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    An interesting note here in this slide which shows best and worst download speeds in some key markets (during peak congestion times). Sprint was #1 in Seattle and Boston. But even more noteworthy, Sprint is only last place in one market...Denver. T-Mobile was often the slowest in this selection. Even Verizon and AT&T all had at least one too.
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    I just want this all to be completed one way or another... I don't care anymore. Just want all the uncertainty done with. Time for Sprint and T Mobile to get back to business with or without each other... Time to get it done!
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    I was in Atlanta and Sprints 5G coverage was impressive but most of the time it felt like LTE speeds with a 5G icon. Kinda of like AT&T's 5GE. When band b41 LTE didnt work good then neither did N41. The highest speed I managed was around 450 which is great but it was not common. Also the fact that it was using LTE at the same time makes it even more obvious that Sprint is not putting the backhaul as a high priority. I went inside the Atlanta aquarium and had full bars of 5G but speeds at best was around 15mbps. Meanwhile Verizons LTE was doing around 75mbps and 40-60 upload too. All and all I gotta say I was left fairly disappointed and now see why Sprint needs T-mobile. Sent from my SM-G977P using Tapatalk
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    The idea is for it to work at least for texting: https://spectrum.ieee.org/tech-talk/aerospace/satellites/ubiquitilinks-satellite-phone-service -55 to 55 latitude, which would include Edmonton Canada, but not Scandinavia.
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    I hope they go court personally. It will help clarify the limits of DOJ's powers to force a settlement and whether they have standing to sue under the antitrust laws in this instance. I am totally against spectrum concessions and I am also against any concessions that can come back to hurt T-Mobile.
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    This is amazing. In an homage to the warrior-poets Warren G, Nate Dogg; I'm so thoroughly pleased by the regulators for once, they appear to have mounted up successfully.
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    Justice Department may sue to block Sprint, T-Mobile merger: CNBC
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    Heard on WMAL this morning that Hans Riemer plans to reintroduce the cell tower bill (which was actually taken off the agenda last Fall) for Montgomery County, MD this Fall. Even so, Sprint appears to be making tower improvements in the County: https://montgomerycountymd.gov/cable/towers/home.html Click on “Actions”. 7/10/2019: https://montgomerycountymd.gov/cable/Resources/Files/Towers/notices/2019/2019_July 10 _TFCG action notice.pdf Based on the description in the document, are these Massive MIMO upgrades?
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    Unfortunately, I finally ended up with an "analyst" who was snippy and just like "does this impact your service?" and when I said no, that was the end of it. - Trip
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    Just got my LG V50 today and was worried at first because SignalCheck was having issues where it wasn't updating the signal info. But after this update, things seem to be working now!
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    Do you mean wifi/ethernet backhaul? VoLTE over MBs is being worked on.
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    I just replied to his tweet asking about my home site. - Trip
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    Blue dots are outdoor DAS facilities, I believe. And I hate to say it but that map appears to have some errors in it. There are definitely sites that have been upgraded that are missing, though I suppose they could have been done at the end of last year. But more concerning are a handful of red dots that reflect Clear sites awaiting upgrades that have not yet actually happened. My home site is marked in red on that map--it was still running Clear gear this morning. - Trip
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    Have you at least noticed an increase in speeds? Over here on stt I have notice a substantial improvement with additional band 25 carriers as well as carrier aggregation on band 25. Wish they would add band 13 as well.
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    Well I now have the lg v50 in hand, picked it up from sprint yesterday
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    I have same router, the new firmware has support Quectel EM12G cat12 modem my current tower do not support CA mode, I will find another place to test. you can download from https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wv6c78uuimtrbtq/AADcAO8LgmnhGRzh7qdAHBVpa?dl=0 all about quectel EM12G (spec doc, latest firmware ,upgrade tool, linux driver guide etc) :https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wv6c78uuimtrbtq/AADcAO8LgmnhGRzh7qdAHBVpa?dl=0
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    Ouch, start harrasing executive services for a replacement! Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Well unless there are big issues in Milwaukee today.. My S10 has gone launch device mobile data dead. 3G only. Tried resetting programming info and same result.
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    Sorry, I wasn't clear, the Evergreen Hospital MM setup I already located a while ago. The eNBs for those were: B6BD7, B6BD9, B6BDB. I meant for the cluster of MM which I can't locate in Kirkland. Just like Totem Lake and the John Muir school, there are three MM nearby with their eNB separated by 2 digits and one reports as an MM/SC. As expected, SE03XC353 tends to overwhelm them in most normal areas, making location more difficult. It seems that their job is to fill in the "shadows" for SE03XC353. My guess is all three are located at the aforementioned Clear site in Kirkland, but I am not 100% certain on that yet. I will drive around to see if I can collect better data on CellMapper. As an aside, it seems like it is common in a cluster of three for one of them to report as an MM/SC on SignalCheck. Even the one I found which had the last eNB off by one, instead of two, still had one of them as an MM/SC.
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    August 1st Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Short term, 5G will perform from what we have been seen. Once more load is on the network how it performs than is anyone’s guess. With the merger pending, we won’t see any bigger moves on backhaul until the merger is sorted out. Backhaul will be a very expensive part of 5G very expensive Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I gave up on Sensorly a year ago. It was good for a long time, but not any more.
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    Sensorly appears to have died (see above).
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    We’ll see how this marketing approach works out for Sprint. So far so good it seems!
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    Thanks Chris92 for the info, that sounds like great news as far as Sprint's potential capacity goes in the Quad Cities. I'm actually considering getting rid of my cable internet at home and just using the Sprint cell phones I currently have, which have 50GB of hotspot data per phone. Sprint has really come a long way compared to not long ago in this area when Sprint's typical speeds were under 1mbps.
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    Is this the first high capacity M-MIMO site spotting. St Mark's and 1st Ave Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Just enough to cover their footprint.
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    I really like this picture from a Washington Post article about OPM. - Trip
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    Now if only the S9/+/note9 could use it Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
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    You mean one of these?? No, I havent but I probably should. I have wifi and decent voice coverage so I have never looked into it.
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