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    Sites have already started going live as of this morning Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    http://newsroom.sprint.com/sprint-announces-new-york-city-phoenix-and-kansas-city-among-first-to-experience-sprint-5g.htm 4x4 mimo enabled on all Sprint B41 8t8r site plus Massive MIMO replacing all Clear B41 site would put Sprint a head of the competition in NYC
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    Works very nice for me using call continuity. It’s not volte but better than 1x. I start the call in WiFi and after it connects I drop WiFi and the call transfers to the MB with barely a hiccup. J
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    Ha, don't want to bother him too much, one of you guys should step up to the plate.
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    According to that they have already started deploying Massive MIMO antennas in NYC since April. Why haven't we spotted any yet?
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    You must have had eyes then lol, I see a huge difference.
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    Yikes. I can tell tell the difference between 1080p and 720p on my phone so there is no way I believe you can't tell the difference between 1080p and 480p. For what it's worth the iPhone 7 has a 1,334 x 750 display so you can't see better resolution than 720p on that screen.
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    Looks like its time for another security patch
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    It may get better over time as it self optimizes but the increase in ping is to expected as I explained previously due to the additional hop as a result of the UE relay action. I typically get 30-40 ms on the macro network and 60-70 ms on the MB and relay fed small cells. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    Have you read anything about it or generally about LTE UE Relay in particular? A Magic Box, and most relay fed small cells adds a hop due to the fact it has to convert the connection from an LTE donor signal into a data ethernet connection for the small cell unit as a backhaul. As a result, latency is added which is usually twice that of the donor. Not sure why you're disparaging the MB like you did when it's working as described...
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    Ah, I see. Both stadiums are named Mercedes-Benz, so wasn't sure if that was what you were going off of... haha.
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    The Superbowl is in Atlanta yes? That test is in New Orleans. Regardless, I would imagine massive MIMO will certainly be deployed in the vicinity of the Superbowl given they are already getting it out in the field now.
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    Although it's been years, I once returned an AT&T device to a store that then went lost and they claimed that I never turned it in. They they tried to charge me. It was a nightmare beyond all reason. If they say you need to return it via RMA, do it that way. Even if you get a store to accept it, if it goes missing somehow, it will be a nightmare to get it worked out. I all but guarantee it.