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    Coming from a X, I’m using the Max Pro and it’s great! The battery literally lasts me all day (7:45am - 10/11pm). It appears that my data connection is better when it comes to speed, upload and even at my desk where my phone(iPhone X) would fall to 1x or 3G, it now holds onto b25/b26. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So randomly in room, decided to run a speed test and got over 60 down at night on Friday thought it weird, ran speed test window open got 80 down, pretty nice as well. Went to check signal check and see a new carrier on the same PCI, 41148. 3 carrier in the bx in the west 200s... That's new! A week back I was actually able to access voice over LTE on my pixel 2XL but I lost that ability sometime over the past weekend. Using Googlefi at the moment. Not running directly over through Sprint.
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    In addendum noticing more mini macros in the area are online. My main tower after other in the vicinity also received an update to 10*10 band 25 now as well. Gonna take a walk in hood to check it out .
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    Kingsbridge, Riverdale plaza mall area. To add it's on multiple towers in the area not just mine. Saw it in the menu for signal check.
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    T-Mobile-Sprint Merger Has Majority Support at the FCC 3 republicans voted for. No votes yet from the 2 dems. From the Yahoo Finance article: All three Republicans on the five-member agency have voted for the deal, setting in motion procedures that would require agency action by Oct. 9, or Oct. 16 if an extension is requested by a commissioner, the people said. Neither agency Democrat has cast a vote, and both have called for delay.
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