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    It's not an official map, but Premiere Sponsors and above can check out the map I've made based on personal observations. The map has oDAS sites (like the ones on Mulholland Drive) and Mobilitie small cell sites as well: http://s4gru.com/forums/topic/7794-la-metro-small-cells-odas-map/
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    You're right about the 800 but not about 2500GHz. Sprint already had 30 MHz of BRS. Nextel brought another 30MHz of BRS. The vast majority of Sprint's 2500MHz holdings came from Clearwire's BRS.
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    I agree. As my memory recalls, they were very anxious to get the 2.5G bands. Then they fudged it up with the infamous WIMAX decision. I even bought a Wimax phone, EVO 4G in mid 2010 and got to pay a $10 premium for high end data because I had a smart phone that was "4G". Never ever did get Wimax and wasted a bunch of money on a useless device that only got 3G. The argument from Sprint on the $10 premium data was that it would allow them moneys to deploy the 4G network. What got me back then was not even a few months later, (mid 2008) after Sprint announced they were going to Wimax, Verizon said they were going to go to LTE. All the neigh sayers said it wouldn't be ready until years after Wimax... as it turned out, a little over a year later, Verizon was beginning LTE install. All we got were "Wimax protection sites". in 2010,Verizon had LTE up and running. Sprint promised Wimax... but it never happened. Sprint's track record is not the best. Many mistakes and bad choices and tons of wasted money spent. A full 8 years later, we are all still waiting for Sprint to complete the "4G" roll out! Laughable! Meanwhile, Verizon is planing on shutting down their CDMA all together. My hope is now for the merger. Let someone else get control of the spectrum and deploy it they was it should have been. I firmly believe T-Mobile will.
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    I spent a lot of time in the LA hills and drove the length of Mulholland Drive today, and I’ve got to say that Sprint is killing it up there. The network is PCS only and largely LTE-only in the hills, but coverage is FAR ahead of both T-Mobile and Verizon overall (my AT&T device was sadly dead for most of the day today). Sprint has tons of live L1900 small cells that we don’t have on our maps, and with with them all broadcasting 10x10+5x5 L1900, the network performance pretty awesome. T-Mobile seemed to be a 50/50 toss up between HSPA and midband LTE with a lot of patches of no service at all. Overall I wouldn’t call them very usable in the hills. Verizon had a good deal of small cells, but definitely not as many as Sprint. I’d say their overall performance was sub-par—their site spacing was not ideal, they have a much larger market share than Sprint, and most of their small cells were broadcasting L700 only, making for not-so-great RSRP levels and overall low throughput. These are exciting times for Sprint. I can’t wait to see more deployments like this across the country .
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    More movement from TMO https://www.t-mobile.com/news/t-mobile-wlny-repack
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    Sprint contributed their 60MHz of BRS to Cleawire along with Clearwire's leased EBS. Cable cos invested in the venture. Clearwire's original business was fixed wireless, using pre-Wimax OFDM and then Wimax. Sprint had to deploy something on their 60MHz of EBS as a condition of the merger with Nextel so they chose Wimax which at the time was much further along than LTE. The window to deploy something on the spectrum was closing fast. They should have just put up protection sites but...
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    Well the problem with my town is that Sprint LTE service is Swiss cheese once you get off the main road which is Route 18. There are coverage map on Sprint's website shows uniform LTE service across the entire town but that's also completely false. There's plenty of Lte holes areas where they roam still so Sprint has plenty of work to do in my town to make it consistent. Sent from my H3223 using Tapatalk
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    I agree. They just need to knock out the 40% by Q4 and just put it behind them.
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    Are TV stations in your area still using it? They can’t roll it out until then
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    Nice work! There are a few Mobilitie sites in the LA portion of Harbor Gateway as well, I can’t verify them because I don’t live in LA anymore and I only have an iPad on Sprint. I remember one on Carson one block west of Normandie... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    T-Mobile already has the plan set. It was told in one of the news conferences by Neville Ray. They are ready.
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    Need to spend money to make money. No one is going to switch to them if they know they are going to leave the network behind when they go on vacation and will have no service, like I did when I went to South Dakota and was tied to a att hotspot the whole time. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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