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    So Ill throw my 2 bits out, from a few things I have noticed/found out.... The sprint/tmo roam agreement is in full effect and is aggressive... It took me a good couple weeks to figure out what the hell was going on, and why i kept "roaming" in my "home" area.. So i emailed my sales rep (I have a business account) and asked what the hell is going on.... He gave me a discount for the inconvenience (thanks for that) and told me they are working on towers aggressively out here (Utah). Well today as I was waiting on something, the roaming thing popped up again, and I went and did some reading on reddit (yes i am sure most of you know all this) So roaming on clearwire.. is roaming on Tmo.. and its native and you should keep the dl speeds of the tower. Because where i was, had a tmo tower 500 feet from me, and the sprint tower was about 1.5 miles.....so there we go on that... My sales rep also said "off record" there has been A LOT of traffic from Tmo reps at the KC offices, and that there is a positive attitude that this thing should go through. Though of course no "commits" They will get more info in Dec, and it should be a fairly seamless transaction...
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    Look I hate Charlie Ergen, but at this point I think that it would have been much better if he had acquired Sprint or rather merged with it. At least he would have brought some spectrum with him and would have invested some money in Sprint.
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    And 5G is ... what? All it is now is 1 number higher than 4.
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    Red,. I applaud your passion. And no I'm not being condescending. But I disagree with what your saying. Yess, we didn't see the $5-6B that tmobile spends. Or the $10+B that the other two guys spend. The balance sheet couldn't support it. They had to be creative, Hence Mobilitie. I would have love to see money thrown Willy nilly to build more tower. But, at that point it couldn't be done. Now the point about Masa,. Think about it this way. It's like you got this big ass mansion with many guest houses. And fires all over the place. And a guest house catches ?. But your limited on how much water you can use. If you use too much, you won't have enough to protect the mansion. And then everything you worked for is down the drain. Or literally up in smoke. Masa has $100B+ in debt. Guy is not dumb. But he has to be selective on how to use the *water*. I think he's an incredible risk taker. Some pan out, some don't. But, I won't critize the guy, cause again if Masa didn't buy Sprint. Other carriers would be picking @ Sprint like vultures on the roads.
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    I always thought that the battery health was inaccurate. My wife has a 7+ (which was a former device of mine) and I had an 8+. Her battery health was at 94% for an older device with more use. She also let the battery drain to the point it would shut down. The 8+ battery health was at 88%. It was a newer less used device. I personally try not to look at the battery health as much as I can.
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    As long as your Phone is on LTE Volte will stay connected doesn't matter which band your on. It's only when you lose LTE that the call will drop Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Don't be dramatic. Lol. Can't wait to see Neville and Saw on the podium kicking ass and taking names.
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    If the merger doesn't go through I'm out, not gonna be a good network to be on considering the competition. Would love to see B41 at it's prime, it's perfect for 5G but time will tell.
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    Maybe. But he isn't a charity. There was better use for his capital than investing in a Sprint with T-mobile.
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    Couldn’t he pay off those loans instead of investing in ARM, Uber and Boston Dynamics (called it Boston Robotics by mistake earlier)?
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    It wasn't that he didn't invest the capital is was that he couldn't. The convents with the banks he got the loans from to buy sprint would allow him to sink more money into sprint with out paying them off first.
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    I’m happy Masa bought Sprint. I’m not happy that he refused to invest capital in it to the degree that it negatively impacted the value of his actual investment... and mine as a shareholder. As a result: Sprint is becoming part of T-Mobile: “New T-Mobile”. T-Mobile is not becoming part of Sprint. If this merger doesn’t go through, Masa will have to open the spigot on funding Sprint unless he can find another suitable merger partner... which could offer a worse merger deal than T-Mobile. Or he could let things go the way they are and everything that Sprint said to the FCC as far as its smaller coverage area, limited 5G deployment and shrinking competitive scale (vs the competition) will come to be.
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    Honestly, be happy Masa bought Sprint and kept it alive. He gave the company hope. The company is now more nimble and somewhat has a direction. If it wasn't for him it'd probably be parts for the other carriers.
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    I think that T-Mobile is saying all the right things to get this merger to go through. Also to keep the employees of both companies at ease. As soon as this merger is complete I believe the T-Mobile will kill off the Sprint name and it’s prepaid brand and it should. T-Mobile is also turning into a carrier again with their 36mo financing. I get they are trying to keep monthly device cost down because of the increase full retail pricing by Apple and Samsung.
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    Thanks for the verification. This is exactly what I found.
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    Email I saw about that site (East Waynesboro WA06SH310) states: Site is now on air with 2 10mhz B25 FDD LTE carriers, 1 800 LTE 5mhz carrier, 2 TDD 20mhz carriers, and 1 TDD 10mhz LTE carrier. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yeah. I think T-Mobile will give some recognition to Sprint's network initially as was discussed in the Town Hall meeting, but that recognition will dissipate over time. As the majority owner, T-Mobile will ultimately be the one calling the shots. Sprint's people will be involved to the degree that they have a greater understanding of Sprint's network than the T-Mobile people. Once the networks are integrated however, I'm thinking that Sprint's people will have to prove their greater value to the merged company in order to stay there. Masa never gave Sprint the capital it needed to effectively compete with the other carriers... to the point where Sprint didn't even participate in the 600 MHz auction because it didn't have the money, but tried to write it off as "Spectrum of the Past"... Funny how it's now "Spectrum of the Future" when combined with 2.5 GHz when we're talking about a Merger. Instead, Masa threw countless billions at ARM, Boston Robotics and Uber.... Oh well. One of my favorite quotes: "If we don't change direction soon, we'll wind up where we're going." And here we are....
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    I had the same issue. I ended up contacting Sprint on Twitter. We exchanged a couple of DMs and then Sprint moved to a trouble shooter on the web and finally had a trouble shooter call me. After some time troubleshooting remotely, they decided to replace the unit. The replacement unit works well. See the SCP shots before and after in my home taken with a Galaxy S9.. Additional comments: While the MB is not up against a window as recommended, I can get a MB signal on the public street in front of my home. Makes my remote garage door opener on my phone more dependable. Same for my Nest connection on my phone. I see a difference on both my HTC One M8 and my new Galaxy S9. HTC One m8 Speedtest in house WiFi verses Magic Box. Not sure how these numbers compare to the norm around here. A moment later, Sprint beat my WiFi upload at 5.12 MbPs.
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    Found this interesting app that helps position MB's in best possible location.. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sprint.networktools&rdid=com.sprint.networktools It is an unreleased app so expect less than perfect performance out of it. But it is coming from Sprint directly which is encouraging.
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