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    The FCC has voted to approve the T-Mobile-Sprint merger https://www.theverge.com/2019/10/16/20917162/fcc-tmobile-sprint-merger-justice-department-ajit-pai-geoffrey-starks-jessica-rosenworel
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    No SIM is needed. You can set it up with eSIM. Such a shame they removed original quality photos backup. That was one of the things keeping me on the Pixel line. Thinking about jumping to One Plus now. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
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    Comfort food Sent from my GM1917 using Tapatalk
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    I pre-ordered from Google within the first few minutes it was on their site. Used my $50 credit from my P3 purchase, earned another $100 credit with this purchase. Should arrive by the end of the month, I picked free shipping despite my strong urge to get it a few days sooner. Happy it has more RAM than the P3 and happy the price stayed the same (with double the ordering bonus). Disappointed it's not 8GB RAM and disappointed it's not 5G.. I had almost no expectation of either of those things but it would've been a fantastic surprise. -Mike
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    What does everyone think about the S10 battery life? Sent from my GM1917 using Tapatalk
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    First Pixel device im somewhat excited about in a quite a while..
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    A somber moment. So many happy memories. Oh, what could have been!!! Now if Cellmapper would just add a signal heat map that displayed more like Sensorly! Robert
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    Almost every Verizon site upgrade that has happened in Seattle in the last year is an LTE-only setup. All new builds are LTE-only.
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    Looks like Sprint will sell it directly..
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    Just put in my preorder What SIM is this going to need?
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    Just ordered (aliexpress keep your adblock up)this guy because why not have 3 4x4 radios. FCC manual
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    Leaving Chicago, will post some signal check pro screenshots and does anyone process logs for new sites?
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    Does anybody have any idea at all why Sprint would not activate VOLTE on the Samsung S9? Seems really strange how the S8 and s10 have VOLTE and the s9 does not. Is there some valid reason why? Is there a hardware issue with the s9? Just the normal fumbling and bungling? Looks really strange and it sure does not make Sprint or Samsung look good. This type of thing is why many people leave Sprint.
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    based on the coverage maps it appears they aren't showing some of the MIMO sites I've found as being 5G yet. I really want to get a hold of a 5G phone but Id rather wait until the X55 modem is out. If the Oneplus 7Pro had the X55 I would pick it up today.
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    So that's why he was in NYC... 😎
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    Sensorly is shutting down. I'll never forget all the time I spent and fun I had mapping the Sprint LTE launch. https://www.reddit.com/r/Sprint/comments/di83m3/sensorly_is_officially_dead/
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