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    Sprint has much improved in Ohio in the last few years by tribanding sites. The problem is they waited until their reputation was trash. Lack of sufficient backhaul also an issue at some sites. 3x3 b26 also has its limits in the northern half of the state. The suburban edge is the area lacking site density. T-Mobile has addressed some of the backhaul issues. 35x35 600Mhz will be interesting to watch in my market. Another 600Mhz site was just fired up today which took a few seconds of downtime rather than the 30 minutes or so last time.
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    Very glad to hear it's working well for you! I will keep trying to improve them for other devices that apparently do not implement the native API routines. Could you send another diagnostic with the new beta so I can see if there's anything else being reported that I can get added? Does your phone not have the option to display the 5G alert silently? That's how the existing SCP "status bar icons" are set up by default. "Alerts" and "status bar icons" are the names I gave them, but they are all just standard Android notifications with different settings. I know some users wanted the "alert" type of icon so I will also add a 5G "status bar icon" type notification so it clears itself and is silent by default, similar to the current 1X and main icons. The alert was a bit of a quick and dirty addition, my main focus was trying to get 5G to show up at all.. baby steps!
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    I seen some 5G heading to Gainesville on i75. So its coming soon. Sent from my SM-G988U1 using Tapatalk
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    Yeah, it drops the NR carrier whenever the connection goes idle. Unlike Sprint where they basically kept CA active all the time (at least on B41). It's behaving more like CA on other providers, where it engages when needed, and then is dropped when usage drops. Possibly you can have a flag to not show the alert again until the PCC changes. And/or until a certain time has elapsed without the NR indicator coming back. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    The latest update is working well for me on my LG V60 finding 5G-NR sites. Love the update. I also love the Dual Screen feature where I can run SCP in one screen and the Engineering Screen in the other. Then cell mapper in the background. I wish I had a phone like this years ago! My only issue so far with the new Beta is that I had to disable the 5G lost/found chimes. I don't know if it's the nature of the V60 or the T-Mobile 5G network, or just my local tower, but it so frequently goes in and out of 5G-NR at idle, even with a strong -70dBm signal, that the chimes were going off about 4-5 times per minute. I was going bonkers. Unfortunately, when I disable them, I also lose the large 5G icon on the status bar. I'd like to be able to have that indicator without having to tie it to the found/lost sounds. Otherwise, I'm very happy with the progress. GREAT JOB! Robert
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    Shentel managed to be competitive with AT&T in West Virginia with the same spectrum that Sprint had anywhere else. I feel like the spectrum excuse is a cop-out; they didn't invest enough. In many of the rural areas I've been in, T-Mobile has deployed 700-only (5x5), which is the same LTE spectrum Sprint had on 800. - Trip
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    T-Mobile lays out $60B, five-year buildout plan for 5G Great background. The sheer amount of Capex here is impressive. I got so used to seeing drips and dribbles from Sprint over the years. It was really sad. Some more background here: There's no slowdown in sight for T-Mobile's industry-leading 5G expansion efforts
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    I was there last week by the college and all of downtown. No 5G at all. Meanwhile in Ocala they have turned on five 5G towers already.
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    You're absolutely right that Sprint couldn't get ahead of its reputation. It never had enough capex to turn the corner. It's crazy to see T-Mobile swoop in with the deep pockets and all the market goodwill it has. I think we're beginning to appreciate all the unrealized potential of Sprint's assets. I'm curious how 600 MHz will perform as well. T-Mobile's lowband holdings have the potential to make it on par with Verizon and AT&T in terms of national coverage and in-building penetration. Also, Sprint's network assets are going from the back of the curve to the leading edge of it. It's pretty remarkable, but sad, to see. Sounds like they're getting better at lighting up 600 MHz sites.
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    Got ~95% in Ohio right before merger. Basically only the strange sites were left: power towers, etc.
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    Unused in Philadelphia, and for NYC the same frequency Sprint was previously using for N41.
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    The latest 3GPP release shows 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 40 MHz bandwidth support for N25, N2 still only 5, 10, 15, 20 so I would assume T-Mobile has been dipping their hand in this. N66 also shows support for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 40 MHz.
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    True, T-Mobile will add an additional 20,000 sites (10,000 non-redundant Sprint sites+10,000 brand new sites). I hope that T-Mobile also puts in DAS or small cells in Walmarts and Costcos and the like.
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    All it took was money. Network Vision was planned properly initially, but not properly implemented due to finances. I remember hearing early into the Network Vision deployment the CFO says publicly something to the effect of, 'The beauty of the Network Vision deployment plan is that we can ramp up or slow down as necessary depending on finances or need.' It was scary to hear then, and even scarier to think of in retrospect. They were confessing that they were always concerned about how to financially pull it off that the had contingency plans of how to "half-ass" it if necessary. And they did half-ass it, and it likely was necessary. But they did. And then once you get used to losing, you forget how to win. We finally got to the point that no amount of money would fix the problem anyway. Network wise, Tmo merging with Sprint will likely be a very superior position than both going alone. The big tell in time, is what it will do to competition and pricing for the long term. That's the part we don't know. Will it be worth it 5 years from now? Who knows? But at least we will enjoy the network improvements in the interim. But even that is not totally all everyone dreamed it would be in the short term. I guess nothing is perfect, but we always imagine it will be. Robert
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    I went up to the Bronx yesterday and experienced a weird issue where my phone wouldn't get more than 2Mbps down. It definitely seemed out of the ordinary given that the network screens showed that I had pretty much a perfect signal. After I restarted my phone, speeds went up to 71 Mbps down and 27 Mbps up. Maybe I'm lucky but for me T-Mobile has been consistently in the 40-80Mbps range. It's slower than my average Sprint speeds in the same areas but T-Mobile has had better indoor LTE coverage in the places I frequent. My only complaint is that they really need to densify their 5G footprint. It's a shame that T-Mobile can get away with saying they cover NYC in 5G when 9 times out of 10, I'm on LTE while outdoors. The 5G experience on Sprint is way superior to T-Mobile.
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    That definitely makes sense. I hope they are upgrading the area.
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    Hey, y’all I just finally received the Sprint/T-Mobile network upgrades email this morning and actually saw a tower on I-390 being consolidated as it had 4 sets of antenna bars but only has 3 now with a wire/cable going down to the ground! Later on, I drove up to the tower and saw two engineers working on it. Not sure if you’re able to zoom to the top but there is an engineer looking down and probably wondering why the hell I was taking a pic lol.
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