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    I don’t know about Jacksonville but Ocala and Gainesville have been seeing tons of b41 upgrades the past two months. Most seem to be the 10 port 2500/800 set up. With others being 8 port 2500mhz only. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    VoLTE will be a market specific opt in option. It's already live on the network for closed testing and in some areas production network testing.
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    I think your way too hung up on the whole 600mhz thing. Just ask any Tmobile or Sprint user how "amazing" band 12 or 26 was after being deployed. In most applications its more of a "Hey we can finally hang onto LTE so your VoLTE can work and see less 3G" and while I do believe having that low band spectrum has its place (especially in more rural situations) Its cost does not outway its benefits unfortunately especially coming from Sprint. For Tmobile, it was a no brainier, simply because they truly lacked spectrum, not because they saw it as this huge technical advancement over their other holdings. Now if somehow they could have secured 60Mhz+ of 600mhz, I would have been singing a different tune.
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    Sprint could spend 7 billion a year for the next 5 years and their is no guarantee or even likelihood of them catching up to or surpassing the big two becauee they will be spending 10 billion a year. A dollar of CAPEX is a dollar of capex and sprint doesnt have access to any better engineers than anyone else. Even if their network improved on their foot print to become substantially better than their competition they would still have to compete on price because their foot print wouls be substantially smaller that everyone else's. Sprint, as a stand alone company, will go the way of leap wireless.
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    My understanding is that they have 13MHz of it nationwide which allows them to deploy a 5x5 + 1x800 + guard band. It's only 3x3 in areas where they aren't the primary carrier using the spectrum like in certain border areas. They were supposed to be 3x3 in SoLinc territory too but ultimately they worked out a deal that allowed them to deploy 5x5.
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    I'm just wanting to see overall coverage expansion.. I don't care about this generation coverage or even speed at this point. My town the coverage is amazing along the highway especially with band 41... But once you get off the main Highway and go down one of the roads it's about a mile the coverage is Swiss cheese. I know T-Mobile installed tri-band LTE on a flagpole site near my parents house. Even with a negative 115 to 120 decibel signal and get 20 to 30 m down and 10 for an upload. Sprint is a major Roaming hole over there. Sprint has a perfect opportunity on top of a water tower that still has some vacant slots available. That would give them a more dense grid where my parents live..
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    Big Red Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    Sprint has been Capex limited ever since they acquired Nextel, a merger I have opposed from the beginning. Softbank acquired Sprint with the express purpose f merging them with T-Mobile. Why else they would not invest in Sprint? Now if the merger does not go through, Sprint would be rowing upstream without a paddle.
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    The time to talk about Sprint's past was back then. This constant supposing/revisionist history just is not relevant in the discussion of the merger.
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    Your memory conveniently rewrites history. Sprint did not have the resources of T-Mobile to do that. All your supposing is if Sprint and T-Mobile had exactly the same financial footing the day of the 600MHz auction. Far from it. And not only that, if Sprint had participated, everyone would have paid more for 600MHz too, and smaller blocks for everyone. Sprint wouldn't have purchased for the same amount T-mo just did, they would have paid more. And there is no way Sprint would have walked out of the auctions with as much spectrum as T-Mobile did. Sprint could not afford to pay for 600MHz, let alone pay more for it by driving up the prices. And then pay for the deployment of it. You already complain about Sprint CapEx, but you would have required them to spend even more. You act like Sprint had unlimited resources. That really has always been the issue all along. They have had to focus on getting the best bang for the limited resources they have. And the network is getting better and better. It's been a fine line all along. The big disappointment in the past 5 years in my mind is that Masayoshi Son never swept in with more capital. That was the expectation all along. A couple of extra cash infusions at the right times the past 5 years could have catapulted Sprint far forward in the race. Maybe even prevented T-Mobile from taking 3rd Place. Sprint never really received an outside infusion but was forced to reorganize and fund internally with the resources they had or could muster on their own. Which were good moves for financially security. However, additional capital on top of that really would have gone a long way. But it is still quite amazing what Sprint did pull off without the additional capital infusions. But your would haves, should haves, could haves of Sprint are not founded in financial reality and not reflective of the history as I recall it. And they are not useful now for what is going on, not constructive to help Sprint in the future or a combined company in the future. It's just meant to make you look superior in the eyes of a couple of Sprint naysayers now, after the fact. And I won't let you get away with that here. Robert
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    We have 3 in the household, 2 have had to be replaced, but we're starting to forego TEP altogether and in both replacement cases bought a manufacturer refurbished G5 off eBay for $100 or less from Cellularstream. I still love the convenience of the replaceable battery and they're plenty fast enough for anything we need to do.
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    Would love to see them strike a deal more with MGM. They have more properties on the Strip. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Progress! 😀 Seems like they’re working their way down the Vegas strip! “Better coverage keeps players at the tables longer” is a good selling point.
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    New plans incoming... These look a lot more in line with Tmobile, more feature rich (Tidal and Hulu included) and sustainable, even prioritization has been bumped to 50GB..
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    I'm here to put ice water on the creeping into negativity. No more feelings. Stick to facts, and stop picking a fight with everyone who has a different opinion than you. If people who have a Pro Sprint opinion can't voice them here without being bludgeoned, where can they go? S4GRU will be much more heavily moderating as necessary. We are not here to host all your Sprint complaints. Lots of places for you to go post your Sprint negativity. Effective immediately. Robert
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    If they allowed BYOD, I might switch to Spectrum Mobile when my free year with Sprint is up at the end of the month because $45 for unlimited with a single line isn't a bad deal. I guess they won't be getting my money.
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    I don't really think that would be a smart idea... I think the ideal network configuration for a combined company would probably be: ~20x20 NR600 5x5 L700 5x5 L800 A single 1x800 carrier 20x20 L1900 A single U1900 carrier 20x20 L2100 LTE/NR on 2.5 GHz There isn't much benefit to shutting down 1x800 because not much else can be done with that 1.25 MHz FDD slice of spectrum. Additionally, 1x800 provides far greater range than LTE or NR will ever be capable of and would be very useful to keep for edge-of-cell rural cases.