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    MB went down a couple evenings ago -stuck in reboot loop. Checked here and no one had posted about the outage yet, so I performed a factory reset. Back to the reboot loop. It was up and running when I got up to go to work the next morning and seems to have been working ever since. We live out in the country, found a prefect position for the MB. 3 bars at -112dbm connect. Getting up to 20mbps down and up to 8mbps up on devices. The only internet we can get at our house is 3mb/0.6mb DSL, so we rely on this for our phones/data plans. LTE signal is nonexistent otherwise in the basement, 1 bar lower floor, 2 bars upstairs and 2-3 outside. With MB, it's 5 bars on our entire 2 acre lot.
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    Got my note 9 yesterday, I'm extremely impressed so far. Battery is outstanding so far.
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    August security patch is out ARH3, 270mb
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    This is just amusing lol after all these years wait till the last min to make it happen lol Btw: McAllen Texas market Sprint fell off a bit in the first half of 18 and Improved 2nd half 18 Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    This tower has to be 4x4 mimo. Its speeds are too consistent. 250-320 mbps at all times. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    This guy from Xiaomi has been showing off pics of the Mi Mix 3 before release and this morning he dropped a pic that shows 5G in the status bar.
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    Wait a min ??? All s4guru troops please gather around !!! Lol [emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    20 MHz 2x2 MIMO 64 QAM = 150 mbps 15 MHz 2x2 MIMO 64 QAM = 150 * 0.75 = 112.5 mbps 15 MHz 2x2 MIMO 256 QAM = 112.5 * 1.33 = 150 mbps 15 MHz 4x4 MIMO 256 QAM = 150 x 2 = 300 mbps
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    I would not let these Magic Boxes collect dust, but rather put them to use somewhere that has RF shadows - work, charity, store, etc. I have my Magic Box positioned to supply signal where I need it at a client. Also serves a daycare and a shopping center across the street.
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    Note 9 delivered, pictures and SCP shots later.... Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Sprint by Herald sq, nice upload.. https://imgur.com/gallery/HlxtUtB
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    https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/fcc-denies-motion-to-stop-clock-t-mobile-sprint-deal The FCC has denied a request to stop the clock or extend the pleading cycle associated with the proposed T-Mobile/Sprint combination. Denial: https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/DA-18-870A1.pdf
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    iPhone XS and XS Max are Apple's newest flagship phones, and the successors to Apple's 2017 iPhone X. They have the new A12 Bionic chip, improved cameras and faster FaceID, and come in a beautiful Gold Stainless Steel finish in addition to the Silver & Space Gray options. They are available in the same 5.8" Super Retina display as with the X, and the bigger 6.5" Super Retina. They are available in 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB configurations. Apple added Dual SIM technology to the 2018 iPhone's, with one physical SIM, and one eSIM. (eSIM feature not currently supported by Sprint, but is said to be coming later). These phones also feature IP68 water-resistance (iPhone X was IP67) which gives you protection in water for up to 30 minutes in up to 2m of water.
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    I think the real answer is to improve those markets with more sites, but this can not be done in isolation. To do that they need more cash from the successful markets. I would not be surprised to see a premium for 5g service for that reason. Pricing is whatever the market will bear. Currently Sprint likely incurs more expensive roaming in these weak areas. Furthermore they likely analyze sites on current profitability. I think their current way of handling pricing in weak service areas is to give credits to whiners. The question then becomes is the issue weak signal or overloaded sites? I tend to think many of Sprint issues are related to limited backhaul because it has such a big impact on their operating costs. If any area has fewer customers, then it will tend to have greater variation in network performance just based on queue theory. The good news is if these sites do not have triband, then they will likely get more backhaul when that occurs and then they can increase the band 25 coverage because of band 41. Note that not all areas have band 41 (or band 26 LTE). Sprint may also be seeing if the merger goes through in these areas. No sense in improving a weak area if T-Mobile already has great coverage. My general advice is not to worship any carrier. While reading more scientifically based market reports such as Root Metrics is good, it still is best to actually measure carriers in the areas you need it with the type of phone you will likely use. Ideally you have the best signal phone the carrier offers for these tests. Currently that would be the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+/Note 9 for Sprint and T-Mobile. Likely for AT&T as well. Uncertain for Verizon. Apple users tend to have to suffer worse signal performance (including lack of latest bands/carrier aggregation) to get the other features they love.
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    Found a ton of the strand mounts from the Altice partnership in your market. They're everywhere around Saddle River. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Probably. This $90 puts them in line with everyone else. From what I’ve seen on here, they’ve been having great momentum with the network so why not put in plans that can further help put cash into the network.
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    This plan could spark off with the other carriers. But this plan essentially covers all of your media needs. Also to top of off a monthly $20 Uber credit as well. It’s a pretty sweet deal. Now if we can work on these taxes and fees.
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    Ha.. look at this. The next day I got this email from Hulu.
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    MajoritySouthern border is 5mhz B26+ cdma 1x800. Majority of Northern border is 3 MHz B26 + 1x800. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    Purchasing spectrum from spectrum squatters / speculators only legitimizes them in the eyes of the FCC and other government agencies. They demand money that far excesses the value of the spectrum and in the majority of previous cases require legal action to free up the spectrum for use that benefits the public. Ascribe all you want but speculators know what they're doing and it's basically extortion to telecommunications carriers like Sprint who have the capability to put said spectrum into immediate use while they do nothing with it.
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    I don't get your response at all. He asked a reasonable question. If you're not happy, why not leave. He didn't make any statements regarding how well it worked for him, at least in the initial post, so why you had to include that does not make sense.