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    Negative, West KY is a Sprint Corporate market. To my knowledge Shentel isnt anywhere around here, except for the far eastern parts of KY. That would fall closer to East KY market which covers Lexington and most of eastern KY.
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    Size/weight/structural limitations are the most common reason. Carriers try to deploy bigger/heavier higher-gain antennas where possible and resort to smaller/lighter lower-gain antennas when necessary. Carriers also have different setups for different beamwidths (e.g. in my market, Verizon uses different antennas for sites with 90° sector spacing than for sites with 120° sector spacing). Lastly, carriers may use different antennas that are the same size due to their different gain characteristics. For example, Sprint stocks two different 72" octoport dualband antennas. Their 800/1900 gain figures are 14.7/18.0 for the RFS variety and 15.0/17.2 for the Commscope variety.
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    Cross carrier HD voice between my Verizon IPhone XS MAX and my Sprint GS10 5G! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I've seen 15x15 band 25 in places in Davenport and Moline where there is no band 41 coverage as well
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    Milan Milanovic has a very nice blog post about PCS contiguity between Sprint and T-Mobile and then total 600MHz spectrum between T-Mobile and Dish. One very interesting tidbit is that Dish has an option to purchase Sprint's 800Mhz holdings but if they refuse they have to pay substantial penalties. So it's not a foregone conclusion that it will be sold to Dish. If it does not get sold, T-Mobile has the option to auction it off or continue using it. While there is a lot of contiguity between T-Mobile and Spint in the PCS band, there is also lot of opportunities/challenges in spectrum horse trading. There are quite a few markets in which Block G is stranded. https://www.speedtest.net/insights/blog/new-t-mobile-spectrum-coverage/
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