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    Many sites are 4x compatible but there aren't any devices with four lowband antennas. Nevertheless 4x at the site improves signal stability (at the cell edge) as well as propagation/penetration because there are simply more transmit paths.
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    A 1x*800 signal can travel much more than 3 miles and even with some trees hurting the signal strength. The signal can also be blocked at even less than 3 miles depending on what the obstruction is.
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    I haven't seen many new sites. Upgrades seem to be coming through at a decent pace though. I thought Dish was dirt poor. So Dish would enter into a spectrum hosting agreement with Sprint. Would Dish spend any money on the network then?
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    I plan on being on the front lines for this one
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    Based on what we're seeing in the field, it doesn't look like it. Besides, I don't really think they can. Until merging is fully approved, they have to keep their businesses going as if they will be separate. Otherwise, it opens them up to a lot of problems with approving jurisdictions, the SEC and shareholders. And even customers for that matter. You don't want to open yourself up to a lot of criticism and controversy when you are so close to getting approved. I'd be surprised if even the Tmo report was true. It may be coincidental. Like they are running out of the work that was already planned before the merger talk started and now it is becoming difficult to make new plans while in limbo, so they are focusing on capacity in the short term. Something along those lines. It would be shocking if Tmo was just deciding to scrap their existing plans and do noting because a merger is being sought. Robert
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    Engineering screen and speed test at same time or it didnt happen. That's LAW Sent from my SM-G977P using Tapatalk
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    My OnePlus 2 is still in use. It's a rock solid device. My 13 year old son uses it, and was a hand me down from his two older sisters. After I used it initially for nearly 1-1/2 years. It's as good as the day I bought it, over four years ago. Although no wireless charging on a flagship device nowadays is unforgivable! It was even a let down back in 2015 when the OnePlus 2 came out that it didn't have wireless charging. Robert
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