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    Sprint will never go out of business. The only options they have at this point are succeed or get bought out. A carrier with 60 Million customers doesn't just close up shop.
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    55070 out on iOS 12.1 on my iPhone XS Max
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    The way I think of 5G in layman's terms is by following the history of "cord cutting". Cord cutting allows the user to stop using an expensive wired connection in exchange for performing the same or similar function over a different wire or over a wireless connection they are already paying for thereby saving money. Many years ago, people started to realize that they could get rid of their wired home telephone and its associated charges and only use their mobile phone or Voice over IP (VOIP) for voice calls. This "telephone cord cutting" movement was primarily caused by the mobile phone companies offering unlimited calling across the country at no extra charge included in their mobile plans. Telephone cord cutting has since become a huge trend with most people using their mobile phones but many businesses going to VOIP which changes voice calls from using the voice lines to using a data connection over the internet. Interesting enough mobile phone calls are also moving to VOIP over the mobile network which is commonly called VoLTE (Voice over LTE). People more recently started "entertainment cord cutting", which most often means getting rid of their satellite and cable TV subscriptions. This type of cord cutting for entertainment started a few years ago and that trend is also increasing. Streaming entertainment is a fast growing trend as can be seen with huge numbers of people subscribing to Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, DirecTV Now, etc. Unfortunately the current 4G LTE networks cannot handle huge numbers of people streaming over the mobile network so they have a number of restrictions on data usage such as de-prioritization and bandwidth limits for heavy data users and forcing mobile delivered videos to a lower quality and bandwidth. This causes most "entertainment cord cutters" to keep their wired internet connection or live with poor streaming quality for their entertainment. 5G "internet cord cutting" allows people to get rid of their wired internet connection and go solely with 5G wireless for their home and their mobile devices. 5G networks promise high enough bandwidth and low enough latency to use it as your primary internet connection for everything the average person would need including running their streaming entertainment at full speed. Running wires to every house and business in an area is very costly and customers pay higher fees to wired providers partially due to that extra cost. 5G allows similar speeds to wired internet to be delivered to the same location or the same mobile device by a wireless signal. Running wires to a local broadcast tower is less expensive than running those same wires to every building in the area. 5G opens the possibility of providing wireless high speed internet for less money, adding additional choice of internet providers, and adding wireless internet coverage to areas that have no wired internet available. 5G networks can handle many more simultaneous mobile and fixed location devices and can have much higher bandwidth than is available on today's 4G LTE networks.
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    I've seen as low as 20ms on LTE but usually it's 30-60ms. If 5G can hit 20ms with 5ms jitter consistently then it basically is a drop-in for wired connectivity (5ms jitter is about what I see for cable, 20ms last-hop is what I saw with DSL).
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    Of the 1.48 million non overlapping data points on Signal Detector I have collected 97.5% are Sprint. Sprints band brake down from total is 39.2% B25, 19.8% B26, and 38.5% B41. Sprint is going to be fine on their own. Roaming is just a safety net for those in rural areas like the south(MS, AL, and GA) or rural like Central PA.
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    A penthouse is a type of dwelling at the top of a tall building. It can be owned like a condo, or leased like an apartment. Sometimes, the building can be completely commercial in nature and only have one penthouse home on the top. Most iconic penthouses in the Manhattan sense are owned. And even the ones that are leased are usually by an individual owner leasing out their penthouse, versus an apartment style were the entire building is owned by a single owner with all units leased out. But now I am grossly off topic!
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    Now, there could be some transition pains. T-Mobile's network is oversold in some places and T-Mobile said that at some point they will transition all of Sprint's LTE customers off band 41 and onto the midband 4, 2 and 25. Now hopefully by that time they will have enough 5G coverage on the remaining 2.5Ghz spectrum and would have enough 5G phones and customers so that the midband does not become congested.
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    Well the only thing I have to say to that is only time will tell. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    That is T-Mobile LTE roaming. I would guess that what you’re experiencing is probably because T-Mobile roaming is still rolling out in your market and handover params aren’t finalized yet.
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    I've been currently experiencing excessive roaming around SE Michigan Area. I recently got Pixel 3 XL and I'm not sure if network issues or phone issues. I am also experiencing while in roaming mode, my system time changes and is ahead by 5 hours. Last night, my alarm went off in the middle of the night. I was confused, but when I looked at my phone, I noticed it was roaming. Anyone else seen similar issues around SE Michigan Area? Just curious. I've chatted with Sprint Care and they reset the service on their side. But if the problem persists, they told me to contact level 2 technical service. go figure... NOTE: I notice while roaming I'm on Band 2.
