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    Parts of Northern MN, Northern MI, Ohio are among the many places with no Verizon coverage. Some of those areas are served by AT&T (likely an informal "understanding" between the duo IMO). Starting to see T-Mobile in a few of those places. All bow down before the Verizon God. In other forums I might be burned at the stake. No carrier is perfect, even if you pay top $$$. Verizon is the slowest at my house inside the Columbus beltway. Hard to beat Sprint on roaming. I those places where I did not get T-Mobile, US Cellular, AT&T, Verizon CDMA, or some regional carrier I would sometimes pick up Canadian roaming. Rarely without some form of service. I was at a funeral yesterday in eastern Ohio without service or Wi-Fi. People adjusted. Some women have told me they avoid routes without cell service when we were comparing coverage notes for other remote Ohio places at a state wide conference. Verizon is the safe choice for many.
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    I, too, am aware of outdoor areas with no Verizon service. I might well be a Verizon customer if those areas weren't places I needed to be. (Sprint roams on US Cellular in those places, so I'm a Sprint customer.) - Trip
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    So in my travels I've been gathering data. I have my iPhone on Verizon and my iPad on Sprint. I haven't collected enough data to post a full report yet but this is what I've got so far out of 26 tests: Sprint Average Download: 32.22Mbps Verizon Average Download: 49.59Mbps Sprint Average Upload: 4.21Mbps Verizon Average Upload: 15.55Mbps There have been areas where Verizon kicked butt. There were other areas where Sprint took the win. There were actually a couple of places in central Wisconsin where I had no service with Verizon and had US Cellular roaming with Sprint. Once I get more locations in this report then I'll probably post it. I really want to compare them in San Diego. Edit: Should add locations tested so far. Grand Forks, ND Minneapolis Airport Central Wisconsin Appleton, WI Detroit Airport Atlanta Airport Savannah Airport Beaufort, SC
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    Milan Milanovic has a very nice blog post about PCS contiguity between Sprint and T-Mobile and then total 600MHz spectrum between T-Mobile and Dish. One very interesting tidbit is that Dish has an option to purchase Sprint's 800Mhz holdings but if they refuse they have to pay substantial penalties. So it's not a foregone conclusion that it will be sold to Dish. If it does not get sold, T-Mobile has the option to auction it off or continue using it. While there is a lot of contiguity between T-Mobile and Spint in the PCS band, there is also lot of opportunities/challenges in spectrum horse trading. There are quite a few markets in which Block G is stranded. https://www.speedtest.net/insights/blog/new-t-mobile-spectrum-coverage/
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    Yet here we are on the Sprint variant with older software, like how the hell does that work?
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    I have always wondered about the wisdom of a 120Mhz unit when so many place have 194Mhz. They should have left the 8T8R up in those places IMO. The trouble with 5G NR is it is basically extended carrier aggregation. I want to see full B41 5G with lots of bandwidth (ideally 100Mhz) so the upload issue goes away before you even get to the notion of being able to tweak the timing to get more upload. That would also leave more room for carrier aggregation with other bands.
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    Got back from the southern part of the state today. Wow, has T-Mobile lit up. I locked my phone to Band 71 today, and I've connected to 26 of them so far since Friday, assuming Culpeper and Fauquier are not part of the market. (They were running before Friday.) That includes near-constant connection on B71 from about the Fairfax-Prince William County line to home south of Alexandria. - Trip
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    Correct. It's actually 3 TDD B46 carriers aggregated to the B2 carrier. This config has been live for over a year here on other small cells. Other regions have seen B2/B66/B46 all aggregated together also. Distance wise it doesn't seem to travel very far. I was practically under the thing and you see what the RSRP values are. The B2 carriers up to I'd say 1/4 mile give or take. This particular location has 3 of these around an apartment complex.
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