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    Holy moly. The new 4T8R relay is legit.
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    Maybe for you, but not for a handful of us. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    V30+ just got its VoLTE update!! Nice to see the list finally growing!
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    HUCA (HANG UP CHAT AGAIN.) . .... worked for me. Second chat agent was perfectly happy to get a Magic Box Gold headed my way, along with a return kit for my current MB.
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    I just chatted with Sprint online and asked and he's over-nighting the new Gold Box and RMA kit for me. In like 3 messages total this was solved. Never had a chat be so efficient. Clearly CSR is doing the right routing to the appropriate agents now.
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    Still no VOLTE for the S9 yet? It works great on my S8. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Yes, I had to update profile to enable the toggle.
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    A new database entry would be added because the app would see it as a new PLMN and GCI. So that would result in the same GCI having multiple entries, but the new entry would be copying in the old entry's site note. If the Logger is running, the new entry will be populated with all of the cell info available. Hypothetical example.. you have a local Sprint site 123456AA that you logged months or years ago under 310120. Next week, your phone suddenly starts reporting everything as 312530 like several of us experienced recently. So, when you hit 123456AA for the first time: Previous versions of SignalCheck would not find anything in the database, and consider it a brand new site. A new log entry would be created as 312530/123456AA. There would be no site note, because the app didn't look beyond 312530 for it. The new logic implemented in this beta would initially not find anything in the database, but then in searching all of the Sprint PLMNs it would see the 310120 entry. A new log entry would be created as 312530/123456AA, using the site note pulled from the original log entry. In both instances, you're getting a new (potentially bogus) database entry. The new method pulls the existing site note over. Similar logic can be applied to Clear sites, which report a different PLMN. Many devices do not update the PLMN and GCI at the same time; therefore, there are probably duplicate entries in your log, half of which have no site note. I know I had a ton of Clear GCIs logged with Sprint PLMNs and vice versa. Yes, half of them are wrong. But until networks and/or devices behave differently, this problem is going to continue. I see this new logic as a solution so that instead of blank site notes, you get an accurate site note stored for the "new" cell you hit. The only potential issue is that if GCIs are legitimately duplicated across the Sprint network under different PLMNs, and you happen to connect to both sites. Then a site note will be pulled that really shouldn't be. But that's a very very slim potential compared to the 99.99% of times this feature is going to benefit users IMHO. It's tricky, because there's no easy way to know if a PLMN ID is accurate or a hiccup. But the app is only as good as the data that is passed to it. -Mike
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    I may be wrong but think the LTE/Global toggle doesn't change the way Sprint phones perform/roam.
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    I did the dialer code reset and then did the profile update. My test worked for the phone call using LTE calling. When it failed I was at my Target that has a Magic Box....I wonder if that was the issue? Wife was NOT pleased, lol.
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    Yes, an OTA update should have gone out this morning for the V30/V30+.
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    Have we gotten actual reports with V30s using VoLTE? Two of those on my account and no success so far.
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    Looks like the LG V30 supports VoLTE as of this morning. I’m also hearing that HD voice is now working on calls to Verizon VoLTE users.
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    Waiting on iOS 12.1.1.... https://tenor.com/WIbs.gif
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    I had the same problem, doing a profile update fixed it. Yes.
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    Of 2019.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Second chat agent hooked me up. . Amazing the personality difference between the two that I dealt with. I was most surprised that when I was on the phone with the OKC team that they said to try again in a month or so.
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    I was told, hopefully December if testing goes well! Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Already loving the LTE 750 designation for band 14. Makes it much easier to spot while driving. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Turning on LTE calling rendered my phone calling useless. It would dial but then there was just nothing on the other end, total silence. When I disabled the LTE calling portion of it, it worked fine. So unless other people are having a better experience, I would wait.
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    Not sure what to do, my Pixel 2 XL has decided that it no longer likes my MB. It just won't see the MB. I'm bouncing between t-mobile roaming that screws up my clock, to over subscribed B26, to weak B41 that barely works, to occasionally B25 that works. However, B25 gets handed off very quickly to one of the other bands. Randomly on Monday my phone latched on to the MB and stayed there until I ran into town, when I got home, it wouldn't see it. It seems that the longer I stay in the house, eventually my phone will see the MB, but it's very inconsistent. I worked with Customer Care, however, they told me to take my phone to a Sprint store for diagnostics. My MB appears to be fine as my HotSpot connects to it just fine and never leaves. My neighbors and family Sprint devices hook to it just fine. I've done all the standard system updates, PRL, Profile, etc. Used to be that as soon as I got into my garage I was on the MB and my phone never went to the Macro until I was driving away. Any suggestions, thoughts, ideas?
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    The update brought lte calling back without having to do this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    On the Nexus 5x I have a handy little app called Fi Switch which allows me to paste the dialer codes into the dialer. I decided to not go back to Google Fi since I am actually waiting for Spectrum Mobile to enable BYOD on their Verizon based MNVO so I can switch my main line to that. I have a Kickstarter $15 line on Sprint but I have not seen any T-Mobile roaming yet. I am wondering if T-Mobile roaming is enabled on a market by market basis in conjunction with VOLTE or is it because it is a BYOD phone.
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    If any one wants calling plus again on beta, dial ##72786# and when is done, you can activate LTE calling beta. Credit goes to Jesito473. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    1 phone out of 4 used for that test did not have the "Use New Sprint/Samsung Indicators" option turned on, which was the one these screen shots came from. Sorry for the error. Thanks again
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    The sectors you hit (0B and 14) will appear in the app as band 26 without EARFCN info *if* you have enabled the "Use New Sprint/Samsung Indicators" option under General Settings. They are part of the new Samsung configuration that has been rolling out recently, but do not apply to all regions right now. 02 is also band 26, and there are several other sectors for the other bands/carriers. -Mike
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    I don't see it being a problem.
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