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    Intended Pun Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    Yep, B41 is very good in the few areas that have it. Have seen 100 Mbps in the Biology building parking at RUM and in the Yauco Plaza II parking. 30+ Mbps in the Aguadilla Mall parking.
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    Well they have B41 active in Alamogordo. Cant connect at my house though.( had no problems with WiMAX). Kind of disappointed. Was hoping this would unburdened B25. My speed are barely reaching 3mb down. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Good to see Sprint still investing on the network as planned, especially on Massive MIMO. Allocated a billion dollar purchase order on M-MIMO alone! Webcast of John Saw discussion with Well's Fargo. https://cc.talkpoint.com/well001/062118a_as/?entity=3_Y4ISKKL
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    I just read that it doesn't actually use Quick charge, it's something called Power Delivery and it needs to be a USB-C to USB-C cable. I ordered a brick and a longer cord on Amazon so I'll see how that works. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    Maybe this ^^^^^^^^^ could be a sticky and updated as more comes out?
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    I take issues with point 2 and 3. Clearly Sprint has turned things around. We've seen plenty of evidence this year of accelerated deployments, innovation in antenna/tower technology to speed things along, and new partnerships to get proper backhaul to more sites and small cells. Money and management have been issues in the past yes, and there may still be some kinks to iron out yet, but things are *much* better than they used to be. The fact that they committed 6 billion (or more) to capex for the next several years pre-merger should tell you that things are much better than they were. Edited to add: You are not currently a sponsor, but if you were, you would be able to see the hundreds/thousands of site upgrades, and dozens (or more) site *adds* that have been happening this year.
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    That's Incorrect. T-mobile did a full rip and replace when they added Nokia to more than half of their regions to replace a hodgepodge of legacy nortel, lucent, and eventually Huawei (through MetroPCS) equipment. Though they had newer equipment in most places capable of supporting HSPA and DC-HSPA, significant ground and radome level modifications were done to bring it up to speed to support LTE service. In many cases it means ripping out the entirety of whats already in the existing base stations. The nature of them also having more recent equipment capable of HSPA means that the move from that to LTE went fairly smoothly as backward compatibility was easy to handle. Legacy Sprint and new modern eNB? Well.... ask those that lived in Motorola regions or those that were in Samsung regions where modern eNBs could not communicate over CSFB to legacy nortel and lucent equipment... Edit: addedum. Sprint was also deploying CDMA 1x800. Legacy equipment cannot be sourced for that as Lucent, Nortel, and Motorola no longer existed and those equipment were long depreciated / EOL'd.