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    And what will this all mean for S4GRU? We are in a wait and see mode before we decide how to adapt. Until then, we will be here every day with you all, plotting our wireless destiny. Robert
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    OpenSignal tested every carrier's 5G network and determined that Sprint had the fastest average combined 4G/5G speeds out of the big 4. https://www.opensignal.com/2020/02/20/how-att-sprint-t-mobile-and-verizon-differ-in-their-early-5g-approach
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    An update to SignalCheck Pro is rolling out shortly and should be available on Google Play within the next several hours! This version includes many bugfixes; the full changelog is below with some details added about the most significant changes. Still working on full dual-SIM support; not sure when that is going to be ready. Thank you for all of your support! Added option to choose LTE cell ID display format: GCI, ECI, or hybrid. Based on user feedback, there is a new option under Preferences > Display to determine how LTE cell IDs are displayed. The default method is still "GCI", which is the hex ID most users are used to. "ECI" is a decimal version of the hex ID that some users asked for in the past; those who had previously enabled this option with a checkbox will need to re-select their choice. The new "hybrid" option displays the decimal ECI with a hexadecimal sector. This may be useful for AT&T and Verizon users because of the cell ID patterns implemented by those providers. (In my own testing, hex still appears to be the most useful for Sprint users). Resolved issue with missing CDMA data on some Android 10+ devices. This should resolve issues for Samsung users who recently updated to Android 10. Added option to display WCDMA neighbor cell PSC as hex. Resolved issue with PSC failing to be logged for WCDMA connections. The long-standing bugs with non-CDMA site logging should finally be resolved! Also, WCDMA PSC appears to be most useful as a hexadecimal value, so an option has been added under Preferences > Neighbor Cells to display neighbor IDs as hex. Moved Neighbor Cells preferences to separate menu. Trying to improve the Preferences menu organization; some of the screens are getting very long. Other less significant changes: Added additional indicators for AT&T LTE iDAS and small cells. Improved efficiency and stability of internal databases. Minor adjustments to action bar menu icons. Removed outdated references to nTelos. Resolved force closes related to missing resources on some devices. Resolved force closes when accessing Purchase menu with background service disabled. Resolved issue with invalid CDMA Ec/Io values displayed. Resolved issue with LTE band alerts not triggering when band changes. Resolved issue with LTE band alerts triggering for invalid bands. Resolved issue with some AT&T LTE band 66 connections displaying as band 4. Updated Shentel LTE indicators.
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    Looks like the official ruling is out. It's now officially, official. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/02/11/sprint-soars-after-judge-approves-its-merger-with-t-mobile.html I'm sure California and NY are working on their appeals as we speak. But I imagine that has an even slimmer chance of success than the original lawsuit. I would imagine Tmo and Sprint will move very quickly to close out the deal at this point.
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    God dang, this has been a long wait for me buying, selling, buying, selling, buying but mostly holding shares of Sprint since 2011. I might be tens of thousands of dollars richer in the morning...
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    My key takeaways: Wireless service revenue of $5.2B Net loss of $120M, but they cite over $2B of depreciation; depreciation is broken roughly into $1B on network equipment and $1B on leased devices $589M expensed in interest this quarter Sprint is $37B in debt currently, with ~$30B due by 2025 ARPA: $124.80, ARPU: $50.37 1.98% postpaid churn, up from 1.87% from last quarter; 4.92% prepaid churn, down from 4.94% last quarter 10th consecutive quarter of net additions 20 million people covered by 5G now with "thousands" of massive-MIMO-equipped sites online 37K small cells live, including both mini macros and strand mounts Ookla is rating Sprint as the 2nd fast carrier behind AT&T with a 45% increase in downlink speeds YOY 5G average downlink speeds are 215 Mbps
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    That's my take. Other than uploads, Sprint may not be number one but is quite competitive. I don't drive the number one car, I don't fly the number one airline, I don't drink the number one coffee and so on...I use the best for me. And Sprint is now becoming more and more useful to more and more people. Regardless of an absolute number one position. The difference between 82 of this and 85 of that is pretty immaterial in the user experience. Robert
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    New beta update will become available shortly.. only notable change from the last beta is that the cell information displayed on the popup when editing a site note is more useful. A public update is also rolling out tonight that will include all of the fixes from the last two beta versions thanks to all of your help. I appreciate it!
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    You've clearly made the change to what works best for you. It's not constructive to continually come here to tell us how bad service is where you are. You've made your point.
