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    Starting a spot to post mods or builds, connected stuffs, antennetry, relay magic and other fun fixes. I'll begin; Our latest weekend adventure is a box with failover/load balance between 2 LTE radios, one cat 7 at 2x1, the other cat 12 at 2x2 mimo. This 3+2x carrier aggregation combo could peak at 900mb p/s down by 225 up at the radios. All domestic 🇺🇸 bands including LAA@5GHz and CBRS, except band 71. Input side is all set. They feed into a router that will soon; tx AC Wifi on 2.4/5GHz and gsm on 900MHz. USB to ethernet bus for ~330mb p/s throughput over Ethernet. 5v means you can pretty much use this box anywhere. Has 2 more USB port for maybe forced air, another radio or peripherals. Bonus PoE too. Working out the kinks on software this week for the output side. Please share your builds, LTE solutions and especially your ideas. I have like 5 more variants going so I will share as I get through projects. Have a great week everyone.
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    Some of the Open Mobile stores are now Boost Mobile. i just visted Mayaguez Town center. they are now Boost Mobile
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    SoftBank selling Brightstar? https://in.reuters.com/article/us-brightstar-m-a/softbank-seeks-to-sell-cellphone-distributor-brightstar-sources-idINKCN1HD2GK Seems like a mistake especially since Sprint uses it to turn around devices from annual upgrades at cost.
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    Ericsson AIR6488 B41 Massive MIMO Antenna Radio Unit This 64T64R Massive MIMO units will be likely found in Ericsson vendor territory from network vision days. It will be easily identified by it's lack of an external remote radio like Sprints typical LTE equipment and its size being significantly smaller than Sprints existing 800,1.9, and 2.5 equipment. Source: Sprint Additional Photos from FCC Filing
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    Triband. Triband antenas have been found where sprint puts what we guess could be their 4th carrier GCI ending.
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    Dropping by Apple perhaps? https://twitter.com/marceloclaure/status/983359439867559936
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    Well, reviewers usually don't live with these devices as their daily drivers. So they likely don't run into the quirks that we might run into over the course of a year with the old device. You are welcome to call BS, but I think you'd be pretty surprised as I was. Even with a freshly built S8+ like I had in the weeks prior to my switch, it was far slower than this S9+....and it should be, I sure hope. If anything I'd get it for the finger print scanner location.
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    LTE Band 13 in Humacao. My iPhone keeps switching between Open Mobile and Sprint. Data speeds are amazing. I usually was getting speeds below 1mbps on band 25.
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    10x10 live in Chestnut Hill. Found this in the parking lot of Wegmans.
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    Chicago = Samsung Dallas = Ericsson Los Angeles = Nokia
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    These fees really should just be baked into the mrc for whatever plans they sell. I get having sales/local/911 fees separate but little administrative charges like this always irritate me no matter who the service provider is (phone, cable, gas/electric etc). Sent from my LG-LS993 using Tapatalk