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    There are not many sites left with no LTE left on them. Of course, there are still lots of areas without LTE. But that's different than the site itself not having any LTE.
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    Sprint performing awesome on the new Always connected PC here all over NYC. Its unfortunate that this model is only running a snapdragon 835 CPU (which is kinda weak for non native apps) But, big big ups to Sprint performance and giving away free data with purchase of any Always connected PC for the remainder of 2018.. BTW, really nice video preview by Jaime and the pocket now team..
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    Not sure if I caught this in testing or if this is supposed to be live, but looks like AT&T is starting to fire up B14. This is the first of it that I have seen. SCP correctly Identified it.
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    http://newsroom.sprint.com/triband-upgrades.htm According to Sprint’s Head of Network Deployment & Operations: “We now have 2.5 GHz deployed on roughly 60% of our macro sites and expect to complete the substantial majority of our tri-band upgrades by the end of fiscal 2018.”
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    What a way to really kick things in gear with the network with a merger at the heel.
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    As long as you have the MSL code you can go in "edit" and make any changes.
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    Man this is what I wanted! Always connected laptop! Too bad I already purchased a much more powerful Surface Pro..But regardless nice to see Sprint performing GREAT in NYC using one of these badboys! The future is looking sweet on the laptop Front!
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    thank goodness. lets get this merger approved.
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    Sprint Awarded $26.9M In Cell Phone Trafficking Suit http://newsroom.sprint.com/sprint-awarded-269m-in-cell-phone-trafficking-suit.htm?linkId=52549886
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    Your observation of finding several in your area describes how these small cells have been deployed so far, in clusters. The original first found small cell cluster was in Portage Lakes. Other clusters has been found in Ravenna, Painesville, Fremont, Youngstown and University Heights. Small cells found within Cleveland City limits have been scattered about, not really in clusters. I sometimes have a difficult time connecting to small cells. Airplane mode cycling sometimes helps, but I've found that I sometimes just need to sit under the thing for a while. The expected GCI should be 082Cxx01, and I usually get a solid roughly -60dB signal when underneath the thing. These ones with condoms are more frustrating to figure out the site ID, but they're more visually appealing to the "average Joe". Non concealed small cells usually have the site ID right on the electrical box. Great job on the find. Please keep us posted on when you find them live
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    I believe so. I live in Barberton Ohio and there are quite a few of these things around town, some of them have the tops off without a power box yet. Again, I don't think they're active yet. I saw these in a post on here about spotting Sprint Alpha wireless concealed antennas and a few weeks later they popped up. I work in Canton Ohio and I'm originally from New Philadelphia Ohio. I went to visit my parents the other day and I'm pretty a network vision site was just put up from their original tower about a mile or so away. I'd have to get a better look at it to double check but it looked like NV equipment at the bottom, no MassiveMIMO on it though.
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    I noticed that the phone did not vibrate when I was on a call about an hour ago and got several texts. On another note, the ##DATA# >> LTE screen now shows the CA settings set to "TDD 2CA DL Only" ... what gives??!!?? Has been a 3xCA phone since the day it came out. @lilotimz any idea?