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    The menu that gives the most info on Samsung phones is *#0011# It shows you everything you're connected to at once. For example you can see that Sprint is only using 40MHz for 5G here and then aggregating it with 40 MHz of LTE.
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    There's no signal or cell ID info being reported, but I found a different approach to try.. unfortunately it doesn't give anything useful other than a status flag. Not convinced it's entirely accurate yet, but that's where you guys come in!
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    Sweet! Thanks for that! In the BX where there is a 3rd carrier for band 41, it's on 10mhz wide. Not even 15mhz. Checked earlier from the debug screen.
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    New beta just uploaded, should appear on Google Play within an hour or two.. No dual-SIM support yet, but getting there. This version is mostly improvements for WCDMA connections (including PSC logging finally fixed so neighbor cells will work!) and some significant behind-the-scenes bugfixes focused on database functionality. One significant addition is a LTE Cell ID Format option under Display Preferences where users can now toggle between hex GCI, decimal ECI, or a "hybrid" option that displays the typical hex sector bits but the rest of the ID is in decimal format. I am told that this should correlate to region/site identifiers for some providers.. Full changelog: https://signalcheck.app/change-log If this version proves to be stable, it will become a public release within a few days. I appreciate everyone's support!
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