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    Interesting info from the T Mob earnings call... our friend Craig Moffett asked the question that "IF" the merger does not get approved, is there any ideas of entertaining a network sharing agreement with Sprint and utilizing the 2.5G spectrum. T Mobile execs are firmly saying that the merger WILL be approved, but in case it's not, there are other options available to pursue with Sprint, including Spectrum sharing. If anyone is interested in hearing it, it's about 3/4 into the earnings call.
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    Treading water. It's a mixed bag. Not terrible. Not anything that would doom the company anytime soon. It makes you wonder how Sprint would be doing if it wasn't in limbo fighting for a merger and spending it's money and energy on competing. Maybe it would be growing better? Who knows? Robert
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    It's funny how much goalposts get moved as time has gone on. For years people complained that Sprints greatest downfall was how slow their network is. Now that they're faster than both Verizon and T-Mobile speed doesn't matter? Within their current footprint, Sprint is the most competitive carrier there is. They're a lot like T-Mobile at the start of "Uncarrier". They offer a great combo of speed and price. Sprint is stuck because their brand is ruined. No one wants to join Sprint no matter how many good things people say about them and because of that Sprint can't get the revenue to do meaningful coverage expansion (which is what I'm assuming most of you who are complaining want). That's why they're so focused on beefing up their current network and deploying 5G. They're hoping that more people within their current footprint will join and stay and when they have a solid foundation of users and a strong urban/suburban network they can finally focus on building out their network everywhere else. It's literally the T-Mobile formula.
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    The missing CDMA data on Samsung devices that have updated to Android 10 is not related to VoLTE, it is a bug in Samsung's update. I have a workaround in testing that seems to resolve it.. hope to get an app update rolled out tonight for everyone!
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    A great article by Jim Patterson on rcrwireless.com. Some nuggets format 2.5GHz: “Braxton, Mike and John have authorized me to do some work at risk this year in getting ourselves ready to deploy the 2.5 gigahertz spectrum as soon as the deal closes. Nobody is more impatient for this thing to close than me. I wish I was deploying 2.5 radio on the network right now, but we’ve done work at low cost in terms of securing, permitting, and authorization to deploy 2.5. So as soon as this deal closes, we’re in a position where we can start laying down 2.5 radio on the new T-Mobile network.” Enterprise: T-Mobile inherits not only a trough of spectrum with the Sprint acquisition, but hundreds of seasoned enterprise sales executives. As Mike Sievert recently acknowledged in his appearance at the Citi conference a month ago, T-Mobile is under-indexed in enterprise. Sprint’s enterprise roots are significant, having commanded close to 20% of the enterprise data market as recently as 2006. There are many sales executives who cut their teeth with fleet management solutions (Nextel and Sprint), wireless access solutions (Clearwire and Sprint) and IP MPLS (Sprint). *Without going through all of the details it’s important to note that the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 (and their variants) have the 2.5 GHz band already installed in the GSM (T-Mobile) version, and that the CDMA (Sprint) version of these devices already has T-Mobile’s Low Band 700 MHz spectrum, a.k.a. Band 12 (and Band 66 in the case of iPhone 😎 already enabled. The CDMA version of the iPhone SE also has Band 12 enabled. Bottom line: there is the potential for backwards compatibility within the current handsets. And the iPhone XS (and variants) and iPhone 11 (and variants) are universal devices and include T-Mobile’s 600 MHz band which will be have a big benefit for Sprint customers. https://www.rcrwireless.com/20200216/analyst-angle/the-sunday-brief-new-t-mobile-cat-5-hurricane
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    I believe Masa and Marcelo’s combined incompetence and arrogance managing Sprint post-acquisition rivals Gary Forsee’s during Nextel. There, I said it. At this point, I’m for the merger to close quickly so I get better coverage. I’ve now crossed that inflection point because it’s abundantly clear to me that that Masa and Marcelo had no intention of and still have no intention of making the changes or investments necessary to make Sprint competitive.
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    Amazing backstory... Masa’s arrogance was simply astounding.
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    It's the number of times you've complained about "trash" service or coverage. We get it. That is all.
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    If it is true I hope the allow us to connect to TMobile like today lol.
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    5G is live in Miami: https://newsroom.sprint.com/sprint-heats-up-miami-network-for-footballs-biggest-game.htm
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    I received a Sprint Business email over the weekend. Closing could be as early as April 1, 2020.
