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    We know the average age of a phone is approaching three years, but that likely has a long tail. The first phones with VoLTE mentioned in their FCC certification was about three years ago, therefore at least half of the Sprint phones in use are CDMA only. The FCC hopefully requires that T-Mobile either upgrade the smartphones firmware or provide a discount for the less popular VoLTE capable or CDMA only models (required by FCC in Shentel-nTelos merger, done by T-Mobile in Metro PCS merger). Sprint's current VoLTE efforts amount to little more than a box checked to say they have VoLTE. The minuscule number of VoLTE phones say Sprint is really still a CDMA carrier in terms of voice calls. They likely realized it would be too much pain for too little gain for them at this point. Call performance typically has dipped with the introduction of VoLTE until the network is density is increased, which Sprint last did with the introduction of WiMAX outside of short range lower powered small cells. Getting VoLTE to cover the range of 1x800 (B26 covers only the range of 1x1900) would be expensive. Hopefully the FCC requires T-Mobile to cover this like the Shental-nTelos merger which required all CDMA areas to be covered by LTE.
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    Hi guys, I think Verizon is now offering domestic HSPA roaming on T-Mobile on devices lacking CDMA. While looking on Verizon’s international coverage map (https://www.verizonwireless.com/wcms/overlays/international-travel-coverage-map.html), I noticed 3G coverage in Curlew, WA which only shows up when “World Device (with GSM)” is selected. The coverage is not there on the “Non World Device (CDMA Only)” setting. Upon poking around the source code, I found that map loads several coverage layers, including one called “directumtsamericas”. Upon cutting out all of the layers barring this one, I found that the map exactly matches T-Mobile’s HSPA coverage map. It is interesting to note that UMTS-only (non-HSPA) areas on T-Mobile’s map do not show up on Verizon’s map I know Verizon has offered UMTS roaming for CDMA-less devices on AT&T in the past. Maybe they are now replacing this with T-Mobile roaming? EDIT: Premier sponsors can now view this coverage on the Ultimate Coverage Map.
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    So after finding the perfect spot(only took me a month haha) I'm now getting great results! 13/3 now vs 1/0 old.
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    Jason has answered our questions from the Q&A! https://www.reddit.com/r/Sprint/comments/a8e65e/qa_with_g_jason_schnellbacher_responses/
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    They’ve never responded when I’ve sent them emails either. Oh well. I’ve since switched to using the Rootmetrics App for mapping and haven’t looked back.
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    I have tried to gst a response out of Sensorly on this but no luck so far.
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    I believe I'm seeing the same issue on my s8 plus. The map hasn't updated and I've mapped the area twice now. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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