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    Magic Box broadcast's it's service on B41 LTE. iPhone 5 and 5S are not capable of B41, only 25 & 26(iPhone 5S only).
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    I'm on a really rural project right now and US Cellular roaming has been fantastic on my unlocked Note 9. I save my heavier data usage for when I'm back at the hotel, which is in Sprint territory. Sent from my SM-N960U1 using Tapatalk
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    I'm currently on the light rail to the Edinburgh airport, ending a few days in the UK. Figure now's as good a time as any to post my experiences while using Global Roaming here. Note that my experience covers only London-Heathrow and Edinburgh between the airport and the Holyrood building, with a little bit of north-south in there. Used my Essential Phone for this. The most important bit first: Global Roaming includes tethering, and works on LTE in the UK! Traffic is proxied through Omaha so there's a significant latency penalty but calling via Duo (audio and video) worked fine wherever I had a decent signal. I did a few speed tests throughout the trip, but this one at the base of Edinburgh Castle at the top of the Royal Mile was the best one: Check out my Speedtest result! How fast is your internet? https://www.speedtest.net/my-result/a/4318190569 I was on O2 effectively the entire time; I saw Vodafone once on GPRS (!) but otherwise it was a crapshoot whether I had service indoors, despite 800 MHz being available on the network and my phone (B20). I saw a mix of B1 and B20 in Edinburgh, plus some B3 at Heathrow. I saw HSPA (still O2) once on the trip from the airport. Point being, you'll want a phone that does B20 to get reasonable LTE coverage when roaming in the UK with Sprint. Judicious use of the fact that day passes are a full 24 hours meant that three day passes got me enough high speed data to cover my needs for my four day trip (I didn't need high speed data this morning due to plenty of WiFi). Sprint would text me any time my pass expired with a link to the international portal where I could buy another pass. The first text from the came a few minutes after connecting to O2 after landing in Heathrow, including a notification that calls (of which I made none) would be 20 cents per minute. All in all not a bad experience. Could've been better if Vodafone roaming had been on LTE, or if EE had been a roaming partner, but I'm sure the latter would be a pipe dream given that they're by far the best network in the UK. EDIT: O2 is down to WCDMA/H+ in the Edinburgh airport. WiFi is available though so I just used that. EDIT 2: Caught Band 40 while sitting on the plane about to depart from Heathrow. Sorry, not spending $5 to figure out how fast it is, though even in slow mode it's pretty snappy.
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    No, same carrier bundle as my XS Max. But of course, with carrier bundles, they can still disable certain bands for certain devices. Maybe once iOS 12.1 drops it’ll enable it. I sure enjoy the expanded data service.
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    My understanding is that Apple watches are not enabled for roaming service on the Sprint network. That means they only work in cellular stand-alone mode if you are in an area where the provider is listed as Sprint. The Apple Watch should work with native roaming as long as the provider is listed as Sprint on your iPhone but I have not tested this. Do not expect any Apple watch cellular functionality when in an extended or international roaming area. Your Apple watch should work in extended or international roaming areas if its paired iPhone is within blue tooth range of the Apple watch and blue tooth is enabled on both your iPhone and on the watch. The Apple watch works by using the iPhone cellular connection over the blue tooth link to the iPhone in this scenario.
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    So I’ll share my experience with the iPhone Xs that I bought unlocked from apple. I came from a carrier unlocked s9 plus, my carrier is sprint. So testing this iPhone that I bought on 10-12 in weak spots for sprint. It does just as well as my s9 if not better. Places where my s9 was roaming on Verizon 1x my iPhone would still have a sprint native 1x signal that I was able to complete a call over. As far as lte it held onto lte longer then the s9 did in the same spots before dropping the connection for 1x. The area I tested has no T-Mobile coverage at all so I know it wasn’t roaming onto them. Speeds on lte have also been faster then my wife’s lg q7 on the same carrier, band and server when testing.
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    Just an update. I experienced Band 41 congestion on a Mini Macro near the Mall in Greenville, SC. It was actually my first negative experience in a while. Also, on my Android I am seeing T-Mobile Roaming and it helps in places like Pelzer, Piedmont, and Easley. I was thinking about leaving for Spectrum Mobile but the T-Mobile Roaming caused me to paused that idea because it worked better than I thought in suburban areas outside of the City of Greenville. I only wished it showed up as Sprint instead of Roaming. I would like the phone to switch to T-Mobile based on speeds instead of coverage. Right now I only get T-Mobile if I'm outside the Sprint LTE coverage area.
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    Antenna pictures are not that useful for identifying carriers for small cells since they're all pretty much very similar omnis. Need pics of the actual equipment if there is any.
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    You need to wait until iOS 12.1
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    Band 41 is coming to Milledgeville, GA it looks like. This site (top rack...bottom rack is VZ LTE only) was a LTE GMO site with legacy antennas until last Friday. This tower is located by the lake on the border of Baldwin and Putnam. Only band 25 being broadcast currently. Speeds of ~25 Mbps on an iPhone 6. The congested site in town has yet to be updated. They also need to invest in mounting antennas on some of the water towers that are currently still LTE holes
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    Just went live now in minneapolis as well. Doesn't appear to support my airave 4g lte though. If I get far enough away from my airave, I see the icon and the 1x drop off. I'm on an s8. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Receiving T-mobile in a weak Sprint part of Milwaukee. The TM speeds are pretty decent for this being one of their worst spectrum markets. Note that one of the screen shots is roaming on Verizon CDMA at the same time!? Sent from my SM-G892U using Tapatalk
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    I've never been without service at least in the last 5 years but hey if I don't have to see 3G ever again I'll be happy.
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    VoLTE is live in the Missouri Market. Updated my wife's phone and it connected. Can't verify the quality as I haven't used it. Hoping it comes to the LG G7 soon
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