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    This may not bode well for the merger... giving those that are against, more food for feeding. (Reduces the MVNO's and cheap plans) I have to say, I don't think Sprint knew what to do with Virgin. The brand went silent more than a year ago.. no commercials, or advertising. It was once a bigger contributor to Sprint's bottom line. The I-Phone only thing probably was the final death nail. Hope Sprint knows what they are doing, but I doubt it.
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    Saw this coming from a mile away. Boost Mobile has been a more successful and popular brand than Virgin Mobile for quite some time and I'm sure licensing the Virgin name has cost them a bit over the years too. Glad to see it go but I hope the employees can find work in the Boost brand.
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    Night Court Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    Good point. Virgin essentially went silent quite some time ago. The uptake numbers must have been really low. Oh well.
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    T-Mobile has always acted on deploying the Spectrum as quickly as possible. So my belief is that if Sprint is taken over that T-Mobile will act accordingly and deploy as quickly as possible. Obviously there are many factors that may hinder that.
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    Your memory conveniently rewrites history. Sprint did not have the resources of T-Mobile to do that. All your supposing is if Sprint and T-Mobile had exactly the same financial footing the day of the 600MHz auction. Far from it. And not only that, if Sprint had participated, everyone would have paid more for 600MHz too, and smaller blocks for everyone. Sprint wouldn't have purchased for the same amount T-mo just did, they would have paid more. And there is no way Sprint would have walked out of the auctions with as much spectrum as T-Mobile did. Sprint could not afford to pay for 600MHz, let alone pay more for it by driving up the prices. And then pay for the deployment of it. You already complain about Sprint CapEx, but you would have required them to spend even more. You act like Sprint had unlimited resources. That really has always been the issue all along. They have had to focus on getting the best bang for the limited resources they have. And the network is getting better and better. It's been a fine line all along. The big disappointment in the past 5 years in my mind is that Masayoshi Son never swept in with more capital. That was the expectation all along. A couple of extra cash infusions at the right times the past 5 years could have catapulted Sprint far forward in the race. Maybe even prevented T-Mobile from taking 3rd Place. Sprint never really received an outside infusion but was forced to reorganize and fund internally with the resources they had or could muster on their own. Which were good moves for financially security. However, additional capital on top of that really would have gone a long way. But it is still quite amazing what Sprint did pull off without the additional capital infusions. But your would haves, should haves, could haves of Sprint are not founded in financial reality and not reflective of the history as I recall it. And they are not useful now for what is going on, not constructive to help Sprint in the future or a combined company in the future. It's just meant to make you look superior in the eyes of a couple of Sprint naysayers now, after the fact. And I won't let you get away with that here. Robert
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    I connect mainly to B41 which is on the site closest to me but it is a single channel. But my condo is a concrete fortress and B41 is not accessible in all areas of the condo. I have great signal for 1x800 CDMA voice from sites 4-6 miles away. Imagine if they put 1x800 and B26 on the site .5 miles away. What's really strange is that I almost never drop from B41->B25->B26. It goes directly from B41->B26.
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    Good point! Possibly. I’d love to see them strike a deal with Hyatt/Hilton/Marriott nationwide.
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    Progress! 😀 Seems like they’re working their way down the Vegas strip! “Better coverage keeps players at the tables longer” is a good selling point.
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    I'm totally ok with pricing going up (thats why I mentioned sustainability) slightly with features added, as long as they don't force people to switch plans that they are happy with..
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    I'm here to put ice water on the creeping into negativity. No more feelings. Stick to facts, and stop picking a fight with everyone who has a different opinion than you. If people who have a Pro Sprint opinion can't voice them here without being bludgeoned, where can they go? S4GRU will be much more heavily moderating as necessary. We are not here to host all your Sprint complaints. Lots of places for you to go post your Sprint negativity. Effective immediately. Robert