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    Sprint's situation is not dire. They still have over 50 million postpaid customers. There is a relatively high churn rate, but people are not fleeing for the exits. Most of that were temporary customers they tried to entice away with promos. In virtually every metric, Sprint is in better shape now. Financially and network performance. And frankly, their current and future capex plans are more realistic and better serving. They are much more in line with what Tmo did to get itself out of its rut back in 2012-2014. Focus on urban markets first, then suburban and secondary markets. And if you play your cards right and growth starts to occur after a few years of doing that, then they can make an exurban/rural move with major highway expansions. But Sprint cannot put the cart before the horse again this time. This is a much smarter plan. We all want Sprint to be the hard charging Number Four carrier that quickly surpasses the others to become #1 or #2. But also, there are ways to be a successful company and stay #4 forever. If Sprint cannot merge, it is still completely viable to run on its own. But it will be a long process to gain more customers or move up the rung. And I think most of us believe the network experience will be the best way to do that. And Sprint needs to start with the highest concentrations of customers first, to get the most bang for its buck. But Sprint is highlighting the darkness in their current status, because it is trying to get a merger approved. And that's going to give a lot of fodder to the unbelievers. Shun the unbelievers! Robert
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    Sorry for being late to this and some of this is repeating New York. They have $7 billion in cash and just under $10 billion in liquid assets. I guess I read that differently than you do. From the investor update presentation they've basically got enough liquidity to pay off their debt for the next two years if they do nothing at all. What will happen is what has happened for years. You'll likely see Sprint offer new notes at some point this year that will replace the debt or expand it further. He isn't talking about a "massive restructuring of their debt" at all. He is talking about what Sprint has done in the past and will continue to do going forward. Sprint has roughly $4.3 billion in debt due this fiscal year. If they issue $4.3 billion in new debt ceteris paribus their debt and liquidity positions haven't changed. They aren't refinancing $40 billion in debt. As maturing debt is retired they are issuing new debt. The next 3 years that is $4 to $5 billion a year at a time. Presumably indefinitely as long as someone is willing to lend to them (which there is a finite point somewhere there), but especially in the current economic conditions Sprint didn't have any trouble getting money last year and actually up-sized an offering due to favorable interest. The Free Cash Flow thing is a little weird. As a customer, I'd prefer Sprint invests in their network, something they did up about 50% year-over-year. That spending is going to drive Free Cash Flow down. If they had spent about $1 billion less in Capex they would've been free cash flow positive, which again is meaningless to me as a customer. It also isn't a really compelling failing firm argument, which is part of the reason they're having trouble convincing the DOJ of their arguement here. T-Mobile hasn't been FCF positive* since 2015. *using Cash from operations less capital expenditures
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    Please demonstrate what consequences AT&T is facing for raising prices twice in the year after their merger, despite representing to regulators that permitting the merger with Time Warner would permit them to lower prices. - Trip
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    Sooo... This is a thing. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Airave Gen 4 is available today. Per OKCC rep. referring to an internal email.
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    Working on adding bandwidth and carrier aggregation features to SCP.. but a lot of the data being reported by devices is inaccurate. Not sure if it's an Android issue or a vendor issue, but please help bring it to the Android engineers' attention by marking it with a 'star' if you don't mind! It's the best way to get bugs escalated.. https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/131532224 Thanks, -Mike
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    I'm currently in Montego Bay and Sprint Global Roaming has been pretty decent thus far. We seemed to jump on Digicel when we first arrived, but our phones have been preferring FLOW since then. Coverage has been quite good even indoors. I imagine that the network(s) are quite dense, at least in this part of the island. I've remained on the free low-speed data option on my Note 9 while my wife eventually opted for the high speed data pass for a week on her S9+. The difference in speed can obviously be seen in the screenshots though they are from different locations. Despite the unimpressive speed test numbers I've found the low speed data to be surprisingly snappy when doing mundane tasks and even viewing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc take longer but isn't too terrible. Data intensive jobs such as trying to upload pics or video is somewhere between painful and futile though. People who do a lot of uploading/streaming to social media will definitely want to shell out the dough for the high speed data day or week pass. One interesting thing is that despite the high ping times Sprint Direct Connect Plus still performs very nicely including during the time before my wife bought the data pass.
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    Sprint's plan is to deploy standalone NR with EN-DC, as they don't suffer from the same uplink issues mmWave deployments do. This is effectively an NR PCC aggregated with LTE SCCs. That being said, I don't know if we'll see SA or NSA NR for the initial launch. Judging from the upload speeds in the screenshots I've seen on various Sprint engineers twitters', I doubt the initial launch will be SA NR...