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    Craig Mofett is a clown. He needs to eat a whole lot of crows, feathers, beaks, claws and all. The man has never being right.
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    Your situation is pretty unique to your area. Most of the rest of the Sprint and T-Mobile coverage areas perform better and have more flexibility with spectrum. You've made it clear that service is not great in your area in many, many posts.
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    How is it going to get worse. They will let you roam on either network as soon as the merger closes. They will add 10,000 Sprint sites to T-Mobile's network. Then they will add brand 10,000 new sites. Now will they ever match the coverage of AT&T and Verizon? talk to me in 3-5 years.
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    Okay, now I can go back to worrying about what will happen to Shentel. - Trip
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    New beta just uploaded, should appear on Google Play within an hour or two.. No dual-SIM support yet, but getting there. This version is mostly improvements for WCDMA connections (including PSC logging finally fixed so neighbor cells will work!) and some significant behind-the-scenes bugfixes focused on database functionality. One significant addition is a LTE Cell ID Format option under Display Preferences where users can now toggle between hex GCI, decimal ECI, or a "hybrid" option that displays the typical hex sector bits but the rest of the ID is in decimal format. I am told that this should correlate to region/site identifiers for some providers.. Full changelog: https://signalcheck.app/change-log If this version proves to be stable, it will become a public release within a few days. I appreciate everyone's support!
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    It's about 🤬 time! This ridiculous suit has dragged on for years too long.
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    RootMetrics has released all of their 2H 2019 data. Let's have a look at the National RootScore report for 2H 2019. Overall Performance: Sprint's overall performance score dropped score dropped a fair bit from the 1H 2019 report. Sprint's overall performance score was 83.2, down from 86.7 on the 1H 2019 report. This can be attributed to the major decrease in call performance and a moderate decrease in network reliability. They are in last for overall performance. Network Reliability: Sprint's network reliability score also dropped from the 1H 2019 report. Sprint's network reliability score is 85.1, down from 88.7 on the 1H 2019 report. I assume this is also attributable to the major decrease in call performance. They are in last on network reliability. Network Speed: Sprint's network speed score rose slightly from the 1H 2019 report. Sprint's network speed score is 83.9, up from 83.4 on the 1H 2019 report. They are in last for network speed. Data Performance: Sprint's data performance score only rose by 0.1 points. Sprint's data performance score is 88.9, up from 88.8 on the 1H 2019 report. They are in last for data performance. Call Performance: Sprint's call performance plummeted. I speculate that this is attributed to all of the teething issues with the VoLTE rollout. Sprint's call performance score is 73.7, down from 82.7 on the 1H 2019 report. That's a 9 point drop in 6 months. Unacceptable. They are in last for call performance. Text Performance: Sprint's text performance rose slightly from the 1H 2019 report. Sprint's text performance score was 95.5, up from 95 on the 1H 2019 report. They are in third for text performance.
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    Not only that.. but its along party lines, just to give another middle finger to the president... And if I am not mistaken.. most of them are union workforce states?? I am sorry but unions are not useful anymore, for anything more, then creating a lazy workforce
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    It's definitely worth using in my opinion. Call quality is quite a bit better than 1x. I've had issues with robo garble and congested 1x for at least 6-7 years now. It was so bad I quit using my Sprint number and uses Google Voice VoIP instead, since every other word was cutting out. VoLTE lets me actually use my Sprint number again. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    Can't wait for the New T-Mobile to wipe the floor with AT&T and Verizon.
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    Those people that think that T-Mobile does not need to offer attractive offers to upgrade the handsets just imagine what kind of offers AT&T and Verizon will start offering to Sprint customers. A brand new iPhone on us or an attractive trade-in offer if you bring your number to us and you won't have to worry about these integration pains. Oh and these attractive per month plans. They will try to poach each and every Sprint customers. So T-Mobile will have to fight for each and every customer. They better come prepared.
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    Sprint is now offering 5G access across all of its unlimited service plans. That's a change from when Sprint first launched 5G last year; the service was restricted to its most expensive unlimited plan at that time. How about that...
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    I am not going to list all of the mistakes that Sprint ever made, for one thing they've been so many. I am looking forward to good management.
