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    Sprint has not been active in the auctions due to cash flow, which was not initially admitted. There is another auction that the FCC as starting talking about that is of far more importance to Sprint: 2.5GHz. This would be primarily for rural areas but they would not have to do much to use it since they have been tribanding most of their sites. 10x10 is required for 5G. I have been told that the plan with the Nextel purchase was to have at least 10x10 band 26, then 9/11 changed that when it became a national security issue to have first responders on the same frequency. So Sprint got less LTE 800 in the end (this took a few years). The consolation prize for Sprint was the 1900 G Block to fix the "interference" issues: https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/FCC-04-168A1.pdf
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    Ha. It's definitely not a joke. They're already using it on a more budget model in their lineup. It's an inevitability Mr. Anderson. Submit to the Matrix. I really don't see what the big deal is. At least this way I KNOW where the camera is so people will be looking at it in pictures (1) and 2) I won't always swipe over it when I pull down the notifications, like I do now.
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    If something so critical as R&S at a cell site is EOL'd then they're likely long replaced. Most recent Sprint sites that are documented use newer generation Cisco routers / switches.
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    I was hoping some would take the bait!!!
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    San Marcos, by SR-78 & San Marcos Blvd 33°08'15.4"N 117°10'24.2"W https://goo.gl/maps/WLyPDkAeVF62 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    5G is marketing hype. The key difference between 4G and 5G in the lower bands is essentially latency (not important for most use cases) and slightly better occupied bandwidth. Speeds aren't markedly different from what I understand. T-Mobile's rural deployments are pretty bad. I would know, I drive through some of them regularly. Nobody who actually lives in those places would switch to it, because the towers are too far apart. In those areas, Shentel beats the stuffing out of T-Mobile. That's why I'm arguing in favor of having local entities manage the network in rural areas. - Trip
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    If the merger doesn't happen I'm switching right away, to whom I don't know yet. Will probably just bite the bullet and go Verizon and be done with it.
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    Potato Girl Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk
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    Dave YeagerSprint 4G Rollout UpdatesFriday, February 8, 2019 - 8:00 AM PST Sprint’s tribanding project has reached a new phase -- former Clear LTE 2500 only sites are getting new equipment as reported by nowerlater in Cincinnati, Joski1624 in Cleveland, and here in Columbus. Converting sites from LTE 2500 only to triband LTE 800 MHz, LTE 1900 MHz, and LTE 2500 will significantly improve network performance in the traditional metropolitan areas of markets where Clear sites reside. Adding LTE 1900, LTE 800, CDMA 1x1900, and 1x800 will mean stronger signal with improved building penetration that will allow surrounding sites to better serve their more immediate coverage areas. This added site density will be a key factor in performance improvements needed for high quality VoLTE (Voice over LTE) service. Upon completion, site density for the non-LTE 2500 bands will increase an astonishing 57% in Franklin County (Columbus) Ohio. There are currently 162 macro sites not counting factory and private office building sites. There are 93 stand-alone Clear sites. Hamilton County (Cincinnati) will show a 61% increase in site density for the non-LTE 2500 bands. Additional Clear sites lie outside these counties in both markets. The level of increase will vary from market to market. Market wide LTE 1900 performance will improve if this increased site density allows for fewer 1x1900 CDMA carriers per site. This would allow refarming of spectrum to increase the bandwidth for LTE 1900. Minimum LTE bandwidth allowed by many of Sprint’s Remote Radio Units has been increased in recent months according to the FCC. This will be market dependent. There will be a 50% or more LTE 2500 capacity improvement at most Clear sites. Mini Macro Clear sites broadcast only one or two carriers, while most metropolitan areas triband sites broadcast three carriers with up to five carriers at some sites. The tribanded Clear sites go from having Mini Macros to 8T8R remote radio units at most sites, but some sites may retain existing Mini Macros in some markets. With 8T8R, these tribanded Clear sites will also get improved performance and coverage. Samsung Clear equipment used in portions of the south and east often have three carriers thus will primarily gain benefits from the improved coverage of the 8T8Rs. Tribanding the Clear Mini Macro sites will also improve the LTE 2500 performance of surrounding triband sites. If your phone is on the third carrier and you currently drive into an area primarily served by a Clear site your triband site signal will get weaker and weaker until it drops. The LTE 