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    There is new Sprint coverage in Goffstown NH today. I verified new Band 25 LTE coverage coming from the tower behind the Shell station. The coverage fades out quickly driving west on 114 but its the biggest development in my area since I have been following their coverage. 😀
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    Major cable operators like Comcast and Time Warner / Spectrum are the primary threats to Verizon and ATT imo. They have the scale and preexisting extremely lucrative user base they can leverage to just funnel money to their wireless adventures. They've already got the infrastructure to support wireless users via their MVNO deal with Verizon and thus experience in supporting wireless subscribers. It likely won't be hard for them to just swap over their users to whoever network they take over and rebrand quickly. The greatest impediment to them fully entering the industry is cost in actually building out a nationwide cell network. Taking over a national cell network and using it as a base to launch their competitive wireless platform is much cheaper. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Updated to Q beta 3 and I have consistent data in SCP
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    I exchanged my S10+ yesterday and yes, it was clear my device was having some issues with data transfer for sure. They didn't "test" it because they weren't a repair shop. They just handed me a new one and took my old one back. Simple deal and I was outta there in about 30 mins. I updated the new phone to the ASD5 right away and have no issues with B25, 26, or 41 in any areas. Everything is reporting successful speed tests (they're pretty miserable sometimes, but that's Madison, not the phone). I hope the update on the 30th can head off any other events. The word on the Sprint thread is that there is a RF transmission issue that burns up the modem, quite literally, so then it won't read anymore. Can happen on any band. The software releases are supposed to prevent this from happening. But if your device has succumbed to this already, you're hosed.
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    Mines here! Airave 4 LTE https://imgur.com/gallery/XjgM91n Super small campared to the 3. Setup wasn't bad other then the power is in a strange location on the unit, hard to plug in with big fingers.
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    If Sprint can just prove to CNET and others that you don't need to be within line of site of a cell site to get decent speeds, they'll already be ahead of the pack even if they can't provide gigabit peaks like VZW. For these Verizon tests the press were encouraged to stand a certain distance away from the site and to face the antenna, etc. Sprint should just give the device to them and tell them they can roam free.
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    The latest: https://www.foxbusiness.com/media/fcc-officials-meet-to-discuss-sprint-t-mobile-merger-conditions Filing: https://www.fcc.gov/ecfs/filing/1051525545706 Document: https://ecfsapi.fcc.gov/file/1051525545706/May 15 Ex Parte.pdf
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    I would never believe a sales-pitch argument to the FCC--that has almost no consequences for misleading statements--over those to investors that are subject to the threat of insurmountable criminal and civil liability. But, that's just the perspective of a successful businessman and lawyer.
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    Ha. Sprint is discounting their prior disaster of NV, etc., and just focusing on their John Saw network improvement plan when they talk about it. I'm a believer. If you go back in my post history, I didn't think Sprint could turn it around. Los Angeles was a disaster. They've bumped capacity like crazy, fixed coverage holes, and now have low-band LTE and VoLTE live. It's night-and-day from a year ago.
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    We've got 7 or 8 reports between two threads right now which tells me either people are being overly sensitive and/or people need to tone it down. We'll be reviewing posts as we can, and vacations may be warranted but consider this a further warning to anyone from this point on.
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    As I've stated elsewhere, Sprint as an independent entity has no real way foward. Sprint will be relegated to the history books but it's network may survive to tell the tale depending on who purchases it be it T-mobile ripping it out root and stem or a cable carrier wanting to vertically integrate and get off Verizon's MVNO deal. Softbank will not just let Sprint flounder and die. They will sell one way or another. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Yes, the other way to look at it is that for the first time in over a decade, Sprint actually has what is required to become a strong, viable competitor in all the large metro areas. Removing that as a competitor will ultimately result in higher prices. Think about it this way: Sprint is about to turn on 5G NR 64MIMO in spectrum sharing B41 in over 1,000 sq miles. That's huge for delivering an amazing network experience. Consider that MetroPCS was able to build to 1.6 million subscribers in Los Angeles and a million subscribers in New York City and Miami, etc. They had a tiny, terrible, and slow network in those areas but competed on price. There are A LOT of customers that don't travel much from home. Sprint can cover them VERY well and is becoming the gold standard for network in those areas. They still have a mediocre network elsewhere on top of that...it's a super compelling value proposition. They should be able to eat a lot of other carriers for lunch in those metro areas--especially T-Mobile/Metro. That keeps price pressure on T-Mobile and the other providers.
