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    Happy birthday to our fearless leader Mr. S4gru aka Robert!
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    It would be amazing if Sprint was able to finally fire up 256QAM+4x4MIMO on most Sprint B41 equipment and also some basic level of Massive MIMO in April.
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    A ground mount B25-only site near Endicott is spitting out 10x10 now as well. Sweet! Looks like it’s everywhere.
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    I'm finding roughly the same thing here in Western Washington. Our 3x3 B26 carrier *barely* extends coverage beyond our 10x10 B25 carrier. B26 is nice, but it is not a game changer in a 3MHz channel width. However, the bright side in this is that our B26 carriers are performing well, around 8-12Mbps in most places. Probably due to aggressive band management. Robert
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Oh snap Robert ages?! Happy Birthday my good man!
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    Happy Birthday Robert!!!
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    Mike, I sent in diagnostics last evening for the last GCI showing an AT&T LTE site via Sprint Roaming from an hour before despite having passed many Sprint LTE sites which had been see by SCP.
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    Exciting things are afoot. But I am also lucky enough to be in the first wave.
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    Very slow indeed Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    10x10 Band 25 indoors at the Javits Center for the New York International Auto Show.
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    So haven't seen this. Sprint band 41 mm hc? Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    That’s quite true in my experience as well. But, in scenarios with more obstacles (where signal loss due to walls, shrubbery, etc causes L1900 to take a big hit), L800 definitely outdoes L1900 due to superior propagation characteristics. Additionally, when VoLTE goes live, at -125 and potentially worse L800 signal levels (where L1900 simply isn’t available), L800 will probably be able to push just enough data through to maintain a call.