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    192Mbps download? Must not be a relay site. 2 carriers?
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    [emoji817] Very smooth, decent battery from install, very impressed and hopefully it only improves and even better on the s10! Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Feels really polished, nice and smooth plus the dark theme is awesome.
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    Boy, I haven't found much that's broken here yet? Much better than the S8 one last year!! Camera shutter can be disabled with toggle, so I'm sure that'll disappear in the final build.
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    Very nice, smooth so far! Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    So far so good. Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
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    To get into the Beta, install the Samsung+ Beta app from APKmirror: https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/samsung-electronics-co-ltd-2/samsung/samsung-11-2-1-0-release/samsung-11-2-1-0-android-apk-download/download/ Then, once you are in there, you'll see a banner asking if you want in, register and boop, you're in. Still deciding if I want to pull the trigger on this Beta......
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    And you joined it? installed it? is it usable?
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    Sprint is mainly doing the roaming thing with T-Mobile and AT&T because of VOLTE.
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    November 1st Security Patch Out!
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    Camp Fire Jack in the Box, Paradise, California 2017-2018 R.I.P.
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    Anyone in the market for Masa’s house? https://www.bizjournals.com/kansascity/news/2018/11/14/masayoshi-son-marcelo-claure-mission-hills-mansion.html He must be pretty confident the merger is going to go through if he’s listing it. Same for Marcelo.
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    That is the point. They can't so they won't stay relevant. They will go bust or become a leap wireless, strickly focused on the low end. Lets hope this goes through.
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    That’s [emoji1] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Coverage expansion is badly needed !! Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    So managed to find a Moto Z2 Force to try out, and the results are pretty substantial sitting at my desk. The Moto is better pulling LTE by 3 dbm, and the 1x (which I believe is what I want for just making a voice call, right?) was better by 16 or 20 dbm. Might have me shopping soon...
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    I don’t think Sprint could survive either. I don’t think TMO can continue to be the underdog on offers - with out Sprint. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Unfortunately Sprint is likely to fail if the merger doesn't go through.
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    There isn't even a clear definition of what 5G actually is. At this point, it seems to be whatever the company pushing it at that moment wants it to be. They talk about deploying 5G in rural areas, but if it's nothing more than the new 5G modulation standard, there's no reason that can't be deployed by refarming existing spectrum over time, just like LTE was deployed. - Trip
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    Would Sprint have the money to implement 5g with their debt and low customer count? Just asking.
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    Found first M-MIMO in the Bronx! By Bronx terminal mall. Speeds and coverage indoors went from okish (4-10mb) to this... http://imgur.com/gallery/6yOw6Dk And signal was considerbly lower and dirtier on previous Clear equipment. M-MIMO is the real deal folks!
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    I recently went on an 8 day cruise from NYC to the Caribbean that stopped in Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. My first stop was Grand Turk and there I opted for the free roaming. My S9+ automatically connected to Flow's (Cable & Wireless) LTE network where I received speeds of around 120kbps on average with boosts of up to 150kbps. Something worth noting is that on speed tests, the server prefers to default to Sprint's Miami server as opposed to local servers. Speeds were more than adequate for any amount of web browsing and honestly felt much faster than in reality. It helps that using Chrome will save you data by not loading pictures on certain sites unless you click them. In Puerto Rico, I connected to Band 13 on the way into the port in San Juan but once I was in the city, my phone never left Band 41. While the phone was usable, speeds remained significantly lower than what I've come to expect from 3xCA in the mainland U.S. Data speeds peaked at around 25-30Mbos but on average were in the 5-10 Mbps range even on LTE+. Signal remained strong everywhere though. Finally in the Dominican Republic, I entered in Amber Cover which is in Puerto Plata. My phone latched onto a weak Band 2 LTE signal in the port from Altice (called Orange Dominicana in SignalCheck). I had trouble loading pages though. Once off of the ship and out in the open, I had a much stronger signal which allowed me to browse the internet without a hitch. Because it was the last day of my trip, while at the beach I decided to purchase the 24 hour high speed pass for $5. My speeds went from 120kbps to 65Mbps in less than 5 seconds. In some areas speeds were slower, particularly at the port where it struggled to break 2Mbps. Now, back on the boat my phone is flipping between weak Band 4 LTE and overloaded Band 5 HSPA+ from Claro (called Verizon Dominicana in SignalCheck Pro). Here is the difference in speed from before and after purchasing the high speed pass.
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