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    Nope you're 100% right [emoji4] Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
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    Back when I got my First Cellphone...an Audiovox...I was with Worldcom Wireless. As you all know...Worldcom Wireless went Bankrupt after a much publicized scandal. When Worldcom Wireless went out of business, I get a letter in the mail [emoji394] that informed me that my contract will Worldcom had been converted to a contract with AT&T. I immediately contacted AT&T, and requested to be released from the contact, which I had a right to do within the 30 days after my contact had been assumed by AT&T. Not that I personally had anything against AT&T, it was just that I wanted the opportunity to shop around for the best price and best contract that fit my needs. Here is a CNN article from 2002 that explains the situation... http:// https://money.cnn.com/2002/07/29/pf/saving/q_wireless/index.htm Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    Nice speeds @ Platform Beer Co yesterday evening.
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    Found my first two M-MIMO sites in the area: SE03XC104 (located by Wild Waves in Federal Way) and SE03XC278. They are both broadcasting five L2500 carriers.
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    I think that is totally unrealistic and completely bad! That is a completely protectionist approach in a free market. The market should drive prices not artificial price freezes. Network Investment takes capital. Terrible idea. Government should stay out of setting prices.
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    I don't think the DOJ will lose this time.
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    It’s seems John and team are ready to hand these concessions over to the FCC on a silver platter Giving up boost/ pricing guarantee/ and a rural build out seem a very small price to pay to get this approved. Keep virgin and metro I guess they would consolidate virgin with metro into one. I just think it’s silly keeping boost as an mvno it’s like creating you’re own competition lol.. approval is set soon before the shot clock Expires https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-05-19/t-mobile-sprint-said-to-prepare-u-s-government-concessions Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So after some thinking, I decided to pre-order the LG V50 5G from Sprint. I hate leasing phones and I wasn't planning on getting it but at $14/month, why not? Let's just hope that 5G gets enabled in my market in the next 18 months. I had to use a VPN to order it since I'm not in one of the launch markets.
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    Great news on additional towers Robert. I have been mapping the new one these last few days on my commute and see band 26 as well. It carries ok on Mast road. LTE kind of fades out by the Ford dealer but I now have LTE for the most part from Manchester to about 7 minutes from home.
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    Sprint updated their coverage map today. It looks like the public map is now displaying 5G coverage!
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    5G coverage is shown on the coverage map for the first round of cities. (Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and Kansas City) https://coverage.sprint.com/IMPACT.jsp?
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    I'm on a Pixel 3a XL with the Android Q beta 3 installed. So far all seems good. No issues that I can tell. I even have the bandwidth values reporting (I think correctly, I'll keep an eye on it). 👍
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    Sprint's First 5G Devices Available May 31; Pre-Order Begins May 17 for LG V50 ThinQ 5G and HTC 5G Hub LG V50 ThinQ 5G is just $24 per month with $0down with Sprint Flex lease – that’s half off the lease price.1 HTC 5G Hub is just $12.50 per month – that’s a savings of 50 percent. Activate HTC 5G Hub with 100GB of high-speed data for just $60 per month.2 Big news. Who’s ordering? Fine Print: 1 LG V50 $24/month after $24/month credit, applied within two bills. With approved credit, 18-month lease, and new line of service or eligible upgrade. If you cancel early, remaining balance due. LG V50 ThinQ SRP: $1,152. Reqs capable plan. 5G coverage will be limited in select cities. See Sprint.com/coverage for actual coverage and availability.2 HTC Hub $12.50/month after $12.50/month credit, applied within two bills. With approved credit, 24-month installment billing agreement, and new line of service. If you cancel early, remaining balance due. Tax due at sale. 5G coverage will be limited in select cities. See Sprint.com/coverage for actual coverage and availability. HTC 5G Hub SRP: $600. $60/100GB MBB Price Plan - With AutoPay. MHS reduced to 2G speeds after 100 GB/mo. Data deprioritization during congestion. Excludes taxes, fees and roaming. Number of devices may be limited by hardware. Restrictions apply.3 New customers must activate 5G handsets on the Unlimited Premium plan. Existing customers must have eligible plan and may be required to change plans. Pricing shown with AutoPay. One Hulu ad-supported plan per eligible Sprint account. HD content varies by device and connection. MHS reduced to 3G speeds after 100GB/month. Data deprioritization during congestion. $80 per month for line one, additional $60 per month for second line, additional $20 per line for lines 3-5. Excludes taxes, fees and roaming. Curious what constitutes an eligible plan... This is a way to “charge more” for 5G without explicitly saying it.