2500 at these existing Triband sites currently carries an extra burden. Permit Foreshadowing Let’s dive further into the details. We have been watching for these site builds for many months. Permits were first seen in the early fall in Columbus, for example: ALTC1800834: ANTENNA UPGRADE TO AN EXISTING CELL SITE OF SPRINT. REMOVE (3) ANTENNAS, (3) MM RRUS, AND (3) 15/64" COAX. INSTALL (3) ANTENNAS, (9) RRHS, (3) 1-1/16" HYBRID CABLES, GC SUPPLIED RET CABLES, (3) OPTIC FIBER JUNCTION CYLINDERS, (3) POWER JUNCTION CYLINDERS, (1) SITEPRO SNP-12NP SECTOR MOUNT AND HANDRAIL KIT. REMOVE EXISTING CLEARWIRE GROUND CABINETS AND INSTALL ALL NEW SPRINT ECAB & ICAB COMBINATION CABINET AND PPC ON NEW CONCRETE PAD. REMOVE ALL POWER AND FIBER CABLING TO RRHS. Permits and drawings were also found in Sacramento by our resident staff Tim (lilotimz), with one site even going from CA to Massive MIMO: The Network Vision plus LTE 2500 using 8T8R LTE 2500, LTE 1900, and Four Port LTE 800,and the much rarer Massive MIMO LTE 2500/5G future, LTE 1900 and Four PORT LTE 800. A big question was whether the sites would have CDMA or just be VoLTE. Most Sprint phones in use today can only use CDMA. OceanDave picked up the first Clear Triband Conversion signal in his logs recorded on 11/30/2018. Joski1624 found and confirmed CDMA 1x1900 and 8T8R LTE 2500 at the site once the logs were analyzed in early January. Here is a screenshot from Joski1624 showing LTE 800 and 1x800 from the same Clear conversion site: Cleveland has confirmed other sites. Nowerlater has reported similar results covering bands 25 and 26 from other Clear sites converted to Triband in the Cincinnati Market Here is a photo of a Columbus Clear site being converted to Triband. You can see that the Clear Band 41(inside red outline) is still wired and was quite functional at the time of the photo. 1) Clear antenna (remove), 2) Mini Macro (remove for most sites), 3) Microwave antenna for redundant backhaul (will likely remain if present). This is becoming a Triband Hexadeacport 16 port Antenna Setup outlined in yellow with 1) 8T8R LTE 2500 Remote Radio Unit, 2) LTE 1900 Remote Radio Unit, 3) LTE 800 four port Remote Radio Unit, 4) 16-Port Triband Antenna. In this next photo you can see the old cabinet on its metal grate and the new cabinet on new concrete. The underground conduit needs to be placed then the concrete poured before you will see cabinets. Some of the sites will have double cabinets (permits say Eltek, but observed cabinets do not match catalog). Note that they are pre-assembled, in this case by Stonecrop Technologies. These sites are also getting new Purcell cable boxes. In Columbus, 86% of the Clear sites have permits. New permits are still being filed. We began finding permits for Clear conversions last October. Permits are active for one year. They can be extended, but typically the work will be done in that time period. It is quite possible the FCC will not approve the merger into T-Mobile until December or later based on the Shentel – nTelos merger. This merger could finish sooner or not at all. If the merger is approved this work would likely stop, but any completed site work would benefit existing Sprint customers during the estimated two to three year transition period (market dependent). If all Clear sites were converted to triband, here is an image of roughly where the sites would strongly benefit in the traditional Columbus metro area: Please note that actual site coverage areas are not circular but are shaped between a three bladed airplane propeller and a three leaf clover. There would be significant variations from the heat map above. Of course Columbus overall has Network Vision and other Next Generation triband sites. These Ohio markets mentioned have active S4GRU signal hunters, thus are likely a proxy for what is happening or will happen in other markets with active former Clear LTE 2500 only sites (for clarity we will now refer to them as Clear sites). Indeed lilotimz has found permits and drawing in Sacramento. Reddit user Marley3456 has confirmed triband Clear sites in Salt Lake City Utah, thus they very likely exist in other parts of the country. The following cities in state order all had more than 10 Clear sites with LTE in 2014 thus are likely prospects for this type of change: If your city is listed above, how will you know if you will benefit? Start looking looking at the Clear sites in your city today and be observant of any changes. Help is available here at S4GRU.com if needed. Online guides can help: Nokia Mini Macros on Macro Sites, Samsung LTE 2500 Remote Radio Units and Antennas. It will be worth knowing if your market will benefit from the significant capacity improvements of the Clear site Triband conversions! Edited 2/8/19 to better cover Samsung Clear Sites.
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    My Sprint account says my Flex Lease Upgrade is 3/1/19, but currently (as of today) my lease upgrade price is $76 (2 payments).....so, I'm hoping it respects the 3/1 date. 🤷‍♂️ I'll pre-order the S10 for the wife and S10+ for me. I'm excited about these phones for the 1) the cameras and 2) in display fingerprint on front. Man the back placement is annoying and the wife complains about it routinely. Rumor mill says 4100mAh for the S10+?! that'd be awesome as well. Who's going to start the S10 user thread instead of the "rumor" thread??
