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    Mike, I'm on Pixel 2 (not XL) running Android 8.1 and there's a really annoying, consistently re-produceable bug with multitasking. Apologies if it's already reported, but I'm pretty sure it's been in multiple releases. If you use the BACK button to back out of the app, and then switch back to it again later, you can exit the app normally. If you use the HOME or app switcher buttons instead, it's like the app creates a new activity view and pushes it onto the history stack. It's cumulative too, so sometimes you have to end up pressing BACK or menu -> Exit multiple times to back out of all the views before the app will finally close.
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    Probably one of the most exciting finds with sprint to date, band 26 aggregated with band 25 on the cell serving where I live.
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    Wilmington Delaware fastest speed yet.http://imgur.com/gallery/7Jor6az. Turn off 256 qam , and 4 x4 mimo. This the speed .Delaware market not lte advance yet either. Only 3carriers band 41 on Clearwire site. imagine lte advance 😍
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    B26 + B25 CA would be helpful in situations where B25 has a usable downlink although its uplink is not stable. You can use B26 for the uplink and enjoy the benefit of increased download speeds. The other way around makes less sense to me unless the cell grid is fairly dense and B26 is relatively lightly used.
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    I've found that here in Seattle, AT&T's L2300 has less range than Sprint's L2500 without HPUE. With HPUE it's not even a competition. I think it's because their deployment is 4x4 and the equipment they're using isn't as good as what Sprint is using. Additionally, since L2300 is a relatively fragile airlink (due to the high frequency) and only deployed at 10x10 (or sometimes even 5x5), hanoff parameters are set so devices drop connection at relatively high signal levels.
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    Network Vision sites (were initially planned) to have 36 Hour UPS Systems. About 20-25% have backup generators. Even though they are bid with 36 hour backups, it's not unusual for a 36 hour system not run 36 hours. For instance, if they add more radios than originally designed, that will reduce how long the batteries will last. Also, high demand can cause reduced duration too. Also, UPS systems fail and batteries fail, etc. Robert
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    it depends. It obviously cost a lot of money to equip it with backup power. Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk
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    Football Champions (Future)
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    Exactly its a huge waste.. Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk
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    I’d see more concern with “recent” post honeymoon phase of SoftBank and POTUS. But yeah with John’s trump tower tweeets from years ago - yeah Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I did additional testing on the 3XL's 1xRTT reception issues vs. a Galaxy S8 Plus. The S8 has about 8-10db better reception on 1xRTT. I think that is totally crazy...
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    I have never really built a tower, so this should be fun. Trying to incorporate it into some sturdy outdoor upgrades. I knew once I started punching holes, drilling and running wires we were going to eventually have to learn how to build stuff too. While this unit is indoors, we are receiving a bit better throughput, lower pings and more stable speeds than using the roof mounted antenna via 25ft of LMR 400 coax. So far this is great, 2 years ago I was paying the CableCo 90 bucks a month for less then this. They can keep it.
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    I actually also have this issue but didn't even think to report it as a bug. Nothing custom that I can think of, as I see it across multiple devices. - Trip
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    Huh.. very strange -- I'm not able to reproduce this on my Pixel 3. One other person reported it to me a few months ago (I don't think it was you) but I was not able to reproduce that on my original Pixel. Do you have a custom launcher, memory management app, or anything else installed that you can think of that might play a role? -Mike
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    Exciting times! I'm in the Shentel region for the first time since the funeral and in Farmville yesterday, although the Southern Virginia market Sprint sites still have the 028xxx GCIs, I connected to 0FE876 in the Wal-Mart parking lot with PCI 19, and also saw a PCI 28 neighbor cell that I never connected to. Going to drive by some candidate sites on the way out of town this morning and see where they're coming from. - Trip
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    I'm on my way to Denver and been switching on all bands even 12 too... So I guess they do have licenses there.... Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    Sorry for the double post. Made a video of the bug in action: To reproduce: 1. Switch away from the app without using the back button. 2. Use the notification to switch back. 3. Try to exit app.
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    Spotted some band 71 on hwy 54 going to Alamogordo, NM Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    I'm really not certain, but the tower closest to me also has it in Woodstock. I find myself on it fairly regularly. There is no CA when on the 10 mhz channel. It's not just for idling. It stays on the channel even when using data, so I assume it's used for load balacing. Maybe someday it'll be used as a secondary download for CA with B25. That would probably be pretty cool. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Folks, please stop posting political stuff. I've removed the posts that are political.
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    Folks, pretty sure the subject of this discussion is not funding for border security measures, but rather about a merger between Sprint and T-Mobile. Please stay on topic. - Trip
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    Funny enough these are faster than what I've seen from Att's "5G"
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    Hey that’s 5G!!! At least that’s what AT&T would say [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Upgrades are going well on LI. Noticed more Small Cells and B41 upgrades. Also got this in Freeport NY Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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