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    Going along US-79 between Austin and Longview is a nice test of Sprint's roaming ability. As I type this, I'm on EvDO roaming with VZW; if I had to guess, it's an old Alltel site. Earlier, I was on AT&T LTE (B4 or B17) with VZW or Sprint 1x. The T-Mobile SIM in my tablet is pulling native LTE pretty consistently, bouncing between various bands and CA. Unfortunately this is the last time I'll be doing this trip for quite awhile, so I won't be able to confirm when roaming goes live on that corridor. It'll also be interesting to see what happens in the reverse direction. Though realistically the only roaming available in the other direction for me will be on PCS A-F, assuming the network is set up to properly broadcast Band 2 when the frequencies line up. For high end phones that just so happen to have a single variant cross-carrier B26 should be a nice boost in those places where TMobile hasn't built out yet and Sprint has. EDIT: By the time I finished this message I was split between AT&T LTE and VZW 1x again.
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    My market shows as 10x10 second carrier as well, centered at 1990. There is no other carrier present yet. I believe user:ingenium explained above why it shows that way in our area in scp as ^2, our sectors now end in 11, 12 and 13 on band 25; previously at 01, 02 and 03. This is all exciting to see. Great find!
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    If it was only just a few seconds and didn't hold, then I'm betting its actually SCP picking up Android cycling thru the bands or in the middle of a network change. I see Sprint on Tmobile frequencies all the time in West Michigan, but its only a few seconds during B25/B41 changes or dropping to EVDO.
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    Why on Earth would they shut down B25 and B26? That's the backbone of Sprint network, and will serve to bolster T-Mobile's network. They can easily incorporate the PCS holdings into their own, creating wider LTE channels (think 20x20 in PCS) across more of the country.
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    I don't mind that we host a link to this on our site. In general, I am not pro-merger. But by the same token, we aren't looking to be be the hive of the resistance. We may post some S4GRU Staff Editorials on the subject in the not too distant future. But we don't want to be part of organized anti-merger activity. Robert
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    that is possible. last 4 of the GCI used to be FC01-03 for band 25 and now it appears it was changed to FC11-13.
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    I saw that article as well and I probably turned white as a ghost for a few moments of panic.. but after reading it, and poking around a bit more, I do not think this will impact SCP at all. As Trip stated it looks like it's closing off direct access to /proc/net, which isn't anything I use. But, we won't be certain until P gets closer to release. -Mike
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    It's still spectrum that can be aggregated with B25 to improve speeds. More spectrum = more capacity. Never a bad thing.
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    I would not be concerned about plans being slowed or scrapped at this point. There are no indications of that. However, it does sound like there might be an issue of some sort with this site in particular.
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    In Pittburgh, there was only a single B25 carrier that was 10x10 (expanded G block, earfcn 8640 like in your screenshots). They recently added a contiguous 5x5 carrier just before the 10x10 carrier, and on sites where they did that, they changed the 10x10 carrier GCI endings like in your screenshot and put the new 5x5 carrier in the 00, 01, 02 slots. So my guess is your market recently got a new 5x5 carrier, and they changed the GCI endings for the existing 10x10 so that it appears as the second carrier now. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    I won't speak for Mike, but it sounds like they're specifically talking about network traffic, as in what websites you're connecting to, rather than which cell tower you're connected to. That information comes from an actual Android API which requests permissions, and what they're talking about here is direct access to /proc/net in the file system, which apparently does not. That said, it's vague enough that I, too, would like to hear more information on it. - Trip
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    Hey Mike, will this new tightening on network monitoring impact SCP? https://www.androidpolice.com/2018/05/07/apps-android-p-will-no-longer-able-monitor-network-activity/ Apps on Android P will no longer be able to monitor your network activity
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    THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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    I don't know if this was a SCP/Qualcomm bug or not, but maybe T-Mobile has turned on MFBI. It only lasted a few seconds. This happened on my T-Mobile SIM btw....I don't have a Sprint account at the moment. I may buy a cheap prepaid line and then port over for the 1 year free promo just so I can track T-Mobile LTE roaming rollout and then the merger.
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    They probably won't have to unload any lowband spectrum. At&t at one point owned 100 Mhz of lowband spectrum in Dallas. Sprint+T-Mobile won't own more than 60 mhz of lowband spectrum in most major markets and 70 Mhz in the rest of the country. Midband spectrum is where we'll see some moves happen. I think they'll end up trading the spectrum they have to unload to At&t/Verizon for spectrum in other markets where they still fall below the spectrum screen.
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    San Jose has had their GCIs revamped. A majority of sites no longer are using the hex 1450 offset between bands 25 & 26 and band 41. All 3 bands are using the same GCI base, with different endings. The old endings no longer can be used to determine the band. I saw at least one site with an "02" ending for band 41. My data is from a drive from SF to Santa Cruz, then Santa Cruz to Oakland. So I don't have all 3 sectors and all 3 bands from a single site. From the data that I do have, there doesn't seem to be a consistent pattern to the GCI endings. It is very possible though that there is a pattern (or multiple patterns limited to certain geographic areas). From my logs, I've found the following endings: B26: 02 10 0F 14 B25 (earfcn): 00 8665 01 8665 02 8665 04 8115 05 8115 09 8665 0A 8115 12 8665 13 8115 B41 (earfcn): 03 40978 04 40072 04 40978 05 40072 05 40978 06 39874 06 41374 07 39874 08 41374 0B 41176 0C 40270 0D 40270 0E 40270 Or grouped by earfcn: B25: 04 8115 05 8115 0A 8115 13 8115 00 8665 01 8665 02 8665 09 8665 12 8665 B41: 06 39874 07 39874 04 40072 05 40072 0C 40270 0D 40270 0E 40270 03 40978 04 40978 05 40978 0B 41176 06 41374 08 41374
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    Your Song http:// Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    I hope that we get to keep the penalty-free USCC LTE data roaming on the new T-Mobile. That's been one of the standout features over Verizon because Verizon only does 1x data roaming on USCC (Deep Creek Lake, West MD, etc.). I know T-Mobile has some LTE roaming on to USCC, but only in VoLTE areas far away from Deep Creek Lake and only specific phones.
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    We installed the new plug-in from Tapatalk last night. Maybe things will get better. Robert
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    You're probably getting Band 66 instead of Band 2 but see Band 3 instead.
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    My issue with the timing change was that poor upload speeds became very noticable whenever you went below -110 RSRP or if you were indoors. Before I ported out, I would routinely turn off B41 just so I could send an MMS in a timely manner. Before the timing change, I could see at least 0.5 Mbps on upload even with a weak signal. After the change, speed tests would routinely time out during the UL portion.
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    That's already happening. Sprint is in the process of getting 800 equipment deployed in the southern IBEZ, and the spectrum should be clear by the end of the year, with various launch times along the border. I don't think even T-Mobile could have sped up the process with Mexico and public safety entities to get the spectrum properly reorganized.
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    Both Tim and I have been locked out of our S4GRU accounts by Tapatalk repeating login attempts over and over again in a loop. I received 18 lock out email notifications in a row. They never get it just right. Robert