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    Air5121 is the correction. - Oh yes it very much is. All current mid high band 5GTF and NR 5G deployments use M-MIMO antennas.
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    From some other articles I read it makes it sound like Mansfield said/implied they are refarming 3G in 850MHz for this initial rollout. I am not sure how much total spectrum they are generally using for 3G across 850/1900 but with the shutdown approaching they might just go to 1900 only and even in some places shut it down early if they lack 850. Beings that they have B14 now, it would be pretty sweet if they did 10x10 5G and then 1.4x1.4 LTE on 850.
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    I found Verizon M-MIMO equipment installed on utility poles over in New Albany, IN this morning. Both of these are waiting on electric meter to be installed. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Just checked muh notes, logs and looks like AT&T has it live here as well on a few modernized sites as SCC.
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