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    My apologies for this. I have been spending a ton of time working on the next update, but I was not aware that the Android 10 crashing issue was so widespread until the past week. There are still some other outstanding issues I really wanted to resolve for the next public release, but I intend to push an update out later today or tomorrow that should at least get the app back to a usable state. -Mike
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    This is simply not true. State attorneys general can play an important role in antitrust enforcement on matters of particular concern to local businesses or consumers. States AGs actually have quite a rich history in antitrust. State Attorneys General often investigate antitrust violations – ranging from price fixing to anticompetitive mergers – in conjunction with the federal antitrust enforcement agencies (the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission). But recently the nation’s AGs have more frequently taken the lead, conducting their own investigations and initiating independent enforcement actions. They went after the AT&T / T-Mobile merger in 2011, Verizon / Alltel in 2008, AT&T /Cingular in 2004 for example. More supporting evidence: Over the past year, State Attorneys General have stepped into what they describe as a void of antitrust enforcement at the federal level. AGs have commenced investigations and brought antitrust actions across industry segments, including financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, technology and others. The substance of the actions cover the waterfront of antitrust including price-fixing, merger enforcement and unfair trade practices.
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    I've got the same exact problem. Because I need to take an elevator anytime I leave my place, I'm always outside with no-service since sometime phone will even refuse to roam (or maybe TM isn't available). I'm worried it's one of those things where Sprint will blame Google and Google will blame Sprint. I wish there was a group chat where I can have both support folks arguing with each other.
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    i think the whole thing is dumb! Let em Merge! This is garbage and is dragging this out soooo long!!! I could have already been enjoying better coverage and planning my next phone purchase!
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    These states are really into extortion. Do "this" or else. Kinda a quid pro quo and I did not mean this in a political way to stir up something.
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    Like I posted earlier. Extortion. I wonder if T-Mobile and/or Sprint could sue the Attorney Generals in these states after this is settled. Sue them for Billions. What has T-mobile or Sprint done that is illegal? Nothing. They just asked politely to join forces. These are National companies regulated by the Federal Government. I see no state or Federal laws being broken.
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    The fact is, the states' "anti-trust" case has no legal merit, because anti-trust is under the exclusive purview of the Department of Justice (which has already ruled in favor of the merger) and the Federal Trade Commission (which has never sought to be involved). All of the remaining states are basically trying to extort New T-Mobile into giving away perks, so that states will drop out like Texas and Nevada did.
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    Yup. Both worked for me within minutes of completing eSIM setup.
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    I'm glad that they did because almost anyone who spends any time in Long Island can attest to the speed and coverage improvements since the announcement of the deal with Altice.
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    Texas settles with TMo and drops opposition to merger. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-sprint-m-a-tmobile-idUSKBN1XZ1VG?taid=5ddbfe359007110001d302ca&utm_campaign=trueAnthem:+Trending+Content&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=twitter
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    Early testing I'm seeing better dbms from SCP on the p4xl compared to my s10+ but better speeds on S10+. I'll do more testing and screen shots to come. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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