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    Okay [emoji108] moving this thread forward... Park Ranger Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    I remember Ranger Rick too! I was a member of the Ranger Rick club in the 80's https://www.nwf.org/About-Us/History/About-Ranger-Rick Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    Yup: https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/sprint-cfo-robbiati-600-mhz-spectrum-past Sprint pushed for a larger Spectrum Reserve in the 600 MHz Auction, alongside T-Mobile/Dish: https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/t-mobile-sprint-and-dish-push-for-40-mhz-spectrum-reserve-600-mhz-auction As far as collusion goes, I have my suspicions there was, and I do believe Sprint’s ensuring a reserve and then bowing out of the auction was a long risky play for a T-Mobile Merger.
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    I agree with you Robert. The 'high end' too has tilted far too high IMO pricewise - this applies to Apple as well, if not others - in the face of supposed 'innovations' that have at least sometimes introduced controversial debate at best to driving some loyal customers away in many respects - thinking the whole 'notch' angst just for starters. Beyond that though, the stark reality is that $400-500 every 2-3 years is about the limit for a ton of average consumers who just want all the main/usual suspect high points checked off, with more updated security and some perceivable performance improvement/better battery life than their last phone perhaps, and in most of those consumer's eyes/experience with the relative big picture plateau technology has hit, it doesn't take an $800-1k phone to give them that. I state this as someone making this post on a refurbished LG G5 - there's literally nothing (other than having consistently reliable GPS, but that's something even then I could probably laterally switch to a used/refurbished GS7 and fix too if I wanted) I absolutely either want or need to do on a regular basis that I can't do currently with this phone. I'll eventually upgrade to something newer mainly to keep up with Android, and in my case I might be willing to shell out only maybe $300 or so to do that, but even then that's driven by OS/software vs hardware - and I'd still be getting a hardware upgrade regardless by default. I'm sure both companies will continue to make profit emphasizing the launch day/top of the line premium crowd at the expense of true midrange bang-for-the-buck value for now, but longterm they're going to be dangerously close to playing Russian Roulette with 5 bullets instead of one - and all it takes is one company with a combination of the right phone at the right price with the right marketing and perfect timing to start changing the game entirely. LG, Moto, OnePlus, others, eventually one of these companies are going to have a real shot at it if they finally bring the right package to market and Sammy/Apple keep with the status quo and disenfranchising enough people. Not saying it *will* happen either, but it absolutely can. It's not like we've never seen prior mountain kings toppled before in the consumer world, much less within our lifetime.
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    Crying? That seems far fetched. He got called out about the financial necessity to merge now with Sprint improving in the numbers. He had to use something to justify and just grabbed low spectrum as an explanation. He had to say something. I wouldn't describe it as crying. Also, do you have a source for Sprint colluding with T-Mobile? That would be illegal if coordinated. Robert
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    If it doesn't go through, I will switch back to Sprint. I was just about to come back when the merger was announced. Didn't think it is worth switching back to Sprint if I will just be brought back in T-Mobile anyway. Robert
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    Yes. I wish Sprint had been able to keep all of the 800 spectrum they were supposed to acquire with the Nextel takeover. They also acquired a 3x3 900 MHz license in the Nextel takeover which they sold off. If they had kept that for CDMA services, we would probably see CDMA completely decommissioned on 1900 today as they could run 1x800, 1x900 and EVDO900. It would be interesting if Sprint were able to buy spectrum below 817 MHz. SoLINC, for example, owns spectrum between 813 MHz and 817 MHz, if I remember correctly. If Sprint were able to acquire 4 MHz of spectrum below their current holdings, that would allow them to expand L800 to a 10x10 carrier.
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    Samsung really has missed out on the midrange. They either have flagship, or what come off as economy models. Target high quality, midrange and stop letting others have your lunch in that segment. They just have been afraid to cannibalize their flagship sales. But if they do it right, they won't need to worry. Robert
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    We do know that Cisco routers were used inside the Clear cabinets a few years ago to connect the Nokia Mini Macros Ethernet cables to the fiber and microwave backhaul. What model we are uncertain.
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    So Claure is now crying that Sprint doesn't have low band spectrum to compete..... Well wasn't this the guy alone with his former CFO that said during many conferences earning calls that low band is the spectrum of the past. Sprint/Softbank colluded with Tmobile to allow them to buy most of the 600mhz band while they sat out.
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    https://www.fiercewireless.com/5g/carriers-struggle-to-make-business-case-for-5g It seems that the carriers are having a hard time making a business case for 5G, given the massive infrastructure costs to upgrade to 5G. I still believe that hotspot duty in high traffic areas should be all that the operators should invest in with much slower adoption rate than 4G.
