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    B25 2xCA 10x10 works through my MB now that it's been activated in my market. Pulling down 45Mbps.
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    That's awesome. I think I'm going to hold out or wait til next year for a 5G device. There's barely any b41 in my city and 4x4 mimo, 256 qam is not a thing yet. I'm just waiting for 15mhz of b25 at this point. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Why is everyone else saying the S9 has better performance than the S8 then? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    One of the cool things about the unlocked devices is that they say LTE+ when they're connected to LTE Plus. I don't know what causes it to turn on but it isn't carrier aggregation alone because two aggregated 5x5 carriers still show up as "LTE". I think it may have to do with bandwidth on the download side.
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    Ok so I took my MagicBox from Lincoln where it would not boot up completely to Council Bluffs over the weekend. Council Bluffs is a "compatible" market for the Magic Box. It booted up and worked flawlessly there. I rebooted it and did a factory data reset both a couple times and it rebooted to a working state every time. I took it back to Lincoln and plugged it in, boots right up and works again there now. So, my theory is, maybe in some (all?) markets where the Magic Box "isn't compatible", maybe you can trick it by booting up in a "compatible" market then move it to a "non-compatible" market then turning it on there to get it to work? Just don't do a "reset" or "factory data reset" in an "incompatible" market. Just a wanted to share...
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    Random update post: iPhone X and AirPods...my digital life is complete. Somewhat late to the party but finally got me a pair of AirPods last night. It’s like perfection ². Now...back to Netflix and The Expanse.
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    Got a chance to compare the GS9 against the V20's radio. Holy Jesus! The GS9+'s radio performance is in another stratosphere! 30-60% better speeds on average. Also holds onto B41 quite a bit more. Bravo Samsung bravo!
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    Check out those ping times! Outdoors on the 3xCA Clearwire site. Inside my home on Band 26.
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    i was still having the clear issue on the 8.1 beta. I upgraded to the official 8.1 and was still having issues. Today I switched the APN to the one titled "Sprint" instead of "n.ispsn" and it seems to be working