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    Hi guys, is this Nokia MU MIMO antenna with Alcatel 8x8 Band 41? This locate in above Manhattan Mini Storage Building at 220 South Street. This is my home tower. Which at the moment, Band 41 is down since yesterday.
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    Has anyone looked at the new Field Test screen on the XS?
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    Awesome stuff! Let us know when it comes back online!
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    Awesome stuff! Let us know when it comes back online!
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    Looks like it! Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    City of Conway just closed the street, we in for the long haul. Water has now surpassed Mathew's flood levels in every river or tributary. I am pulling 15x5 on AT&T on band 2 @15MHZ on my wg3526 pretty steady, going to add an antenna to try and pickup band 30 in a bit. Tmobile is steady at 25x15 on bands 4/5 for 20MHz each way. We have one Sprint phone line left that has been able to make calls on 1x800 from the site in town, 1x1900 from the closer GMO is functional sometimes. Band 25 is therish when you look for it. Lots of battery backups and not surprisingly, requests for parts lists for my ridiculously redundant system. Since we are locked in we are out of volunteering efforts, this should give me some time to catch up and pull my SCP logs later and see if anything fun came up. Have a great or better week everyone, stay free out there
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    First MIMO permit application in Springfield. Based on this I would assume MIMO work is also ongoing in Kansas City and in St. Louis! https://www1.springfieldmo.gov/permitstatus/PRJDetails.aspx?no=PRJ2018-01395 Thanks to @Rickie546 for pointing it out.
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    Forest Gump Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    I hope you have better luck than me. I received an empty box from UPS yesterday. Someone in the logistics chain is now enjoying my Max....:(