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    Yes, it's our understanding that Marcelo is not stopping a nationwide B41 deployment, but reprioritizing. Instead of doing anything and everything, and just letting the market managers do what they want with deployment, he is challenging the NV Plan of anything and everything a focusing on high demand sites first. I completely agree with this thinking. Focus on LTE sites that already have backhaul in place but performance is suffering because of high demand. Start permitting these sites first. Focus your crews on these sites first. And as these start clearing out, second focus on cities with the highest Sprint customers or where you want to attract customers. Then third, focus on all remaining sites nationwide that have backhaul upgraded to support Band 41. And last, catch everything else as they get backhaul upgraded. Band 26 deployment is still going hot and heavy nationwide to almost every site that has LTE capable backhaul (outside the IBEZ). He is even starting to question and push to make sure anywhere that can receive it does by the end of the year. And the places that can't...why not? How can we speed that up? Go Marcelo! GO!!!
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    I am not surprised and I am glad this finally came out. HOwever, I am disappointed about Hesse. He was good for Sprint. Farwell and enjoy retirement.
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    I love Marcelo. I knew he would change things up. Great article Seth!
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    I thought this would be a cause for celebration. Instead of taking a dump on it, take what you can get, guys. And though that may have been the case in other regions, this Galaxy Mega does not look to be a mid range device. This obvious Sprint variant supports NFC, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and 5 GHz Wi-Fi hotspot. We have not yet nailed down the chipset(s), but I would not be the least bit surprised if the Snapdragon 800 (MSM8974) is right at the center. About the only thing that you might lose is the AMOLED screen. But is that a big loss or even a loss at all? AJ
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    Awesome article and I appreciate you being so patient with him for the sake of all of us.
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    I think Robert wrote it for them. Sounds like what he's been saying to people over and over for the past 6-8 months or more.
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    Sounds like the Japanese experts have finished looking things over and said "This is what it'll take to fix her."
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    ....still waiting for some kind of life sign of LTE in the future for East Michigan market.......
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    AJ, your articles are always clear, to the point, well written, and, not to mention, they add so much to S4GRU. Thank You.
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    I think carriers should make both options available. However, I'd prefer to pay a little more up front and reduce the recurring monthly fees.
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    4 Rx diversity at eNBs yields moderate to substantial site coverage improvements. Likewise 4x2 at UE yields improvements for all devices regardless of 4x4 MIMO compatibility. This is the same type of configuration tmobile, Verizon, and att uses for ever increasing amounts of their low band setups. I view the documents as equipment capability considerations. Hardly any sprint market is going to use 5 or 6 or more cdma carriers in the coming months and years and they list those capabilities in those documents.
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    Small correction. iPhone 6 with MDM9625 is capable of aggregating two component carriers of unequal size, for example 10MHz + 5MHz. There are quite a few commercial AT&T units with the same chipset already aggregating 10+5 in selected markets. As you've already mentioned, what's not possible is aggregating more than 20MHz in total, and considering that Sprint's B41 in it's current deployment is a single 20MHz channel, adding a secondary TDD 20MHz channel wouldn't increase peak throughput for iPhone 6 users, as the phone isn't capable of aggregating two 20MHz carriers. If Sprint deploys a secondary 20MHz B41 carrier this year, subscribers will still benefit as the load would be balanced between two different capacity channels. Only the peak throughput wouldn't be doubled for iPhone 6 users.
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    I think the San Diegans are still bitter about WiMAX, and that perpetually colors their expectations. Plus, their city is named after a whale's vagina. AJ
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    I sent this article to my wife. She will soon know that she is not alone. There are times when she has shook her head in disbelief when I activated the Sensorly app before beginning a car ride.
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    We also had our first Riverside/San Bernardino market site accepted by Sprint in this week's update. I think you may be on to something. I think AlcaLu is just letting loose all over SoCal. Kind of like how Samsung is around the Bay Area. Just completely ignoring market boundaries and just working any place they have a site ready. Robert
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    And the helpful and peaceful comments we received the past 5 days are what allowed me to put this all together into one cohesive thought. If our site was run into the ground by the ranters, we would never be able to try to sort through the details and provide the info our members and readers need. Thank you for your affirmation. Robert
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    got LTE in Wichita, KS http://i.imgur.com/gONFs.png Hollar at me if you need more info'z, also tweeted you
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    sprint has confirmed the shipping date on their website delivery by the 24th http://community.sprint.com/baw/community/sprintblogs/announcements/blog/2012/05/16/htc-evo-4g-lte-update
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    ******* If you guys follow me on IG you can see multiple Clear Connversion ECabs I’ve completed In CA. PLEASE Follow me!!!! IG: Soto.Kali
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    Just updated one of our lines which has an S8+. When I move the toggle to enable VoLTE, I get a message that VoLTE is not available at this time. I’m in Bethesda, Maryland just outside of Washington, DC... which I figured would be considered part of the Washington, DC market. ☹️ ————————— EDIT: Just tried it again... now it works! Very cool!
