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    41+41 UL CA is already live almost nationwide. 25+25 UL CA is possible although it isn’t live today. 25+41 is a bit trickier although we may see it at some point down the road...
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    Even if the merger goes through, 25+25 CA will be helpful if: The combined company has more than 20 MHz FDD of PCS spectrum in a market The combined company wants to run multiple PCS carriers (one including the G block and one excluding the G block) due to the fact that not all T-Mobile devices support B25 but they all support B2 The combined company’s PCS holdings are not contiguous in a market
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    Yes. It happens with mapping information too. I will do some mapping, then check the maps and see the new band I mapped represented with the Site ID. Then a few days later the band disappears, as well as all my mapping. Most of the time it eventually reappears. When it doesn't, I go back and use the Reupload data points feature. It can be very frustrating. Robert
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    Business card Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    Magic boxes have been updated with software that makes them VoLTE aware. However VoLTE only works if the magic box is connected to a macro tower where VoLTE is enabled.
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    Just got the 50Gb hot spot added to my ED1500 account for free! Nice move Sprint! Greatly appreciated.
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    There is no such thing as paranormal activity. Everything has a logical scientific explanation. Except for Leprechauns. Those mother effers are real.
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