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    This is a non-sequitur. My whole point was that they have the service on paper, but not in reality. If they put 5G-NR on 600 MHz on those same towers that currently have 700 MHz, they can fill a map full of rural areas running "5G" with the actual service being as poor as it is today. (And, if 5G-NR is a more fragile airlink than LTE, then it will be poorer.) Spectrum is not the issue, deployment is. Lose how? Once they've merged, what is the remedy if they decide to give the FCC, DOJ, and the American people the middle finger? I remind you to check out all the remedies that have been used on AT&T so far, such as... ... huh, I can't think of any. - Trip
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    No. A cable company buying out Sprint or T-mobile would be very likely better for the consumer as they'd have an incentive to compete and gain subscribers. It's only the natural path forward if one looks at how Comcast and TWC (Spectrum) is setting up things. They've already began building the infrastructure of supporting wireless users and triple play integration based on their MVNO setup. The next step would fully integrate those wireless users into their entire network top down instead of piggybacking off say Verizon. They can leverage their long haul fiber and last mile hybrid fiber coaxial networks to provide dedicated full speed backhaul to their own cell sites and new ones they can leverage using their own telephone poles and right of ways. It's one of the reasons why Shentel land is so amazing. Full vertical integration.
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    T-Mobile's map looks reasonable with the pace at which they're rolling out L600. All L600 equipment is NR-Capable. Sprint's map is heavily understated, though, I think. Sprint's 5G rollout will most definitely be more widespread than that. Additionally, all Ericsson radio equipment that shipped after 2015 is software upgradable to LTE+NR with their proprietary spectrum sharing technology. I'm sure Sprint will take advantage of this.
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    Promise in one hand and do something else in the other... Fact of the matter is that right now, while T-Mobile has made the map look good, the actual service in rural areas is not good--at least in my experience--and that's with LTE. I'm not confident that the merger will improve this. I'm not sure why you expect it to. Are they going to put many billions of dollars into an escrow account that will be used only to fund rural deployment within a certain time frame and be forfeited to the government if not used? If not, then what is their promise other than words that could easily be ignored the moment after the merger is approved? Remember the time AT&T promised they wouldn't increase prices after merging with Time Warner and did so twice within a year? What was their promise worth? What makes T-Mobile's different? - Trip
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    Do not underestimate a motivated Cable co with full vertical landline and wireless integration that wants to stick it in the face of other cable cos and wireless carriers. Sprint and tmobile is not a threat to Verizon and ATT. Comcast or TWC getting their hands on a nationwide wireless carriers network to combine with their cable and fiber holding is scary. Sprint has for years considered that possibility a significant threat. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    The government just announced another 20.4 billion USD in handouts for ISP's to build their networks out to 4 million more homes. On top of the billions doled out via CAF1 and CAF2. Rural, tribal and urban networks are being financed, subsidized or loan guaranteed to get free revenue streams for carriers by government. Why building out towers to these hard to reach customers or laying fiber in cities with degrading DSL, or other areas without competition is so hard seems to be a culture of unwillingness on the part of incumbent providers to do the actual work to meet these demands. These is a lot of demand. Depending who you ask, 25-50 million United States citizens lacking reliable and fast connections. The incentives are there for literally every seat at the table. It is an easy make work project for the government and they can say they are connecting Y under X'ed users or whatever group is currently fashionable to market. The leaders of examplecorp get feelgood points to further ingratiate to the folks handing out our bucks, and get something the kids these days call brand potential, influencer credential, charting clout and the ever coveted status of disruptor. Plus all the Jobs! Beating China! Connected America! Smart Cities! It would be a marketing speak big bang. When the you have all these pieces coming together, you literally can't count on the rubber to hit the road and tear ass up the track if the tire is deflated. I don't believe another round of combining conglomerates will have or has been yet, as successful as we would have hoped at this point in time tackling the tough work of completing the job. It should have been done the last time. T-mobile is expanding at a brisk pace, it can complete that either way. In fact to keep the license they have too. All of the tools have been there for a long time, 700MHz was a decade ago, this transaction mostly just rewards foreign shareholders and will be marketed as exactly the opposite.
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    None of these are sufficient justifications for a merger in my opinion, because they can be fixed with increased capex and support from SoftBank as the parent company. A merger simply lets SoftBank off easy and subjects the consumer to the negative effects of a consolidated carrier market... and there’s no going back from that in the near/long term. The “Merge or we lose in 5G” argument is such a PR stretch it’s ridiculous.
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    How so? They can tell the government whatever they want (as they've been doing) to get the merger approved. That doesn't mean they have to follow through.
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    I think so as well. I mean we're seeing them roll out M-MIMO in places that aren't the first 9 5G launch cities before they've even launched 5G. I didn't know that! That's really cool! Is an 8T8R antenna going to be enough for 5G though?
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    No it doesn’t. The whole idea of leading or “keeping up” with China for 5G is a farce in my opinion.
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    Some Massive MIMO sites my be 4G only, used for capacity or eliminating RF shadows.
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    That Sprint 5G map is definitely not accurate.
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    Becuase some of us don’t want the merger to happen Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I didn't say there would be no improvement. NR could be 30-50% faster then LTE with the same spectrum resources depending on how they choose to deploy it. And don't forget NR can be aggregated with LTE Additionally, this of deployment will allow Sprint to win the 5G marketing/coverage race. This means a better and stronger brand, more customers additions, more revenue and accordingly, more capex. Sprint has some big opportunities coming up. They are the in the single best position to deploy 5G on a wide and high quality scale (T-Mobile only can deploy on a wide but low-quality scale and Big Red/Deathstar can deploy on a high-quality scale but not necessarily widely). If Sprint really capitalizes on their advantages and strengths, they could definitely be the #1 urban operator in the next few years.
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    Haha sorry to disappoint, there were some bugs I was working on resolving with a few specific users and I expected it to take several updates, so I limited it to just them. Things seem good so when I have a chance I intend to get one final beta out to make sure it's ready for full release. That's up to device manufacturers.. SCP will reliably display whatever bandwidth info is being reported. It's part of the standard Android API now, they just need to take advantage of it. Similar to when the major LTE routines were added in Android 4.2 but it took awhile for that data to be consistently and accurately reported. -Mike
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    They need to but I don't think that's the best idea right now. I think the best plan right now is to improve service in the cities where they would get the best return on investment.
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    Considering Dan Hasse was talking about it in NV 1.0 about 7 years ago I would say it's been past ridiculous. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Wonder if this will have any impact on T Mobile and Sprint? WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump is set to hold a White House event on Friday with the country's top communications regulator on next-generation 5G wireless networks
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    Radio Station Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    Hey Mike, Looks like your changes worked. On 4.514b I'm now seeing W-CDMA info and SNR is back on both of my devices. Don't worry about the status bar icon in the GSM shot, I think I took the screen shot a soon as I cycled airplane mode. I'm 99.9% sure it was populated as I was watching it switch from GSM to HSPA. I've also got a question on the custom alerts, I have one set for 67086 to get an alert when I connect to J Block AWS as the primary carrier since AT&T is just starting to open it up here for uplink connections. I hadn't gotten an alert for it all day until after I installed 4.514b. Now I'm getting the alert everytime I connect to the Shepherdsville tower even though I don't show that I have ever connected to it yet except as downlink with CA. Is that the way it is supposed to work? If so that's fine, I just wanted to know. It shows up in the neighbor cell list.
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    War Games Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    Wow, four antennas per sector including a M-MIMO antenna? I don't I've ever seen a setup like that. I wonder if it's some sort of super high capacity site.
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