone, how bad their back end systems are. How much they have to invest in order for them to be competitive on the network side.Show them that due to their lower customer numbers they don't have the scale. Due to smaller scale, the cost per customer goes up. Prices will eventually rise because the new T-Mobile will have to invest in infrastructure to increase its coverage and capacity. If you want ubiquitous coverage you have to pay for it.
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    From some of the latest articles, Wall Street Journal, NYT.... detailing the proceedings today, the Judge doesn't want a long drawn out case. Short and to the point. Something tells me this may be good? IDK. He didn't want anyone to hold opening arguments as he said that is pointless. He instructed both the states and T Mobile Sprint to start calling witnesses...basically lets get this show on the road... Good or bad, I hope it's short and not a 6 month trial. If he goes in favor of the states, it will throw the entire business merger structure into question in how mergers are reviewed, processed and approved or denied. It could have very long lasting implications for any future companies eyeing a combination. T-Mobile and Sprint head to court to defend their merger
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    Did some tests today since I haven't in awhile. Was waiting for my kid on 4th st in El Cajon, between granite hills HS and Montgomery Middle. Pleasently surprised. I wanted to hit 200 so bad, but figured I'd keep testing as a quasi stress test when the brats at the middle school is out at 2:30. I believe the antenna is at shadow mountain church, which is east and across the High School. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    You obviously didn't see my second screen shot. Also M-MIMO has been great with cell edge performance especially on uploads.
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    My speeds during the day beg to differ. On T-Mobile, I can get 15-25 Mbps upload during the day. Past midnight, it peaks over 50 Mbps.
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    I might do the opposite of you guys and bring my small herd of MVNO phones to Sprint gambling that a good upgrade discount will be made available upon merger.
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    AT&T fake 5G service Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
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    Considering I don't care about 5G right now I'd be happy just using my 10+ until I upgrade to the S11.
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    Posted an update to the Top Donors list. Justen moves way up the list to #4. Brockeb1 has made it on to the list and jumps all the way in to #28! jlbattagli, Trip, and runagun also moved up quite a few spaces. Rawvega made it back on the list. And thank you for all your time on the list, but, lrosete777 and leerage were bumped off the bottom. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!! Robert
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    Sprint has gone back and forth with in-footprint roaming for many, many years. Robert
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    I visited Crystal Mountain and Lake Wenatchee this week, and it looks like the coverage map is wrong. AT&T roaming was available in both areas. That being said, it seems that in-market AT&T roaming has been disabled. I have been unsuccessful in picking up AT&T roaming anywhere in the greater Seattle area where I was previously able to. My phone now holds onto weak B26 or drops to 1x/T-Mobile LTE on rare occasion. I have not connected to EVDO or Verizon 1x in-market at all, either.
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    Found 5G in a couple places the last few weeks. I have confirmed it on in Norfolk, VA and Tampa, FL.
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    So I went and tested. My iPad would not drop to AT&T roaming. It was hanging on to b26 for dear life. I went all around the building and it wouldn't drop. Before it would happily drop to AT&T roaming.
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    Wireless and wired backhaul is available in markets where Sprint core network team has done the physical and software upgrades needed. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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