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    What modems have them? Presumably there will be a way to enter the data from the QR code if you decode it. Not sure if it's just a number (like an ICCID), or if it's more like a cryptographic certificate (base64 encoded I assume). The issue with Sprint is that they register the IMEI too. That's why on the Pixel 3 there is a dedicated option for Sprint, then the QR code option for everyone else. My understanding is that the eSIM QR code is generated for the current eSIM ICCID (it can generate multiple ICCIDs to allow multiple eSIMs to be on the device). So the equivalent of swapping the SIM into an "unsupported" device isn't possible; the QR code is valid only for the device it was generated for. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
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    You should get a Google Fi phone and account and monitor it! Robert
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    VoLTE works on all three bands and likely B13 for our PR/VI folks as well.
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    VOLTE is on all bands 25,26,41. Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
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    FWIW, Comcast has been providing strand mount colocations and backhaul access for small cells in select markets most noticeably in Michigan. Likewise Cox is doing BH access in Nebraska.
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    Major cable operators like Comcast and Time Warner / Spectrum are the primary threats to Verizon and ATT imo. They have the scale and preexisting extremely lucrative user base they can leverage to just funnel money to their wireless adventures. They've already got the infrastructure to support wireless users via their MVNO deal with Verizon and thus experience in supporting wireless subscribers. It likely won't be hard for them to just swap over their users to whoever network they take over and rebrand quickly. The greatest impediment to them fully entering the industry is cost in actually building out a nationwide cell network. Taking over a national cell network and using it as a base to launch their competitive wireless platform is much cheaper. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Please demonstrate what consequences AT&T is facing for raising prices twice in the year after their merger, despite representing to regulators that permitting the merger with Time Warner would permit them to lower prices. - Trip
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    And Verizons exclusivity deal is over!
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    Been meaning to post some that I confirmed are on air.. 162nd grand concourse 157th street Gerard ave. 151th Grand concourse 150th Amsterdam ave 55st and 9th ave 47th St ave 34th and 9th Ave 58th and lex 47th and lex 33rd St and Madison I have another 12 but I need to confirm in person again.
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    M-MIMO in Herold Square on top of H&M building? Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    I'm ok with that.. does anyone have any other suggestions before I commit to that? Unfortunately for now there's no reliable way to definitively flag sites as one or the other.. but hopefully the bandwidth routines improve and the educated guesses that SCP makes will be referenced less and less as time goes on. -Mike
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    Works on all bands. I did a technical write-up on what it is and how it differs from wifi calling and calling+ https://s4gru.com/entry/439-sprints-casting-call-of-voice-over-actors-an-in-depth-analysis-of-volte-calling-and-vowifi/ There's no reason to restrict it to a single band. It would actually make it more complicated. If it were only on a single band, then VoLTE devices would always have to be on that band to make/receive calls and texts, or they would just wouldn't go through. You can think of VoLTE sort of as like Sprint assigning the phone two IP addresses. One is for VoLTE and texts only, and the other is for everything else. There's more to it than that, but that's a quick tl;dr. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
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    Sierra Wireless EM7565 Telit LM960 and LM940. Thanks for the good info there, that helps a lot and seems like how Sprint usually operates on sim in the prior form, confusing and a customer support nightmare. Hey, no one knew we could get a hotswap or a Sprint sim to actually work, then one day I just tried it and here we are. I will see what I can come up with.
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    You can get a phone from FreedomPop. Their SIMs are AT&T, but if you buy the phone from them then it's Sprint. Check slickdeals for promos, they'll often have one for $35. Then drop to the free tier (and cancel auto top up), and you'll have a free Sprint line (albeit throttled to I believe 3 Mbps, and 200 MB/month). Perfect for logging and mapping. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
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    Pulled from reddit, the Voice Amp quick start guide: https://fccid.io/MCLU97B003/User-Manual/Users-Manual-3999375.pdf
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    Just thought I would chime in with a report from Rapid City SD. There has been movement on the Sprint front over the past couple of months. We have approvals for 2 new sites in the city. Site 1 is a brand new tower at 611 Lindbergh Ave at the GoodWill off from Haines Ave. Site 2 is a co-location with the other 3 on the tower at 3305 S Valley Dr. Fairly certain Sprint Spectrum is broadcasting from 5 other sites in the city as well, but don't have a way to double check at this point. Lots of movement again from T-Mo so my hands are full there. If I see any more Sprint activity, I will advise.
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    Again, I have to point you to Chicago and New York City as good examples of their density efforts. They have about a thousand mini-macros coming online in Chicago and 20,000 strand-mount small cells deployed in the NYC area on Altice fiber. It's cost effective and offers unmatched capacity.
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    I would never believe a sales-pitch argument to the FCC--that has almost no consequences for misleading statements--over those to investors that are subject to the threat of insurmountable criminal and civil liability. But, that's just the perspective of a successful businessman and lawyer.
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    Ha. Sprint is discounting their prior disaster of NV, etc., and just focusing on their John Saw network improvement plan when they talk about it. I'm a believer. If you go back in my post history, I didn't think Sprint could turn it around. Los Angeles was a disaster. They've bumped capacity like crazy, fixed coverage holes, and now have low-band LTE and VoLTE live. It's night-and-day from a year ago.
