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    Won’t really offset all the jobs that will be lost , but talk about trying any and everything to get this approved Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    As per sammobile pie is rolling out to the S9 and S9+ on Xfinity mobile, expect a Sprint version very soon.
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    What do you mean? Sorry, not following.
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    Yep, my people on the inside have told me that they've expanded previously and are still expanding. These job postings seem to corroborate that: https://careers.sprint.com/page/show/call-center
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    That is odd. I'll have to do some digging and testing to see where that is coming from. Regarding TAC 0, I have it flagged to log if TAC is between 0 and 65535. I can have it ignore TAC 0 if that's truly invalid, but I assumed that about PCI when I wrote the app, which turned out to be wrong (PCI 0 is valid and in use). If TAC 0 is legitimate I could look into making it a user option. That's the long-standing issue where the PLMN doesn't update in sync with the other data. It's very annoying. I *may* have overcome that in the current beta, albeit accidentally.. it's taking awhile to iron out some other bugs that have popped up but I'm still plugging away at it. -Mike
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    I was surprised to learn that the Vegas Customer Service Center was still open as my understanding it was supposed to be "closed" a few years ago as well. But I heard it was expanded, so that was a pleasant surprise.
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    January 1 security patch came down the pipe today.
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    In my log database. It's usually US, but sometimes I'll see U.S. instead. Sometimes even for different sectors on the same site. (Unrelatedly, I'd love it if it were possible to prevent the log from updating when the TAC is 0 but is normally populated. I've found that the PCI values entered into the database are incorrect when the TAC is missing, and of course the TAC being 0 ends up in the database as well.) - Trip
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    I don't believe that's entirely accurate as I know several people who work at the huge Sprint customer service call center here in Las Vegas.
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    We're approaching that end of January deadline for Magic Boxes to receive the ethernet/WiFi backhaul firmware update.
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