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    Some OEMs have fixed it on their end.. OnePlus devices have been reporting properly for awhile. -Mike
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    I think that Sprint may have fully enabled B13 in all the island or in most of the island. I was able to successfully connect and use for an extended time B13 at San Germán, Hormigueros and Mayagüez. In Mayagüez, I was receiving B13 inside Sam's Club, Dtop, town center, Mayagüez mall. It seems that my phone still wants to keep B25 most of the time but I saw that at some areas with B25, the phone preferred B13 instead of B25. Roaming indicator (R icon) didn't appear in any of the locations I was connected, perhaps the transition is complete.
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    If it was Comcast, go in to one of their Xfinity stores and talk to a customer service rep -- they will almost always roll back pricing.
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    If they want to do fixed wireless in rural areas they better get some of that rural 2.5GHz spectrum. Sprint has great 2.5GHz spectrum but it is concentrated in urban areas,
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    I just have a lot of problems with connectivity, I'll have full strength wifi and nothing loads and times out. Common for comcast though lol.
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    I have gigabit Xfinity Internet. Sprint works great but I get ludicrous speed on my Wi-Fi.
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    Just show me the proper coverage. That's what I want from this merger. If it happens. I don't believe a single thing until it happens in front of my eyes. I want to see real world results
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    Android P on Pixel 2 XL and SCP has remained consistent for me
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    Interesting, it also appears to be giving you correct EARFCN values for Band 66, so maybe they've fixed that issue as well. - Trip
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    Yeah I am seeing two B41 and one B25 on my neighboring cells S9+ here.
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    Ah, depends on device. Some changes have been made that now shows other bands in the neighboring cells, even for devices on Oreo.
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    Unless I'm having serious memory issues (entirely possible, way too much work and not enough sleep) the neighbor cells only showed up if they were in the same band and all others showed as unknown on 8.1 Sent from my PH-1 using Tapatalk
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    On my Essential running Android P. Seems to have some extra info. Sent from my PH-1 using Tapatalk
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    Another good shot of Massive MIMO antenna(center) compared to what looks like 8t8r(right)
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