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    Possibly, if San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose is the target in a potential spectrum transaction with T-Mobile. Here is the provenance of the spectrum in question. Sprint held the entire PCS A block 30 MHz (15 MHz FDD), then partitioned and disaggregated the PCS A5 10 MHz (5 MHz FDD) to AT&TWS about 15 years ago. Cingular nee PacBell had the entire PCS B block 30 MHz (15 MHz FDD). But in the Cingular-AT&TWS merger a decade ago, Cingular voluntarily decided to divest its former PacBell network assets and some but not all spectrum to T-Mobile in California and Nevada. T-Mobile previously did not have a native network in those states. So, that is how T-Mobile came to hold the PCS B5 block 10 MHz (5 MHz FDD) disaggregation, while AT&T nee Cingular retained the remainder of the PCS B block. That PCS B5 10 MHz (5 MHz FDD) block T-Mobile received from its Cingular nee PacBell legacy in California could be a good chip to trade. It would require a secondary transaction with AT&T, but I think that AT&T would be game to make its PCS B block basically whole again, as Sprint would do the same with its PCS A block. However, T-Mobile acquired 20 MHz (10 MHz FDD) of PCS C block spectrum in the MetroPCS merger. So, that could be an alternate trading chip. Or other markets that I mentioned, such as Atlanta or Marcelo's own Miami, could be alternate targets. All of this, of course, is predicated on capitulation of the leases to actual spectrum transfers from C Spire to Sprint. AJ
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    Basically, all Sprint LTE devices. They were never limited to just the PCS G block -- they covered all of band 25. As stated in the article, a Class II Permissive Change filing may be required for some older single band devices. But all tri band devices going back almost two years now have been 10 MHz FDD capable from the beginning. AJ
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    S4GRU has talked at length on The Wall and in The Forums about carrier aggregation. But some of our readers may have missed those discussions, thus be unclear on CA fundamentals. The following forum post at The Verge is from a Qualcomm employee and is a nice primer written in mostly layman's terms, not overly technical language. http://www.theverge.com/2015/7/7/8909127/carrier-aggregation-explained-how-lte-speeds-can-be-doubled-or-even AJ
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    Confirmed CA in Chicago Market. See post linked below http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/6471-chicagoland-market-20-premier-spreadsheet-map/page-31&do=findComment&comment=428691 Note my S6 had CA disabled when i brought it, had to enable it myself luckily the activation email contained the MSL so I didn't have to call Sprint at all
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    I'm already planning to compile a list of sites in the Las Vegas Market they can expand to, as well as the Lower Central Valley market.
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    Whoa...this is a huge surprise. Didn't they just reupp Dan Heese's contract as CEO? If this is the case, why did they resign him to such a large contract if he is going to leave. I guess Sprint realized that they are going to face huge opposition from the FCC if they planned to merge.
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    I also now have added a larger CCA member coverage map at the bottom, that is much higher resolution. You can click on it and it will enlarge to its fullest extent.
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    i have enormous hands and i would not buy this phone because while it might fit in my hands the fact that its bigger than the note 3 and will not have svlte or svdo your going to look so stupid with that up to your head and the midrange specs almost guarantees that its not going to get updates or accessories and accessories are important to me. It will not fit into a pocket. I seen the reviews for this device and it is a hassle to put into even deep pockets as its closer to a tablet than a phablet. I'm not happy about this at all and actually to me doesn't make since why they would do this in the first place. For me anyway its basically wait for the G2 or just wait until next years phone or PRAY TO THE HEAVENS THAT THIS NEXUS ON SPRINT COMES TO SAVE US ALL! Amen.
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    Prior to the smartphone revolution, storing personal info on the SIM was a big deal because that meant contacts, for example, were easily portable from handset to handset. But, now, the shoe is on the other foot. The SIM is really needed only for wireless sub authentication. Personal info should be stored both on the smartphone and in the cloud. Then, should you switch devices, your personal info is synced via your Google account just as it is now. AJ
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    One thing I've seen is that Sprint doesn't provide much support itself for the iPhone. Went to the local Sprint store when I had an issue with my broadband card and while I was waiting a couple folks came in with iPhone issues. Sprint reps told them they couldn't help and they'd have to call Apple. That's one way to save time supporting the iPhone.
