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    Shoshone Falls is best during Spring run off season when the snow in the Tetons is melting, but before irrigation diversions begin. It can be a trickle in the late summer. My Dad's family and several generations of my family is from Twin Falls. Our family farm is in the road to Shoshone Falls, about 1.5 miles from the rim. Robert
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    Between Yosemite & Shoshone ironically that's 2 of the spots we'll be visiting on our ~2.5 week West US trip next year (though sadly Yosemite Falls will likely be mostly if not completely dried out by the time we're there). We'll re-visit Multnomah Falls again as well on our loop back around to SLC on the last leg of the trip before Twin Falls/SRC/Shoshone.
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    Shoshone Falls Taller than Niagara Falls, pride of Southern Idaho
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    So I made the switch back to Sprint after leaving for Verizon 3 years ago. I must say I am quite happy with the service and I am loving VoLTE. It has been very reliable and speeds are great too. (Unlocked iPhone XS)
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    I have been an auditor on several engagements where the auditee was in a M&A takeover or purchase and did not do a call. They only provided guidance. In my experience, it is not uncommon but those were low fortune 1000 companies, not a top 200 company. I think you may be reading into the move a little too much.
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    I was told 2-3 weeks for VOLTE so we will see Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
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    Try going into the system app settings for SCP and under location permissions change it to allow all of the time. That seems to have resolved a similar issue for me on 3 XL.
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    New beta finally rolling out right now on Google Play! No dramatic changes this time: Added option to add padding to the left and right borders of the main screen. Improved Android 10 compatibility. Resolved force closes on Samsung Android 10 devices. Resolved force closes related to exiting the app. I know there are a lot of outstanding bugs and requests; I am doing my best to prioritize my efforts on what is having the biggest impact on the largest number of users, and also squeeze in as many "quick" fixes/improvements that I can along the way. I am not dead, SignalCheck is not dead, everything is good -- just takes me awhile to piece together enough free time to produce a finished product worthy of release, even to the Beta Crew. I appreciate all of your support! -Mike
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