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    T-Mobile is launching 5G in 6 cities on June 28th alongside the Galaxy S10 5G. The cities are NYC, LA, Las Vegas, Dallas, Cleveland, and Atlanta. If you’re in one of these cities, you’ll be able to purchase the phone, though T-Mobile makes it clear that its 5G coverage is currently extremely limited and will only reliably work outdoors. They even kinda have coverage maps. NYC has the largest deployment out of all of them and it's because their macro site density is insane here. The rest of the cities don't look too good.
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    It is actually a little embarrassing.
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    Indeed. Their Las Vegas launch coverage is hilarious . I guess if one is staying at the Luxor then they're probably in good shape...
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    L600 and L850! We are beginning the process of turning over to one antenna for dual low band. You can spit on low band all day until you need it. Imagine when n5/n71 kicks in 20+MHz of tree proof speedtests, land mobile LE comms and plenty of data/IoT subscribers who just want a complete LTE network.
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    Got the June security patch today, and the change log only referenced enhancements, not the security updates - can't remember if they are normally like that.
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    I keep hearing about the June patch finally making it to some phones. Yet here I am with April still being the most recent. This is really quite annoying.
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    Sprint calls in Ericsson for site work ==> Ericsson assigns available local peons of varying quality to work ==> some time later ==> Ericsson worker arrives on site ==> worker connects to Ericsson employees in India to do the actual work ==> worker verifies work is "done" and calls it a day ==> tells sprint all good. TLDR of Ericssons network management work. TLDR2: Remember the 65 MHz PCS project? Ericsson completely ripped out the entire PCS NV ERC network in 2014+ for brand new radios for basically free while ALU and Samsung NV era PCS radios are still in use. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Yes. But we didn't live in a bubble. There were two other vendors. Ericsson was clearly the worst of the three in Network Vision deployment (in some ways they had to do it twice). Also, when it comes to network management, a third party will almost NEVER do as good of a job yourself, because they don't take ownership of the issues the way you would yourself. And so there is not the sense of urgency when an issue or roadblock comes up. And you're much more likely to accept no as an answer. I see it all day long in my line of work. Robert
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    You should get a Google Fi phone and account and monitor it! Robert
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