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    Tim YuSprint 4G Rollout UpdatesFriday, June 8, 2018 - 3:00 PM PDT It has been a little over a year since the first Magic Box publicly available was announced. In the time since then since the Airunity 545 "GEN 1" was announced, minor revisions were done as "GEN 2" with the Airunity 544 sporting a LCD display and subsequently the Airunity 546 having an more aesthetically pleasing exterior. All LCD display models are known as "GEN 2" respectively. Come next week starting on June 11th, 2018, the GEN 2 Magic Box's (AU544/546) will be considered out of stock and a GEN 3 Magic Box will take over the reigns in the beginning of July 2018. Though information on this new unit is scarce, information attained by S4GRU does suggest the new revision may potentially contain user accessible USB Type A ports and have a slightly lower transmit power. More to come as S4GRU discovers additional information about this GEN 3 Magic Box.
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    We missed this news last month but Altice CEO had this to say about progress on their MVNO set to launch next year. "In terms of where we are on the Sprint, let's call it densification of their network side--we’re probably ahead of where we thought we would be relative to when we signed the MVNO agreement. I think there's a tremendous amount of goodwill amongst ourselves and our colleagues over at Sprint to deliver the best and most dense network that we can before we launch, let alone helping our friends over at Sprint to deliver a better product to their existing customers. So I would say we’re ahead on our densification, significantly improving our Wi-Fi capabilities for the offload." Source
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    I've been noticing that as well here in the East Mountains. Edgewood and Moriarty have B41 now, and every site in the canyon has LTE. Very slow LTE in some areas, on par with 3G, but fast enough for VoLTE. I'm thinking almost the entire metro has very usable data now!
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    Picked up a wg3526. 2Gb NIC, AC1200, SD card, USB 3.0. I stuck a 2x card in it when it came in last week to test. I got all those adapters last week for my 3x card so here is a how to in pictures to update to some cat12 goodness, then add the old card via USB3.0 for some 3x + 2x carrier aggregation goodness. yayyy all of our gear is here. Need that m.2>mPCIe to get this chip going. Add heat sinks and remove 3 screws to get your main board loose. Freeeeeeeedom!!!! Install adapter, make sure to screw from top down and trim plastic spacers, these will cause problems between PCB and case otherwise. In to win Like I said, upside down from the top and trim to fit. This is an adapter setting so you M U S T go Adapter>Spacers>Screws down or your m.2 card rubs on the insert. L O O K I N G G O O D Tighten that baby down oh so gently. Insert your EM7565>mhf4>RP-SMA adapters in the slot where your IPEX>SMA adapters for your previous mPCIe card went. These are the direct left and right holes labeled FOURGEE on the outside of the case. Tighten and attach antenna. To be totally BA, make sure to reuse your old cat7 card by attaching to a project box, add some IPEX antenna, a USB/SIM slot adapter and win at the game of ugly modems and speed. Have an amazing weekend everyone and post your build here.