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    B26 now reaches inside Chuze Fitness, was able to stream music but loads a bit slow. Better than before
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    Believe him? https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/congress-challenges-t-mobile-sprint-merits-merger While Claure said Sprint is “no longer in dire financial straits,” he told lawmakers the company cannot upgrade its network on its own because it lacks low-band spectrum and capital. Claure testified that Sprint would need up to $25 billion to build a 5G network as a standalone company, and without positive cash flow the company would have to take on more debt and raise prices to pay off that debt.
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    Fried Chicken (just for your Robert) Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    You can rag on Sprint about a lot of things but lack of 256QAM and no deplpoyment of Massive MIMO isn't one of those things.
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    Hmm thats a solid argument which I wont disagree with but...in my area sprints density is terrible especially off of the main highway.. A new cell site or two is needed for sprint to fill in two roaming holes that are huge.....and the same could be said for tmobile with density... Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk
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    Good point. Your area is another where TMobile would benefit from Sprint. TMobile Only has 10x10 PC's total two 5x5 carriers of AWS 5x5 B12 and 20x20 B71 Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
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    That I don't know. I've been wondering the same thing about Duluth cause the lacks B41 also. However Sprint is on trackvto complete B41 but the end of spring so hopefully you can see the triband antenna And B41 there. Hopefully wider B25. Do you have a B25+25 CA device, that gives 10 mhz of download Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
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    I believe thats the same holding's as northern Minnesota totals holding of 15x15 A block and 5x5 G block. Vs South MN which is 10x10 a and 5x5 G. Accept Rochester which is 10x10 A, and 5x5 G and F. So yeah I don't know when you will be see 10x10. The very small part of SD that Sprint covers has 10x10. Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
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    What city are you in BTW? Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
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    Yes the rest is on CDMA. Some areas only have 5x5 left. If yours has 10x10 there isn't any reason then can trim CDMA to the last 5x5 and do 10x10 on LTE, they have done that in other cities Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
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    House Energy & Commerce Committee Hearing on Wednesday: https://energycommerce.house.gov/committee-activity/hearings/hearing-on-protecting-consumers-and-competition-an-examination-of-the-t Legere’s Written Testimony: https://energycommerce.house.gov/sites/democrats.energycommerce.house.gov/files/documents/LegereJ_Testimony2.pdf Marcelo’s Written Testimony: https://energycommerce.house.gov/sites/democrats.energycommerce.house.gov/files/documents/ClaureM_Testimony.pdf ........ House Judiciary Committee Hearing on Thursday: https://judiciary.house.gov/legislation/hearings/state-competition-wireless-market-examining-impact-proposed-merger-t-mobile-and
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    Yes there's definitely some sort of network-side configuration issue. Hopefully whoever you're working with will be able to resolve it. Otherwise, I would recommend emailing marci@sprint.com with as many technical details as you can, and she'll connect you with an engineer in your area.
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    I'm working with ZeroAssassin on the Sprint subreddit it's just he's been busy. My band 25 RSRP is usually between -80 and -90. Band 26 is about the same. I should also note that my phone isn't jumping on the closest tower either.
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    I would say it's site density. Just did a speed test and got 290Kbps down. I will say there are quite a few RF issues in my area though. Ex: Even though band 25 RSRP is very good my phone wants to jump on band 26. If you want the whole story lmk. It's super weird.
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    We have 3x3 L800 in Seattle too, but density is so good I almost always am on L2500. And when I do drop to L800, it's good enough for everything I do on my phone (including video). I would guess your market either doesn't have handoff parameters set to aggressively move users up to L1900/L2500 or lacks site sufficient site density to survive with 3x3 L800.
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    Sprint devices are only certified and tested for CDMA Band Class 1 which only included the PCS A-F blocks. This is because Sprint has CDMA live long before the PCS G Block even existed. Running CDMA band Class 14 would have allowed devices to use CDMA in the PCS G Block but every device on the network was BC1 only when Sprint acquired the PCS G block; long story short, a smooth transition wouldn't have been possible. Sprint has been swapping spectrum with other carriers over the past few years to obtain the PCS C block (which is contiguous with the PCS G block). This allows Sprint to run wider single L1900 carriers
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    Sprint's spectrum holdings aren't contiguous. They own a 15x15 chunk in the PCS A block and the PCS G block. Since the G block cannot be used for CDMA they have 5x5 LTE live there, 10x10 LTE live in the A block and 5x5 worth of CDMA online in the A block.
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    I get 5x5 (sometimes 10x5 with downlink CA) here in Grand Forks even though Sprint owns 20x20 of band 25 here. Not sure why they aren't deploying 15x15 band 25 and 5x5 for CDMA.
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