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    VoLTE just popped up in a number of areas of the Carolinas according to the posts here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Sprint/comments/boxkzp/volte_is_here/ (and my own experience in Hickory, NC). SC: Columbia, SC, Charleston, SC. NC: Asheville, NC Raleigh, NC, Hickory-Lenoir-Morganton, NC. It is likely live in other areas too.
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    Cool. That's NE90XC479. I will get that added to the maps. Should be full Triband. Looks like there is a second site planned for the west side of town too. Robert
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    VoLTE seems to have been tuned on today in Raleigh NC. (Of course it might not be permanent yet). It is working fine on my Samsung S8.
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    Yeah, a Spectrum or Comcast merger would be ideal in my eyes. Deep pockets with generally good wireline networks. Perfect for backhaul to small cells. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Again, I have to point you to Chicago and New York City as good examples of their density efforts. They have about a thousand mini-macros coming online in Chicago and 20,000 strand-mount small cells deployed in the NYC area on Altice fiber. It's cost effective and offers unmatched capacity.
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    We've got 7 or 8 reports between two threads right now which tells me either people are being overly sensitive and/or people need to tone it down. We'll be reviewing posts as we can, and vacations may be warranted but consider this a further warning to anyone from this point on.
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    Did you read the reports and listen to the earnings call? Sprint, while still trying to look like a failing firm to get the merger approved, acknowledged they would have been cash flow positive except for a non-recurring pressure from timing of investment decision. Sprint also said that without the merger they will continue to invest in network CapEx at the same ~$5 billion/year rate they are on right now...which took them from 0 to 30,000 small cells and 0 to 1,500 MIMO deployment and 60-80% deployment of 2.5GHZ equipment. Another year of that, and Sprint will look like a different carrier. Oh, and Sprint management also said that if the merger does not go through, they will refocus their network efforts on major metro areas--which is exactly what I said their strategy should be and would be successful. This management gets it. Seriously, everyone should read their financials. Sprint will do better than ever as a standalone company and force the other carriers to compete like a mofo--urban areas is and has always been what drives pricing pressure.
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    What he said ^^^. Sprint lacks the capex. Sprint also lacks the financial support from Softbank. For the past several years, Sprint has lacked the leadership, primarily because Claure was obviously brought in to cut the company to the core in preparation for a sale or merger. Sprint lacks the brand image, and the probable hit-and-miss effort Sprint will be able to mount to implement 5G will not improve that: It will almost certainly be too little, too late. Sprint lacks the ability to continue to meet its debt service requirements and meaningfully expand coverage or service, because the debt service is simply going to eat away at future capex. In sum, Sprint simply lacks the resources to compete as an equal with ATT, Verizon, and the still-growing T-Mobile. Let's be totally real: Within a very short period of time (1 year? 2 years? Less?), Sprint as we know it will no longer exist. Either the merger will be approved, or Sprint will enter Chapter 11 and be totally reorganized, or some 3rd party outside of the telecom industry will purchase the company in a fire-sale and change it drastically. But the Sprint we know today is doomed. That saddens me, because I have been a Sprint customer for over 20 years, and a combination of stupid moves by the Board of Directors, muddy objectives and execution on the part of Masa Son and Softbank, and a cutthroat competitive environment have forced a future that is very bleak.
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    Read the text exactly... it says simultaneous voice and data will only be available when Volte is turned on in your area. It does not say you will not have data. Simultaneous means at the same time... ie being able to use data while on a phone call. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    My parents have the same issue. The MB used to stick to B25 and work fantastic. Then at some point they started really making it prefer B41, so it latches onto a -127 B41 signal and will not let go. It actually gets 0 throughput on it. I talked to the MB engineering team, and they said that while they can technically lock it to B25, that it won't persist past a reboot and they'd have to do it again. So they wouldn't even do it once. The only solution I've found is to factory reset, and basically put your body over the MB to attenuate the signal while it does the initial connection, so it can't even see B41. Once it's connected, you can move it to the correct position and it will stay on B25 for anywhere from a few days to several weeks, before the process needs to be repeated. For home internet via LTE, if you can get an AT&T signal and are open to buying some equipment (modem, possibly a router, and antennas), there is a solution that works and might be faster. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
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    A lot of rebuilds with B41 and B25/26 or just B25/26 on NY17 between Roscoe and Monticello. Previously these were all B25 only GMO site. Still a lot of coverage gaps between sites where I would drop Sprint LTE or hold on to B26 until -130dBm.
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