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    I ended up getting one of these together today before work. Boss travels a lot, Tmo service has a nice 2 hour deadspot in NC so I took that travel router up a couple of posts and added a short coax line to an omni, picked up VZW sim, added Verizon APN, programmed some band locking and she hands off smooth as silk while traveling. This was made a bit easier since Boss has a DC plug right on the dash, but I threw in an inverter just in case. That project was accelerated to say the least, woe is me now I have to buy another router!
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    I believe that would take a plan or SoC change, this is a great question but I am not sure. I know you can add a public IP address but that is not necessarily routable as you will hit that carrier NAT. I have noticed there were some n.ispsn routers handed out over the last year; I believe they were the newer 910 hotspot but they were recently switched over to r.ispsn on the mysterious "backend" we are here trying to learn about. It caused quite the nasty outage for some folks for a few days.
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    R=routable, N =Non routable X not sure. r.ispsn devices receive a routable ivp4 address.
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    Quality shipment came to the post today. I had to get some more 3x cards before I could start on the gigabit build, they kind of show up as they come in so waiting for one moar to complete. I had one, but a friend of mine in Northernish MI needed some bandwidth and Sprint was the easiest option for them. Being one block outside the city limit they have DSL and DSL, seriously, they had to get two lines. So cat12>fast ethernet capable router and he is already creeping up to the limit on that with a pair of directional 11db radomes via 10ft coax, they are still indoors and not correctly polarized yet, so room to tune and they will be at 100 like that. Anyhoo, I will get this one mounted after I get the ordered adapters in. Waiting on some; M.2>mPCIe, unless you are putting this in your PeeCee, you may need this. mhf4>RP-SMA whips, all my stock gear and junkyard are ipex>SMA or N. SMA>N-male coax, this will connect to the giant antenna, impressive length. 24' Steel pole>Giant antenna had to get something a little custom ordered I can mount to the house and plant in the ground, quality US steel and Flag. This part may take the longest. Fun summer ahead for the HOA and I, plus we are making one for the car next. Have a great weekend everyone.
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    Nice, now if only samsung could push out an update for it...
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    Well one tower in Alamogordo has B41. Not sure why they did the Holloman AFB Tower first. But love the speeds Then I got back into town. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This is fantastic stuff. Please continue. Subbing