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    I knew this day was coming, and yet it's still a bit heartbreaking now that it's finally here. Sprint had some ups and downs. The most positive thing I can remember against the other three was the old Google voice integration. Largest negative would be the VoLTE rollout. It was a blast going through Wimax, the LTE launch, triband LTE, and then finally 5G NR. Getting to have tower maps through S4GRU was a huge part of the experience. It definitely wouldn't have been the same without this place. A big thanks to everyone at S4GRU over the years, and I hope the transition goes as well as it can for all the current Sprint employees.
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    Wow I cannot believe it, Sprint as we all know it is over. A end to a era. Looking back at it all, it was really a ride but a fun one at that in retrospect. We’ve definitely created a bond and community here. S4GRU was/still is one my favorite forums to be on. Even though we all will be under a new brand and stuff. I hope that this forum as we know it will not go away. I thank Sprint for the highs and lows but more so everyone who has participated on here for the past few years! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Anyone have any updated info on Day 0 actions? Will Sprint customers be on T-Mobile's network through MOCN tomorrow morning?
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    If you go down the page a bit it says this: Our Community is currently set to Read Only due the pandemic's affect on our staffing . Please try Searching the Community, we have many questions already answered, you can also check out the Knowledge base If you need immediate assistance please visit Sprint Chat
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    Failure is not an option. It would be best to limit change to only those areas where there is very little risk at this time. If New T-Mobile messes up the network integration (looking at you Sprint Network Vision) in the middle of this virus crisis, there will be hell to pay. Large numbers of people are dependent on their mobile phones, hot spots, and internet data connections right now for work, school, news, shopping, entertainment and just to keep contact with work, friends and family while they are stuck in their homes. If connectivity breaks, they can no longer communicate with the outside world. They also cannot run to a New T-Mobile store to get a bad software push to their mobile phone fixed right now so they better be careful with changes on the mobile device side of the network.
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    First thing I did when I woke up just now was to look at my phone. Still connected to Band 41, but my TAC is now 20243, matching T-Mobile. - Trip
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    I'm not gonna say I don't like him. 😁
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    https://www.latlmes.com/breaking/sprintt-mobile-merger-called-off-at-last-minute-1 Well that sucks.
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    T-Mobile operates on the Pacific Time Zone. Having said that, I would be surprised if they open up the networks immediately for all users tonight or tomorrow. We'll probably have to wait some time u til after the official announcement. Either way, it's an end of an era. Good bye Sprint.
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    Sounds like open access to both networks. Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
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    That's for T-Mobile Poland, not T-Mobile US. Sprint (soon to be T-Mobile) does have a 33% stake, so I wouldn't be surprised to see it bundled with T-Mobile eventually...
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    So I guess this is happening in the next few days then. All that is left is Tunney Act review, which will probably wrap up any moment now.
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    Looks like T-Mobile doesn't care about CPUC's ruling anymore, they've withdrawn the application to merge the wireline businesses in the state, stating that Sprint is now a 100% (largely unregulated) VoIP provider in the state. The wireline transfer was the matter in front of CPUC for approval, they simply have to notify CPUC of the wireless transfer. https://www.tellusventure.com/blog/t-mobile-goes-nuclear-in-california-preps-to-close-sprint-deal-without-cpucs-blessing/
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    I'm Interested in see how fast they widen the BW for B2/25 Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
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    wow, I hate making videos since I sound so weird but my piss poor video ended up on phonearena. lol The LG V60 ThinQ is more similar to Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 than you think
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    I just hope that the merger closes finally tomorrow and that everything is finally put into motion.
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    When I think more about this merger now that we're approaching April 1, I think back to these old Sprint advertisements and how things have turned out since. These are first rate ads, and they certainly rival anything that the other three carriers put out there. However, this merger was bound to happen when these advertisements were better than the actual network. The icing on top was great, but the cake was falling apart underneath.
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    Sort of like many golf courses: fancy designer built course gets lots of publicity but soon goes bankrupt. Next owner buys at a heavily discounted price. Thinks first owners were just bad managers but fails. Third owner get golf course at huge discount and makes money.
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    I've been with Sprint since 2000. T-Mobile's integration of Metro (former CDMA) was considered to be a huge success. I can tell you though, that I've been through Nextel buyout and the famous (not in a positive way) Network Vision, and countless promises of "a better network", so many "Projects" planned and started and very few of them completed. Dr Saw is probably the best head of network Sprint has had in some time. He's going to T-Mo too. I too have heard through tower engineer friend that T-Mo has been buying and storing Massive mimo units for a while... and fully plans on using them when the network conversion starts. I'd say give T-Mo some time to actually start before doubting them. We don't really know their latest plan. I am looking forward to hearing this and much more news, hopefully beginning Wednesday.
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    T-Mobile & Sprint have had 2 years to plan the network integration. If they have not figured out what to do in each site down to the size screws to use I would be severely disappointed.
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    You could be right, however, most of us members on S4GRU have used Sprint for years. We were not users of T-Mobile. Do we really know how many screw-ups they had combining other networks? We were not there using it.
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    PRL isn't just for roaming. It's for native CDMA too. If you didn't have a valid PRL then you wouldn't be able to use CDMA. It basically says "these sites are native, these are roaming, try them in this order and prefer this group over this other group". You can also try the #*#*72786*#*# dialer code. That will wipe CDMA provisioning and force it to run again. But like I said, as long as CDMA works, I wouldn't worry about it. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    I don't. Compared to the way Sprint did things, T-Mobile's track record of integrating networks is much much better.
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