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    Surprised nobody has said anything about the V40 ThinQ. I picked one up about a month ago. The Good The interface is pretty much vanilla android with a few LG twists. The camera is excellent with a bevy of options. The downside is an amateur shutterbugs might get lost. The phone is buttery smooth and the screen is gorgeous. The screen is usable even in bright light. Although it does take a few seconds for the phone to adjust the brightness on the screen. The phone itself is light and thin and easy to manipulate. The vast majority of the time one hand is all I need. The Ehhhh The placement of the buttons still has me scratching my head. To turn the screen on or off there is a button on the left side of the phone. On the right side is the volume buttons and a dedicated Android Now button. Not sure why this is needed and I would have preferred that the buttons be grouped together. The battery life is ok. It routinely gives me 16-18 hours of moderate use. But this pales in comparison to other phones. Reception also seems to be excellent. However, it has a nasty habit of sitting on 800. I have seen other phones do this which makes me wonder if it is a network issue rather than a phone issue. All in all this is an excellent phone. If average battery life is not a deal breaker then it is worth taking a look at especially at the Sprint discounted prices.
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    Looks like AT&T and Sprint settled the "Fake 5G" lawsuit: https://9to5mac.com/2019/04/22/sprint-att-5g-e-lawsuit-settlement/
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    I just successfully switched my Pixel 3 XL to use the eSIM on Sprint. Works out of the box now. Since I already had this phone on the line, I had to swap to another phone and then swap back with the eSIM. Everything works. Super convenient. No more having to order the correct SIM from Sprint, and I can now swap between Sprint and another carrier easily (traveling internationally, or even using another domestic carrier). Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
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    i loved the s10+ before this. i will add an update that I spent another 2 hours on the phone with samsung today and was directed BACK to repair store for what was supposed to be the final time. This time was not the final time to resolve the issue and samsung will no longer help me without sending my phone to them and going without while i wait. I called Sprint who have been very kind and informative but still unable to help until... i asked to cancel my account with 3 lines for over 17 years with the company. they have me waiting for expedited approval to credit my account the full remaing balance of the s10+ so that i can purchase a working device or i will leave for another carrier. i understand that Sprint is not at fault. but as they say "my hands are tied" and they are my middle man to Samsung. i do not want a penny of my money to go to samsung until the device is working as advertised so this was my only remaining way to do so. Otherwise switching carriers would enable them to pay the majority of the s10+ cost to switch to "lure" me. i will add that if Sprint comes through with this i will remember their effort to retain me as a customer.
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