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    Folks, pretty sure the subject of this discussion is not funding for border security measures, but rather about a merger between Sprint and T-Mobile. Please stay on topic. - Trip
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    The same tower in Front Royal mentioned above (306 N Royal Ave) added a 10 mhz 3rd carrier on B41. I noticed it last night. Front Royal has a lot of Sprint users and the towers do slow down during the day and evening. This should definitely help in the downtown area.
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    It isn't "locked". That phone could take any sim other than a Sprint MVNO right now. Ditto to the above. You aren't running into any issues because you aren't trying to switch between say Sprint and Ting or Sprint and Fi.
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    Sprint keeps Pre-paid and Post-paid devices under separate labels in their device management database. Any device activated on Sprint post-paid service typically gets a SPCS (Sprint PCS) "flag"" in Sprint’s system. For whatever reason (I’d assume it is probably a relic of pre-byod days and when MVNOs had crap phone selections), devices that were active on Sprint post-paid cannot be taken to pre-paid without intervention. Project Fi is a pre-paid Sprint MVNO. What needs to happen here is the “flag” needs to be “flipped” from SPCS to PLBL (Private LaBeL). Either side here Project Fi or Sprint should be able to do this. The key is to finding someone that understands what they're doing. Edit: the device being Active on a Sprint post-paid account is probably complicating this further.
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    It isn't political when we're just complaining about the shutdown of the government affecting the Sprint/T-Mobile merger. We're not assigning blame, we're just frustrated that it happened, not just this time but all the times in the past.
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    If the phone has the latest update, it has VoLTE. Whether the market is accepting VoLTE calls is a different matter. I don't think VoLTE is active in the Seattle market yet as they continue to roll out B26. Therefore the phone may not allow her to turn it on until she is in a market that is allowing VoLTE calls.
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    Recommend that the moderator purge the off-topic political comments above just like any other spam. Then purge this one at the same time.
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    What a mess! Gonna detach all those WiFi antenna after we get it outside and add access points. Put some directionals on the second router so it could connect, will end up using the ones on the roof since they are tied in with coax already. Looks pretty good for a test setup. Will look great on a proper pole with a flag. This project is chugging along nicely. Have a great weekend everyone.
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    They may be deciding, but all the research and analysis work is done by staff and presented to them for the decision. - Trip
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    Significant changes were introduced with Android 6.0 that limited what cell and Wi-Fi info would be accessible without Location access. I believe the theory behind it was that you could use that information to deduce your location. I held off implementing those APIs in SignalCheck as long as possible because I knew it would create headaches, but they have been in place since version 4.43 of the app, which was released in June 2017. Perhaps Samsung didn't fully implement those changes in it's flavor of the OS until the new update you just applied. -Mike
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