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    Highly likely that it's Sprint. John specifically mentioned zayo in his 5G chat with fiercewireless. https://www.fiercewireless.com/5g/sprint-promises-to-launch-nationwide-mobile-5g-network-first-half-2019-and-to-raise-unlimited
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    iPhones are slow compared to the Galaxy lines when it comes to radio,nevertheless Sprints speeds have gone up dramatically here in New York. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    i tested via my phone before getting a MB and discovered something similar in my medium sized apartment unit....all my windows (which face one direction) get worse signal and speeds than one back wall of my living room. So i have the MB on a bookcase against my back wall. And it works fine through the walls and not against a window as they say. Speeds are greatly increased. However, in your case, it seems that the MB isnt suited for your location. I have to question your speed tests. U sure u were on LTE and not WiFi? Sprint never has anything more than like 9megs up...anywhere, network wide! It just how they work. Now if u are getting 70 megs down on LTE with no MB, then ur in a damn good place already and a MB is not needed nor can it obtain those speeds even under the best conditions.
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    Still waiting for the 3rd carrier to go live on my site at work. Also waiting on 10x10 to go live as well. I wonder which will come first. Averaging 30-40Mbps Download and 2 Mbps upload currently on B41
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    Yes, Sprint has truly come into its own here in NYC. Its crazy to think that these speeds were achieved without 4x4 MIMO and 256QAM, that should push peak and average speeds 2x. more Speed test from last couple of weeks..
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    Got Big Red beat on peak speeds and ping! LOL Nice upload tho.. Competition is a great thing. Im good with all the carriers performing well for more options and better pricing.
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    B25 10+5 CA is live in Kentucky. Should only be a matter of time until it is available in NYC.
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    Happy late birthday
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    My birthday coverage was greatly expanded! Robert
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    Got a chance to compare the GS9 against the V20's radio. Holy Jesus! The GS9+'s radio performance is in another stratosphere! 30-60% better speeds on average. Also holds onto B41 quite a bit more. Bravo Samsung bravo!
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    I know we always pay attention to Band 41 performance but even Band 26 performance is much better for me than my S8+. In a classroom where my S8+ would typically fall down to 1x or heat up while trying to stay on Band 26, my phone is easily holding a weak Band 26 signal while still giving me 7Mbps speeds.
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    Achieved my personal best on GS9+ just two days ago...