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    Robert, you are right...and I agree with your article 100%. Yes I jumped the gun out of anger, and hereby admit I was wrong. Thanks for helping me get a grip!!!! GEEKS RULE!!!!!
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    This would certainly seem to give some validation to the thought of the EVO LTE update being needed prior to go-live. Amazing it took HTC so long, isn't it?
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    We are publishing articles on every Round Two market. But they are being posted in order of anticipated launch date. So, the Tampa and Orlando articles will post according to their place in the schedule. But do not fret, it should be before the end of this week. Robert
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    I was in Friendswood, TX this afternoon and had LTE coverage. I seemed to be limited to the FM 518@FM 528 area. I lost it as I approach I-45. I ran some speed tests and was able to achieve about 22 MBit down and 10MBit up. The ping time was down around 50 ms. Not sure if they made a mistake, or if they are beginning to bring towers online in preparation for the EVO 4G LTE launch.
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    It's official at 5:00 PM CST! EVO LTE's CLEARED AND SHIPPING! http://insidesprintnow.wordpress.com/2012/05/21/htc-evo-4g-ltes-cleared-shipping/
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    Don't worry if your status is listed as backordered. I pre-ordered the One X on AT&T day one. I did mine in-store, my status always showed as in-progress. Everyone who ordered online had theirs listed as backordered, but everyone who pre-ordered had their phones shipped on Wednesday the 2nd. There was a shipping error with mine and dealing with AT&T customer (dis)service was one of the worst experiences I've ever had. I cancelled my plans to move over to them and just decided to wait for LTE on Sprint. I've been on the phone with Sprint a couple times today to update my service address and verify my pre-order and both times were excellent. AT&T isn't even remotely in the same galaxy as Sprint regarding customer service. I have no idea why AT&T was awarded a customer satisfaction award last year. Anyway, being in Austin and going by information on this site, doesn't look like I'll have to wait too long for LTE. I've definitely noticed 3G service has improved so that should mitigate the wait.
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    The galaxy note is nice but realistically it may just be a little too big for some. I played with one the other day and personally, comparing the two phones with basically everything else being the same I would go with the nexus before the note. I just don't think I am ready for a 5.3 inch screen as yet.
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    I can vouch for that. Sprint is very tight-lipped with its employees. It repeatedly reminds us not speculate. Sprint reveals more to industry analysts, insiders (as Robert seems to be), and the press than they do with their reps.
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    VoLTE support on current (and future) generation flagship devices should just be a matter of software/baseband support and any necessary filings with the FCC, since these devices already support VoLTE on other carriers. Whether Sprint will go to the trouble of enabling the support on devices not initially advertised with the feature is another question. See, for example, the seeming lack of LTE roaming support as yet on the Nexus 6, 5X, and 6P, which should only be a minimal change, far simpler than enabling VoLTE relatively speaking.
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    Apple's announced CA during the Keynote, it's also mentioned on their website. It is also in the FCC filings, but since there is no aggregation on the uplink, they haven't listed the results. The emission is exactly the same as the PCC on any two band combination. What's really going to be useful for Sprint's users is access to iOS FieldTest.app, where we can see the amount of Tx antennas at the cell site. This way we can hunt for 8T8R sites that sites are transmitting in a 4x2 MIMO configuration.
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    Get over it. SVLTE is not coming back. The single radio design is here to stay to facilitate carrier aggregation and VoLTE in the future. AJ
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    Also, to add to this, I do not have ready access to see how many customers Sprint has on postpaid contracts in these markets. They could very well have a lower percentage of customers in some of the large metro areas that were "snubbed" and have a higher percentage in Baltimore, San Antonio, Kansas City, Austin and Central Jersey. Being as there is no 4G in Detroit and Phoenix, those cities could have fallen on the list of priority as they have been bleeding customers for several years in those markets. It is still somewhat of a priority, but not critical. All these decisions are based on making money. They can't afford to train enough workers to upgrade the entire network at once, so they have to start somewhere. With the exception of central Jersey and possibly San Antonio, I really don't see any flaws in their choices for the first round.
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    I'm going to order on 5/7 for my wife whether or not they announce a launch date. I'm sold! Robert
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    I'll be flying to ATL mid March to visit family. They live near Macon which I assume is another market but I'll pay attention to data speeds and cell service while in the city.
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