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    This guy is quick to answer an email. Some on S4GRU might know the fringe that I live in, but for those who dont, I live in an area that has (on the magic box) a signal of around -118 to -115 with an SINR of 3.0 to 5.0 (+).. I sent GJS an email at the email address he listed in the Q&A, and within 10 minutes he personally had replied. He was quick to give me another solution that still falls within the magic box ... I'm not sure if he would want me to disclose the exact details, but I'll now be able to place the MB outside and not have to worry about the elements.
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    I had to one time leave my Magic Box outside two days straight for emergency internet (cable went out) and it did fine. I shielded it with a large Tupperware upside down and drilled a hole for a weather rated extension cord. It even rained a little. Is Jason sending you like a weather resistant case for the MB? That makes sense.
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    Thanks. Maybe a reason to convince spouse she needs a phone upgrade? J
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    Sprint has limited which Iphone models can use VoLTE. Some hardware components are different in iPhone 8 and higher from the 7 and earlier models. Thus far Sprint has only developed the necessary VoLTE programming for the iPhone 8 and higher version. This is most likely due to the vast majority of iPhone users having those models of the iPhone and a much smaller number have iPhone versions earlier than 8. It is unknown if they will release a version of the VoLTE programming for older phones. If nothing else, you will likely be able to switch older iPhones to the T-Mobile network in the future and get the T-Mobile version of the VoLTE programming that works on some some older models of iPhone.
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    i have the iPhone X and after updated to 12.1.1. VoLTE is automatically on .