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    I know that a lot of us are gungho about this merger but once the excitement dies down you are faced with the reality of it. Here are some sobering thoughts: 1. The combined company will be approximately $70B in debt 2. They need to integrate the two companies from the business point of view 3. They have to put T-Mobile equipment on 10-11,000 Sprint sites 4. They have put new Sprint/T-Mobile equipment on another 10,000 brand new sites 5. They have to subsidize new handsets that contain all frequencies 6. They have to subsidize 5G handsets 7. They need to deploy 5G nationwide on the combined network That's just off the top of my head. I am sure we can come with additional expenses. That's a lot of money!!! now they sold Sprint's 800Mhz spectrum to Dish and Boost also to dish for about $5B so that will help but they will still need a lot of money.
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    At this point, the most interesting thing to me would be a map of proposed 'sprint keep sites'. Numbers I have seen indicate ~11,000 sprint sites that would be kept (and I am assuming subsequently bolstered with tmobile equipment as well). My interest is completely personal - the area where I live is where Sprint bought out spectrum and customer-base from US Cellular years ago, and generally speaking, the Sprint coverage here is very good to great. There is VERY weak tmobile coverage though, if any at all. My personal hope is that there are a considerable number of 'Sprint keep sites' located around rural Central IL. Keeping my fingers crossed!
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    You called it right from the beginning! The states case rested on pure speculation and no actual proof. Done.
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    https://www.marketwatch.com/story/sprint-surges-60-t-mobile-up-10-after-hours-on-report-merger-will-be-approved-2020-02-10 Up 60% 😮
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    Agree that the major factors are VoLTE and data performance. In the past the formulas was rigged against TDD (and still are), but Sprint has allowed the B41 upload speeds to drop to the point they are strangling performance. B25/ B41 CA or full n41 needed ASAP, along with increased backhaul.
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    A. putting your head in the sand wont make it go away B. Thats EXACTLY what this is. Sadly enough. C. Unless you can come up with a viable reason/excuse why the states did this?? Something that is under federal purview, not state..
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    Based on information I've received from other users, and mdob07's diagnostic report tonight, it's another issue related to the Samsung Android 10 update -- no bandwidth or SNR data is not being reported, so SignalCheck can't show anything. CA is separate from the bandwidth routine; its accuracy varies on all devices right now.. sometimes it's dead on, sometimes it's not. Android engineers unfortunately closed out my bug report about that and some other cell info issues as "working as intended".. will be trying to get them to reopen that. There is no way to adjust how much information appears in the notification shade pulldown.. the OS decides that. I'm not positive but it probably is some combination of screen resolution and how many other notifications of the same category are being displayed. If the display differs between Android 9 and 10 on the same device, they probably changed the "formula" used to decide how much to display. You should always be able to expand the notification to see all of the data though..? Thanks, I'll include that in the next update! Working on buttoning that up.. finally got GSM/WCDMA logging and neighbor note display fixed, I think. Dual SIM still a work in progress. Coming Soon™...
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    100% agreed. The real takeaway that no one is mentioning is that the big 4 have done an ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL JOB of blanketing this massive, massive nation in 4G so ubiquitous that we're absolutely shocked when we're not on it. Job well done, guys. Very well done indeed.
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    Some more good news... New York AG says they will NOT appeal the judges decision on Sprint T Mobile merger.
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    They will lease the AWS-3, 800 MHz and 600MHz spectrum to T-mobile in return for reduced MVNO fees. It's AWS-4 that will cost them money to deploy.
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    Was in Fremont today with wicked fast 4g speeds.
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    It's that time again. OpenSignal January 2020 report is out. No awards for Sprint yet again. Sprint takes second place in the Video Experience metric at 55.5 (good). Number one is Verizon at 58.8 (good). Sprint comes in last in the Voice App Experience metric at 75.6 (acceptable). T-Mobile and AT&T tied for the number one spot at 79.4 and 79.3 respectively. Sprint comes last in the Download Speed Experience metric at 23.9. AT&T takes the award with a 27.5. Sprint comes last in the Upload Speed Experience metric (no surprise there). They scored a 2.7. T-Mobile took the award with an 8.6. Sprint is in third for the Latency Experience metric with a score of 55. AT&T took the award with a score of 49.7. Sprint is in last for the 4G Availability metric with users spending 92.5% of their time on 4G. Verizon took the award with their users spending 95.9% of their time on 4G. Sprint is in last place on the 4G Coverage Experience metric with a score of 8.2/10. Verizon took the award with a score of 9.7/10. There is definitely more yellow on the regional analysis summary than there was last time.
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