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    We've got 7 or 8 reports between two threads right now which tells me either people are being overly sensitive and/or people need to tone it down. We'll be reviewing posts as we can, and vacations may be warranted but consider this a further warning to anyone from this point on.
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    We've got 7 or 8 reports between two threads right now which tells me either people are being overly sensitive and/or people need to tone it down. We'll be reviewing posts as we can, and vacations may be warranted but consider this a further warning to anyone from this point on.
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    They shouldn't. They should spend the $5 billion in the top 50 markets over the next year. The following year they should probably split--$2.5 for rural and another $2.5 billion for the major metros. The money is in urban areas.
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    Did you read the reports and listen to the earnings call? Sprint, while still trying to look like a failing firm to get the merger approved, acknowledged they would have been cash flow positive except for a non-recurring pressure from timing of investment decision. Sprint also said that without the merger they will continue to invest in network CapEx at the same ~$5 billion/year rate they are on right now...which took them from 0 to 30,000 small cells and 0 to 1,500 MIMO deployment and 60-80% deployment of 2.5GHZ equipment. Another year of that, and Sprint will look like a different carrier. Oh, and Sprint management also said that if the merger does not go through, they will refocus their network efforts on major metro areas--which is exactly what I said their strategy should be and would be successful. This management gets it. Seriously, everyone should read their financials. Sprint will do better than ever as a standalone company and force the other carriers to compete like a mofo--urban areas is and has always been what drives pricing pressure.
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    The antennas are surprisingly compact, so I’m thinking this could be a thing a some point.
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    Sell of parts of sprint and recoup as much money as SoftBank can.. that’s about all I see SoftBank doing if worse comes to worse Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I understand all of that. You brought up the $7.2B net. It is not a cash flow thing it is a non-cash item they had to recognize in their accounting. Since Sprint has not really made a profit in a little while, the tax credit will not result in any additional cash in Sprint's pockets until they do so. The number I look at is adjusted free cash flow which was -$908M, which is to be expected since they were spending money on the network. I expect a similar cashflow this quarter. (Millions, except per share data) Fiscal 3Q18 Fiscal 3Q17 Change Net (loss) income ($141) $7,162 ($7,303) Basic (loss) income per share ($0.03) $1.79 ($1.82) Operating income $479 $727 ($248) Adjusted EBITDA* $3,101 $2,719 $382 Net cash provided by operating activities $2,225 $2,683 ($458) Adjusted free cash flow* ($908) $397 ($1,305)
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    I don't have the time, energy, or desire to try to explain accounting, but net loss/income means literally nothing. It's effectively made-up paper numbers, as it includes significantly large amounts of non-cash items. They are recognizing substantial depreciation charges, which is a non-cash "expense" item that signifies absolutely no money leaving Sprint's control. It's reflective of spending on capital assets they did a while ago. Stating a net loss precludes them from having money to invest in CapEx is a bit like saying eating an apple in the morning means you can't send a text message that day. They really aren't related.
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    No they don't. Sprint generated $7.582 billion NET cash flow from operating activities in 3Q18 YTD. That gives them substantial room for investing activities (CapEx). That's Sprint's problem. They should have a $40/mo unlimited basic single line plan and a $50/mo unlimited plan with HD video. No activation fee. They'll pull Metro subscribers over...and, remember, it doesn't take much CapEx to focus most heavily on metro city centers. The $15/mo unlimited BYOD is still making them money though, as long as you don't call into care a lot. Their marginal cost is about $0 for providing that line...it's permanently de-prioritized, so it is just offering excess network capacity that they are monetizing.
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    Punctuation and grammar are more than a suggestion; they're paramount in conveying a proper and clear message. This isn't nitpicking. It's a necessary thing so that others can clearly understand your meaning. Please work on this as it's painful to attempt to read poorly constructed communications.
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    Story Link: https://www.wmata.com/about/news/Metro-wireless-service-available-in-two-thirds-of-tunnels.cfm Yay! I hope they get service in the tunnels past the Dupont Circle Station on that branch of the Red Line soon.
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    I'm currently in Montego Bay and Sprint Global Roaming has been pretty decent thus far. We seemed to jump on Digicel when we first arrived, but our phones have been preferring FLOW since then. Coverage has been quite good even indoors. I imagine that the network(s) are quite dense, at least in this part of the island. I've remained on the free low-speed data option on my Note 9 while my wife eventually opted for the high speed data pass for a week on her S9+. The difference in speed can obviously be seen in the screenshots though they are from different locations. Despite the unimpressive speed test numbers I've found the low speed data to be surprisingly snappy when doing mundane tasks and even viewing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc take longer but isn't too terrible. Data intensive jobs such as trying to upload pics or video is somewhere between painful and futile though. People who do a lot of uploading/streaming to social media will definitely want to shell out the dough for the high speed data day or week pass. One interesting thing is that despite the high ping times Sprint Direct Connect Plus still performs very nicely including during the time before my wife bought the data pass.
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