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    You can go into Settings and disable the automatic time zone feature while the kinks get worked out. I had to do that last year when I kept hitting local sites that were an hour off. -Mike
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    Sprint will never go out of business. The only options they have at this point are succeed or get bought out. A carrier with 60 Million customers doesn't just close up shop.
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    I tell ya, all my stuff works. Bluetooth, WiFi-calling (Calling Plus doesn't but that's known), all my Trigger routines work fine (which can be an issue after some updates), notifications have no issue, no app crashes, as mentioned - Google Play services working like a champ, SMS, MMS, backup syncing, wireless charging, fast-wireless charging. Just a few design oddities here and there that they'll iron out, but man, I'm really pleased and whoever is in charge of this Beta should get a promotion. Camera works just as well / fast / clear too. Samsung members app seems to be fine for me and not crashing.
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    Really feels like a new phone, not that it was horrible by any means but the gestures, the dark theme and general ui it's fantastic.